The Motherhood Corner Presents “Kindness 101”: Empathy

hey moms it's common knowledge that pet ownership can help increase empathy in the lives of children and an adult so why on earth would your family not adopt a pet we are here at the world premiere of super-powered dogs to talk about just how important animals are when I began to realize that dogs have powers that we can only dream of there's so much about our best friends that we just don't know yet in terms of the science of how they do what they do how do they find someone buried under 12 feet of snow how do they know when someone needs them a soldier with post-traumatic stress or so how do they know the human need and be able to provide for that need it's kind of an ultimate celebration of the human dog bond why was Henry chosen to be a superpower dog because he he could remember his lines why did you I become a dog food it's one of those things that you just know that you want to do I started out as a little kid just like you loving dogs when I was a little boy growing up all my best friends had four legs all dogs have the superpower to be our best friends remember adopt don't shop

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