THE HULK LIFE: I have to keep this dog isolated!!

there's always some kind of excitement when taking pictures of puppies because the one thing that you can plan on is that it's not going to go according to plan who's like never got above like 70 so yeah they were just for further client honestly I don't think I got any picture that like I really liked but they're just for client to see the dog because she got it so that's what that was for for the most part but I don't think we I got anything you try to get in like a different type of shape just like you know people I think there's something that's never really touched on you know we've never really talked about it like and in depth too much and people really are really look kind of like don't really understand certain things you know there's just like people there's body types of dogs also do dogs and I used to get thicker and they're not really gonna take on that form of like you know super muscular dog it's more of a thicker kind of a body so it depends on how we're gonna kind of build it and it's interesting with the two of them as Hercules is kind of the thicker body dynasty we've been more taller it's more slender so I worked them out together and it's just interesting to watch how the two bodies develop differently you know because a lot of my dogs that have different bodies that's like a dog like Hulk I mean he's not gonna have that type of warmth I'm sure he's just too thick you know like in in my last story time that I told I told story about how he actually got really sick like people that are like aw he needs to lose 30 40 pound like him losing that kind of way like he literally looks like it looks scared you know so he's just not type of dog that can you know really develop that kind of a look so even even exercising like the same amount they just don't develop that you know that type of a look you know so the particular even dinosaur is more you know they really have good body types you know under them felt very sturdy so they're just you know big dogs too you know kind of demonstrate you know proper body type of the dog so that's kind of one of my goals to damage to get them into like tip-top shape I'll bring them them in Sousa is like that's another just everyday thing I mean obviously the world knows what's going on with Sousa so Sousa has a real kind of big game plan in life so I mean he needs to be out in the bow every day seeing everything and you know just exposing him to the world you know so or so so it's it's every day getting him out put him through the routines you know burning out the energy but right now why he you know he spends he spends a lot of day outside then we'll bring him inside at night but sometimes like in the past couple days kind of and even him out it's real nice out now so I'm just wanting to be outside for the night and they go get him to have him kind of in that setting like during this period of time for his training is actually kind of important so it's just better for him and keeps him more on point like he's right outside right out front of my house all the noises different things just it just makes him a little more alert right now so for a little while that's the kind of situation I know being and then I'm moving back into the house like you know 100% so he really won't be in that kind of out front anymore but right now I'm that's how I want him to kind of develop those two dogs that's why I have them out there for that specific reason I'm not gonna go into too much detail this week we're gonna do some some some type of training DVD and understanding why like producer and things like that but just know there is a reason for that but yeah so samman is Sosa's projects but it's a good project he's going well you know you have your little speed bumps here and there but you know welcome to dog training you gotta make something day got balance everything out I mean so we spent the time to work with dog food we do you know do our jobs I just have a little fun I never took the top off the thing yet had it for long but I've never taken the top off of thing but took it off that's another key point in life I mean it's something that God do every day I mean guys spend time with the family spend time kids you know [Applause] are you ready Jackson now ready to play basketball I will blow him away and went to the basketball court Jordan has a little shot we had a little fun so it was good good luck enter today so there's another win in the books I mean it's all about kissing them win what time is it look this busy and got watch on the help I don't need to look here children it's already thought if he went

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  1. DDK9STRONG keep up the good work ddk9king stay strong sending positive vibes from Colorado Springs

  2. Wow lots of land and beautiful doggies ❤️
    Also if any1 wants to be YT doggy friends I have cute funny vids ❤️??

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