The Joys Of Fostering Hildy & Her Kittens

37 thoughts on “The Joys Of Fostering Hildy & Her Kittens

  1. This foster story is nearly the best ever you had going thru… Thank you for all the work and all the love you gave this stunning family of precious Mama and kittens ???

  2. Audience/Foster Parents: "Aw, look at all the kitties!"

    Momma cat: "Oh gOd Why ArE thErE sO mANy kITTenS?!"

  3. I love all the Moms and their babies but Hildy and her babies just touched my heart in a special way. I can't explain it but it is such a wonderful feeling. I'm so glad they all got good homes right away and the kittens got adopted in pairs. Thank you for sharing this most wonderful journey. 🙂

  4. Now look here, Kits Cats, I was being terribly stoic about all the babas and mama being adopted out – so you just stop this with the beautiful kitties all being their cutest and cuddliest or you'll make me cry! – sniffle

  5. OMG! I miss then so much already! I fell in love right away. Im sad I won't see them, but Im happy they ALL found furrever homes. Hearing their little "meeps" and how wonderfully you took care of them, showed them love and play, so wonderful, so bitter sweet. I hope the families that adopted them make videos and updates of ALL of them. I would've kept them all! ? Sending love, kisses and blessings to you and of course, the kitties and Hildy ??

  6. Such a beautiful video and keepsake, something that I'm sure all the new families will treasure. Anyone have a tissue? 😉

  7. What a sweet, wonderful family! So glad they all have good homes now. God bless you for taking such good care of them! ???

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