37 thoughts on “The Intense Dogfight Between a U.S. Pilot and an Iraqi MiG

  1. Sadly, the US military will never have the balls to take on a peer, or even near peer enemy. That's how Murica rolls.

  2. Had americans have dog fight with smart Indian pilots…They would have pushed american pilots into deadly maneuver…. Technology can be outnumbered if pilot is smart enough…

  3. Waiting for the day when they will face russian air force and not just fighting always little air forces with bad equipment.

  4. U.S pilots had pretty much easy target practice against poorly trained Iraqi pilots in obsolete MIGs that were no match for our F-15s and F16s…there were never any real "dogfights" over Iraq….U.S. pilots have not been in a real dogfight since Vietnam.

  5. Indian Air Force made a world record by killing their own 7 planes in 1.5 months + 2 planes shot down by Pakistan Air Force in a dogfight on 27th Feb. After such a huge insult! india is showing a piece of AMRAM missile to prove they shot down F-16, the missile which kicked their own ass. LOL. And yesterday America confirmed the count of Pakistani F-16s is intact. So no F-16 was down. India lied. A burnol moment for them. hahahahaahaha

  6. Just when the F-15 was about to make the kill, that a-hole that goes by the name of "The Ground", comes out of nowhere and steals it. But this wasn't the first time. "The Ground" was infamous for stealing many Iraqi kills from U.S. fighters.

  7. A mig 29 is not of mig 29 unless there's a Russian pilot Flying it.. Make no mistake it could have been really really badd.

  8. if u take away and level the technology u find u.s pilots below average..only thing make them superior is their technology

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