100 thoughts on “The Meyers Family Tells the Story of Their Dead Pet Rabbit

  1. Yep..?Seth had to go for comedy; must be so much fun to sit amongst this family and just hear them tell their stories…they're in sync w/each other to just enjoy

  2. Seth your brother is better looking than you. But with really strange hair. Next time put the rabbit in the freezer so it just freaks out your mother. That's what we did in Canada

  3. hilarious, seth's family seems very comfortable in front of camera's. weird but that's two people i've heard talk about new hampshire this week, must be like half the state am i right?

  4. This was really fun to watch but I think it was the wrong set. Seth shouldn't have been behind a desk in my opinion but it still worked very well. Seems like a nice family.

  5. In some ways they remind me of my family. For instance, my parents are very open with each other (and us, regrettably) about people they find attractive.

    In other ways, it’s totally different. If I had a talk show and invited them on it, my mom would steal the spotlight or be stonily silent and scary looking. My sister would start crying and refuse to say why. And my dad and I would be fighting about politics or start sneaking drinks.

    Of course, I don’t have a show to invite them on. My guesses are based on the time we tried to have a family portrait taken.

  6. Well,
    I don't mind saying that, Seth, you've been GIFTED with an absolutely ADORABLE family. ???. This coming from a BLACK MAN raised by a single Grandma. ???. (San Francisco November 24th, 2017)

  7. 3:04 I've never seen Seth laugh so hard, and now I suspect some of that serial killing instinct his dad instilled in him has lingered. XD

  8. The CCP had slaughtered more than 80 million Chinese people, they must be punished for their anti-humanity crimes.

  9. When you are too obsessed with John Oliver and all you can think is…Seth and Josh are the same person. I don't know how they are doing it but they are moving back and forth really fast and in that process putting on the mustache.
    There's your conspiracy theory.

  10. It's like a there's line in the middle where right means serial killer and left means comedian Seth went left…. ish

  11. I love Seth Meyer but a little bummed at the rabbit husbandry here – bunnies don’t “smell” unless they aren’t provided a clean living space/something is wrong with the animal. They’re like cats in how obsessive they are with self-grooming and cleanliness. They should also live inside in a free range situation or large enclosure, much like a cat or dog. Live and learn I guess ??‍♀️ on another note, Seth’s brother just looks like he just slapped a mustache on himself – the resemblance is uncanny!

  12. A couple of things:
    1 – did they really forgive u?
    2 – love ur family
    3 – love ur show
    4 – plz dont ever leave us…
    we need L.N w/SethM
    5 – again dont take anything away but if u can give us more to watch!

  13. I was 16 and tasked with burying our pet dog on Frozen winter ground and just recently I'm now in my forties but just recently revealed to my family that the dog slipped out of my hands and went head-first into the hole and I buried the dog standing on it's head. My brother didn't take it well.

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