The Most Effective Pest Control is Non-Toxic | Karn Manhas

My name is Karn. I’m the Founder and CEO of Terramera. Most of the materials we use today for pest
control are synthetic chemicals that were designed really to kill. Almost all the insecticides we use are neurotoxins. The problem with a lot of the neurotoxic materials
is we all have the same neurology. So, if it’s toxic to a bug, it’s also toxic
to us. Terramera makes natural products that actually
work. And we found that we can take many of the
natural, organic materials that are used in pest control today and make them 3-10 times
more effective so that they actually out perform the synthetic pesticides that we’re using. We have a consumer product. We’re right now at about 6000 retail locations
across five different major chains.

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