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  1. I'm from 2005 but I still remember it very clearly because it still aired on Belgium and turkey oh God i remember how fucking scary it was

  2. Vargskelethor Joel:Where do You Live?
    Someone Else: Truth or Consequences?
    VJ: What Goes on There

  3. Courage takes place in Nowhere, Kansas. You kept mentioning New Mexico for the theory, but never mentioned that. I've been to Kansas. It is incredibly empty. I believe, also, that it's in the Dust Bowl (from the great depression). It would explain why Eustace fails to grow any crop

  4. Skin walkers are actually creatures of Native American origin. They usually take on the form of a coyote but they also have a broken human form. Skin walkers aren’t necessarily evil either as their tasked with protecting sacred land from those who would wish to cause harm to it.

  5. The weird thing is that when I was young, I always watched Courage either all alone while it rained or while my parents were out. I never thought it was scary until I found out many people did.

  6. I thought this video was going to say that the home and location was based on the Skinwalker Ranch, a place out in the middle of the Utah desert that's supposedly a hotspot for paranormal encounters, encounters with strange creatures and alien sightings.

  7. Courage was never played in Austria but I bet I would have loved it. I like the theory that say she is a normal dog the best. Their house actually is surrounded by other neighbours but as courage doesnt know them the house is the only thing he notices and knows.

  8. I remember when i lived in the philipines i loved watching this show

    I had to wake up eventho its dark just so i could watch it

  9. Dont worry guys, skinwalkers are usually cursed to be trapped in a single set area, if they try to leave they are met with a boundary

  10. I was born in 03’ I watched this and I was terrified, I still don’t like to watch this, and I watch horror movies, it scared the crap outta me

  11. I just watched a movie on hulu called the toy box involving a killer and his van. Does that have any connection?

  12. Bro the second i heard new mexico i freaked…ive seen a Skinwalker tho, family had encounters. This state is beautiful…during the day

    Btw im new mexican

  13. 1:01 am
    I’m actually gonna sleep well tonight
    I’ve got a full body sleeping bag

    iF yOu Can’T sEe iT, It cAn’T sEE yOu

  14. The only thing that terrified me from courage the cowardly dog was the song from the credits
    I think it was bc I was watching courage real late at night on boomerang ?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️

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