The latest news in Rheumatology – Prof Paul Bird

– We’re here day two of ARA,
what’s been the big news, what can patients look
forward to in the next – So many more choices,
so many more choices and you know, your rheumatologist
has so many choices now about how to treat
you, and they should be, you’ll see them chopping and changing because what they’re
trying to find is not only the medication and the physical therapy and the diet that gets
you a best as you can be, so we want you fatigue gone, we want your joints better, we want you feeling better and engaged back into life. So there are so many
choices we’ve just gotta find the right one for you. Unfortunately we don’t
have a blood test yet and that’s something that’ll come hopefully in the future
where we’ll be able to do a blood test and
work out what you need. But the exciting thing
is choice, better drugs, smarter drugs and that
have less side effects. And the other big thing in
this conference is big data, so we’re talking a lot
about how many of you use Facebook and we’re
happy to trade a little bit of our data to get things back from that. Well medical data’s
probably gonna transform in the next few years, so that hopefully we can pool a lot of people’s medical data and work our some of the
answers to the questions about what caused rheumatoid,
what flares rheumatoid? Those sort of things. So they’re the big things
I think that are exciting at this conference as well as you know, interacting with colleagues, patients everyone else who’s here in this sort of brainstorming that goes
on at these conferences.

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