The Kitten Diaries – Bath Time!

let's get the kitty cat naked oh thank you for the kisses honey thank you she thinks she's gonna get scratched all over she kind of is but not in the way she's expecting thank you for the kisses I love you so much it's gonna get so much better in a second there's more on this side there you go thank you for the kisses thank you all her fur yeah oh it's doing yeah that's why she needs a bath a bath and then lots and lots of brushing she's not gonna like this let me help you I'm not the best with dressing undressing kids it was easy when the vet put it on she was a nice the toast yeah buddy bite it destroy it destroy yeah let's have a look at her scarf yeah it's actually yeah it's healed up very nicely let me see there's still a little bit in there but it has feels very nice indeed now these are you here here on here this is all it's gonna be painful to brush up routines that's why we're washing it first yes sea bass sea bass well I say we're washing her first I'm filming it you ho give another bath yes I got the experience in a matter yes okay come on baby let's go she really wants to wreck it now yes well it knows what it did that's gonna need a good wash of the world yeah actually let's see how she reacts to a good she probably liked it in the bath is it will be a good positive reinforcement yeah I'm not actually enjoy the process of being in the bath given her which she she's gonna be exactly I'm gonna gonna do that now then grab to your shoulders sorry the secret is what not let me get onto your shoulders okay it's a good job you it's a good job you have such experience of this yeah she likes this about as much as she did the first time he gave birth I still say the skulls yeah look mama scratches best scratches look at the boys actually see I'm not even yeah she'll try to make to make for it yeah okay she's just the type who likes to hug them I'm sorry the side which quite honestly makes it makes her a very easy have to face it easier to rinse her yes shame to eat because I'm looking for trial I love you too you think about Maine Coons and I've never had a pension I know I've never had a pedigree cut before I'm her for it's so soft that when I wash her it almost feels slimy no it's just he's not slime slime it just feels slimy just how soft it is it's a weird feeling it's okay nothing will happen I'm still gonna find most of the surgery side yeah just I mean some shampoo only you don't because there's not enough third layer sitting yeah exactly it's turned out and the process of growing back yeah Papa would never do this to you okay it's okay she's so easy though okay no no that was the cat not trying to climb Teresa's shoulder clothes first puppy will never do when a case of meat as this to you evil Mama's the one that gives you the best yes exactly I'm okay with being the bad cop see I tried to give her first but I still have the scars mommy is just to giving birth to kittens yes she's ready to go for the tower ah what a little tiny girl so OB please don't miss your mom she's shivering cheese you thought it was gonna be good to get the leotard off little did you know what was coming next I was trying to maybe have her with the paws like underneath not on top on the water yeah yeah sending on a watcher now she definitely didn't she started panicking so I just stopped it immediately and I just let her do what she wanted to do but as far as cat goes I mean the fact that I could go back and pick the shampoo pick the the towel and so on she's one of the easiest cats I've ever had no question they just cries drew is the one actually yeah Krishna just does exactly what she does just cries constantly yeah even worse than she did you once yeah I should know she's big she's I'm trying that by the way she doesn't look very amused but she's she's definitely enjoying the Scratchy's Almighty there it is we've activated the response scratchy scratchy activates licking the keys she just give a look there like I need to sue my breathers for these let me call my agent yeah it's the neck rubs yeah the good ones I'm ready for my close-up now mr. DeMille yeah just take the moisture out I also picked that towel because it's the roughest one yeah so less nails on you know she's actually super sweet but she still just need Kay's never know communist coach he did kind of like look like a Soviet flag to be honest a badge to sew on to it wouldn't you when you brought her back I didn't have the glasses on when I first saw her with the coat and I see I only can see blurted shapes didn't like did you really dress the Catalan Soviet flag so what do you think of today's adventure on the whole you could probably have done with horrible monkey stuff and remember started by the tips and work work towards the scalp so it says pencil for her as someone who has long hair she's gonna sort herself out yeah she's gonna sort herself out let give her a couple minutes and then you come back to brush her she'll be okay that long like first beautiful can't like summer she's she really does it's a little bit too damp on top of that heretofore but it's it's doing what is very nice though her neck for is the best because she could still kind of lick some of it um I mean if they have hair follicles they sort of do doctor I will soon dick in not sure that's why dogs good question I mean cuz cats pant as well so they probably can't sweat so much dog yeah I don't actually know well there's Google somewhere if you want to add an annotation to the video later on yeah although it'll be all over the clients yes actually dangles [Laughter] see a wet patch no spots the little on the pole yes dry you act Oh LEM LEM reflex activated oh she's giving you kisses I think you think oh sorry I didn't mean to stop something I luckily she liked belly rubs oh yeah she also is very good if you tell her to lay down she'll lay down on the side good dog she's still shivering but it'll be just the war is drawing off everyone's making up season there's nothing little about those footsies I'm actually doing is I mean hunt on her back pork is so cute how big you gonna be sooo cute yes and all the brushes cat really likes the brush and see she does I like that she the second time around she's actually allowing you to help her yeah we know yeah I think she totally associated me with being the bad company not the good cop that's right mom is evil happy Sudoku yeah I'm is everything that's truly truly he's gonna through that's right up Kisuke belly belly Hector zukie I know it's been a while since you've seen each other oh that's a nasty belly belly really needs a brush yes it does shall we give you a belly bro she's gonna give them it I'll give it a brush so they went to get the full benefit down at the brush but you know it's it's untangling the hairs and gonna get between them yeah we'll get easier when the fort dries as well but the more I separate the hairs she is still shivering a bit well I'll leave you to it for a couple minutes doing the coffee look actually it's it's funny you should mention that because would you like a coffee was the last thing Rita said to me oh yeah I didn't I right before I said you know we could take the ones he offer today if you want okay then particularly on the other side either of the brushes or even the flea combs but if you just use your fingers I've teased the ferret harm and not yeah yeah a long time before on the beautiful if you want the killer washed your knees II what I can't wash the easy come on yeah we need quite honestly a little prick Becca's the wound like his car's still there a little bit of course that's what skulls do they don't go away I know but no it's still a bit tender it has not been touching it okay I'm just worried all around it I'll keep in mind and obviously the key starts worrying at the well it's not even stitches anymore as the stitches itself dissolving and they dissolve what three days ago yeah she's not touching it she's no she's not concerned about at Paul's and she's about that it's good at all it's obviously I'm gonna keep an eye on and if she starts worrying a little put the 1c back on but Robyn I have to say giving her a bath and yeah you saw my aha the brushing is fine I don't want giving her a brush and have to do it belly as well but she loves having a belly rubbed and scratched and brushed so but yes we're not quite done yes that's right oh sorry did you want to eat the brush it's very mature later very busy doing important Kitty grooming business and maybe you might feel do you bang hmm she's gonna enjoy that but yeah yeah all things considered she's trying to have the surgery really well hmm no

39 thoughts on “The Kitten Diaries – Bath Time!

  1. 3:05 Aren't you supposed to put a bath mat or something on the floor of the tub? So she has something not slippery to stand on.

  2. Jingles, this needs to stop. I am now getting cat vids in my feed….and I am watching them! I am now part of the problem and I blame you.

  3. Stop feeding that poor kitten cat food and replace it with gizzards and anything that used to crawl since cats are carnivores, see websters dictionary. Never torture her again by bathing her since cats clean themselves, perhaps a warm damp towel over and over. I've done this with street cats and come out real clean with no torture. Tell your vet he's a thief and his feeding recommendation will only land your cat in his office, and will be anything at Petco. Meat will keep your cat healthy and happy for a long time.

  4. That poor cat, how could you be so cruel! No bath oils, no scented candles, no relaxing whale sounds, Just a prison style "Face the wall and assume the position" lol

  5. My cat has learned when its time to bath her. And she just hides and we have to search for her for 20 minutes.

  6. Just be careful not to get water in or around the ears, this is very dangerous. If you can put cotton balls in there, if she wont let you then just dont splash water by the head like Rita, as water in the ear is very dangerous for Cats and I would hate for your Kitten to get sick (Or worse).

  7. My husband is the gamer and I started to watch your videos due to you showing your new fur baby.. She is such a delightful little kitten ❤️

  8. I have cats literally all my life and why do your cat wear a vest and why do you bathe her?

    Maybe you wouldn't need to bathe her if she didn't wear a vest. This is all so strange to me. Am I missing something?

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