The Horse Head – The Godfather (1/9) Movie CLIP (1972) HD

Aah! Aah! Aah! Aah! Aah! Aah! Aah! You’re not too tired,
are you, tom? No. I slept
on the plane. I have the sollozzo
notes here. Now… Sollozzo is known
as the turk. Supposed to be
very good with a knife, But only in matters
of business

100 thoughts on “The Horse Head – The Godfather (1/9) Movie CLIP (1972) HD

  1. @geht an die beiden Spinner aus K´lautern & Dortmund, man sieht sich immer zweimal im Leben, nichts ist umsonst nicht einmal der Pferdekopf 😉


  3. I never understood how they got the head in his bed then covered him in blood. It was just Tom Hagen who was there so did he do it himself? Did he drug him to keep him knocked out?

  4. When you smell something pestiferous, you start looking from where does that stink come and finally realize you have dog mess in your shoe. AAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!

  5. I just finished watching this clip with the 'Closed Caption' turned on. That horse must have been named Mr. Ed, because according to my screen captions he says 'Sollozo is known as the Turk and is good with a knife, but only in matters of business'.

  6. Remember that on episode of raising hope where they recreated this scene but they replaced the horse head with a stuffed unicorn head

  7. Now this is a classic mafia message. You are not untouchable. We can get to you and whoever you love whenever we want. So you better play ball.

  8. I am No animal right activist. i eat meat, too. But killing a poor horse to make a statement in this picture, Mr Coppola went too far.

  9. First, I saw this scene in 1994 as a 12 years old kid. It was for me a much more, horrosistic, and dramatic, than any scene in any horros movies. O 🙂

  10. I heard this on the podcast at work. Never looked it up. But I remember thinking to myself I’m gonna look that up tonight in bed.
    And boom.
    Recommended just before I close my eyes. Very strange

  11. i remember seeing this scene when i was a kid when i walked in the room with my dad watching it. i still have nightmares about undead horses 15 years later.

  12. Continuity error: when Woltz shows Tom his horse Khartoum, it has a white star on its forehead, but this horse didn't.

  13. I wish I can sleep so well like this guy since he didn’t even notice a big horse head got shoved into the bed.

  14. Hehehehehehehe. That was funny! I ate horse once while I was dating a Italian girl in high school. Wasn't right for a week after that.

  15. Shame we never saw how luca brasi took over this situation and how the horses head ended up in the bed would have been interesting.

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