The Hottest Dog Names Of 2017

Picking a name for your precious pooch can
be a tricky business. If you want a trendy name for your beloved
pet, but you’re not sure what names are popular for dogs these days, look no further! Here are some of the hottest dog names of
2017 to help you find the perfect one for your pup. Thor Pop culture plays a big role in which dog
names are trending. Rover, a network of pet sitters and dog walkers,
released the most popular names in their database. Thor made the site’s list of Top 100 male
dog names, no doubt influenced by the massive popularity of Marvel’s Thor movies. The latest installment, Thor: Ragnarok holds
a 92 percent approval rating from Rotten Tomatoes, so it’s no surprise that people want to name
their pets after the Norse god of thunder. Dobby According to Rover, names from Harry Potter
and other pop culture nostalgia properties are becoming increasingly popular with dog
owners. Names from the Potter franchise have increased
significantly in 2017. If your dog is as loyal as a house elf, Dobby
might be a good choice for him. It’s a testament to the popularity of the
Harry Potter books and movies that these names are becoming more and more popular, even a
decade after The Deathly Hallows was published. Khaleesi If Harry Potter isn’t your thing, you could
try giving Khaleesi a spin. Thanks to the wild success of the Game of
Thrones book series and hit HBO show, names inspired by the franchise are up in popularity
as well. Khaleesi is not just growing in popularity
with dogs but also with humans. The name, which was invented for the series,
has been given to hundreds of baby girls since 2014. Bella Human names are huge right now for dogs. In fact, all of the top ten names for dogs
according to Nextdoor are names that are also popular for human babies. Bella tops the list as the most popular dog
name in communities registered with the site, making the name even more popular for dogs
than it is for babies. Whether this continues the book theme, or
maybe even the influence of celebrities, is unclear — but Bella is clearly on the rise
for pups. Max The human name trend also holds true for male
dogs. According to Nextdoor, Max is the third most
popular name for dogs. This name is also popular as a baby name all
over the world. An abbreviated form of Maximilian, variations
of this name have been around for centuries so it makes sense that such an enduring name
would also become popular for man’s best friend. Ace If the name Ace is good enough for Batman’s
dog, it’s certainly a good choice for yours! It’s one of the most popular names on Pet
MD with thousands of people voting in favor of it. While the name was traditionally used as a
nickname for human babies, it’s recently gained popularity as a given name over the last few
years, so don’t be surprised if you get a few heads turning when you call your pet over
to you at the dog park. Coco While cats and dogs have different personalities,
many names work just as well for a cat as they do for a dog. There’s a lot of overlap between the top cat
names and the top dog names, and Coco proved to be one of the most popular names for both
female cats and dogs. It seems that Coco Chanel has influenced both
the world of fashion and the world of pet names. Either that, or people just really like chocolate. Bentley Healthy Paws Pet Insurance also releases an
annual list of the top pet names compiled from their enrolled pets. According to their data, Bentley is a hot
name for male dogs right now. It’s safe to say that people are naming their
dogs after the luxury car, and why not? Like a motorized Bentley, a dog named Bentley
also requires special love and attention. Milo According to the website My Dog’s Name, Milo
tops the list of male dog names. The funny thing is, one of the most famous
Milos of all is actually a cat — the feline with the title role in the classic children’s
film The Adventures of Milo and Otis. Farrah Pawcett If you’re determined to stay away from the
trending names, you could always go with a clever play on a famous name. Nationwide Pet Insurance released a list of
some of the wackiest names that people have given their beloved pooches. Have a dog that’s always ready for her close-up? Try calling her Farrah Pawcett. Other clever names in 2017 include Ozzy Pawsborn,
Doc Howliday, and Dog Marley. Thanks for watching! Click the List icon to subscribe to our YouTube
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43 thoughts on “The Hottest Dog Names Of 2017

  1. I tend to name my pets after book characters , comics or from mythology, Right now my two kitties are Luna from Harry Potter, Saphira after the dragon in Eragon and my guinea pig is Percy after Percy Jackson. My dog was Moony after Remus Lupin, but sadly he is no longer with me.

  2. I have two canines, my goldendoodle is Buster, and my wolf is Aries. I think Buster is kinda popular but never met a dog named Aries.

  3. I haven't got a dog but next year I'm getting one. I asked if I could get a black dog, I was told maybe, so if I am, then I'm gonna call it Padfoot (Sirius Black)

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