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hey y’all welcome back Mandy with my
hectic life pets where we talk about all things pet and pet related and today we
are talking about how you can prevent several different behavior issues in
your cat simply by spaying or neutering them so one of the biggest complaints I
get from cat owners is that their unaltered male or female cat is spraying
in their house now statistics are showing that typically cats male or
female that are spayed or neutered before the age of six months old or
before your female hits their first heat cycle tend to spray far less frequently
than if they are fixed later on in life so if you don’t want your house to smell
like a litter box and you’re not a breeder then I definitely recommend
spaying or neutering your cat at a pretty young age now most veterinarians
will recommend around five or six months of age to spay or neuter your cat but
some veterinarians will spay and neuter as young as two to three months or when
the kitten reaches two pounds of weight another huge issue is if you have a male
unaltered cat they can get into some fights if they get out male cats can be
extremely territorial and fight over females so by neutering your male cat
they are less likely to wander as far away from your home and they are less
likely to get into fights another issue is all that howling and rubbing and
weird behavior that female cats will exhibit
when they are in heat now these behaviors can be very annoying to cat
owners and there’s a simple fix if you spay your female cat then
are less likely to exhibit any of these obnoxious behaviors howling all night
long trying to get out of the house and just causing an overall ruckus halen
female cats alike will sometimes go completely stir-crazy trying desperately
to escape from the house if they are trying to mate if you want the best best
solution to prevent a lot of behavioral issues in the long run spaying or
neutering your cat is the answer so anyway guys that’s all I really have for
y’all today thank you so much for watching I love you guys and I will see
you in my next video bye

3 thoughts on “The Importance Of Spaying Or Neutering Your | Cat Cat Problems 101

  1. With the laser surgery available now, even female cats are an outpatient procedure and only need anti-inflammatories for one day!! Healing process is quick with minimal chance of infection. There's no reason NOT to spay or neuter.

  2. Also, FUN FACT! Unaltered (not fixed) cats and dogs are scientifically proven to be 10x more likely to develop breast cancer than pets that have been fixed. The chances go down the younger they are, beginning with anytime prior to their first heat. Male animals are much less likely to become aggressive when neutered young.

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