The Kitten of History

it was like a camera I was jogging with my own eyes for so long I became a samurai fight and run creeping through the castles in the shadows of night time with some enlightening it's like of someone addicted on Fletcher someone you're kidding but also someone else's and hidden in the blanket over smitten this is battle for the infinite mission with the kitchen that history eats in the kitchen a witness never stop and even if everything is coming up roses you know but even if your hands are warm and your pockets and hold it and you're folding is so on the clothing and more than a bowl full of hopeful great inventions in life do something with the best of it even if you're Gasol at night when I horse in the clearing we're gonna cave in the shield here a future so clear that at six in the mirror step into the Sun and I'll interfere step out of the past and into the here countless

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