The HodgeTwins Face Their Fear of Dogs! (With Hopper) | Louder with Crowder

speaking of uncomfortably you either way the hodgetwins have offered to actually be sacrificial entry to get over their fears they're not big fans of dogs from what I understand no looks like to bite me I don't trust dog no I'm I just walked in the yard and dog just big black child came running out freaking hey hey you boom at time with uh they gave you some chocolate Santa Clauses forearm mister scooter sale because doesn't middle school we was in middle school the basketball team they have no money so it was you know they had raised money for the raise money why were you in someone's yard yeah trying to sell em chocolate soda close [Laughter] hey I'm trying to raise money for my basketball team got some chocolate Santa Claus yeah well when I got bit I was actually a door-to-door vacuum cleaner salesman oh man I used to sell Kirby's daughter go that's the worst possible thing because yeah all dogs hate vacuum cleaner hover evil we brought him in to get bathed they be like oh man we love him but when we try to dry him he really hates the blow-dryer I'm like yeah he's got a thing about it it looks like a gun he doesn't like God we didn't know we were scared for a second once we shut it off so yeah oh so now were you in the front yard or backyard I was in the front yard front yard yeah yeah yeah it sounds like you're retro actively changing the story a little bit I don't know how many times I've been walking home from the store and I'm just walking down a road dog just comes back nowheres don't chase me so yeah Dex I was like all black black tongue black gum just black fur black I don't know why – I was right around this iron it was just the meter gasps here's big fangs he had describing black-on-black crime it's a little caca doll so the dog comes running out and D&S I'm turning to get away there's the Sun beware of dog I'm like what the hell was that well you know we're all about getting past our fears here at loud it was crowded in all capacities and so actually today for the first time you're gonna be you're gonna be feeding hopper which brings us to our next and final segment and pleated oh wait Omo I know the hodgetwins get over there debilitating fear of dogs alright so yeah you're gonna be feeding uh because when we first you first came here I didn't realize you didn't you weren't fans of hopper you saw him and you're like you gotta lock him out a dog's a killer yes but you your exact words what you thought he was very large dog yes like his neck is like big enough to swallow my often if you want if he's were so inclined yeah okay but we've talked about this before like I said you don't have to do this but everyone here knows hopper pretty pretty gal and Gerald you know hopper fantastic dog want a sick dog he's only killed three people that we know none of them were vacuum salesman oh so one was a hair dryer salesman but he had it coming so obviously you don't have to but we're just gonna have you and follow my instructions feed him some some cheese cuz how loves cheese that's what that is that is just give him some cheese I'll instruct you and on a scale from one to ten how nervous are you my heart's rate is increasing really you just rankle sweat rolling down my back right now getting tight I don't want look I don't want to look like a little girl on your show right and I really appreciate it because if someone said I had to pet a tarantula I wouldn't do it oh the difference in another segment no one could promise me the tarantula wouldn't bite me so I promise you hoppers not going to bite you I will bring him out you just feeding the cheese follow my instructions and you'll be good to go he's gonna he's gonna love you maybe maybe he'll become dog people yeah by the way my Canadian producer Johnny boy he had no idea this was a cultural thing black guys with dogs well you see it on TV white people sick and dogs on black people well black people Shepherd and a fire hose outside of a diner it really is rough okay all right but we're so just grab the cheese and what you do is to have the cheese right now each other to be a cheese and when we're gonna bring him in you're just gonna stay in a high voice hey Harper come over here and you're gonna give give him the cheese you can either hold it like this or just hold it in your palm and just say hey gentle gentle and he's gonna go do it like this you can do it like that with hopper like I do he's very well turn he's very well trained so just high voice and hey hopper Goren if he doesn't come over to you then we'll just abandon the whole experiment because that means or something isn't like about you all right Johnny boy let's bring in bring in the hopper monster and let's there we go come on where is he hopper okay call him over so he has to go to you guys say look they got cheese calm cheese over there give it to you give it to wit my head e all right okay opera come on get out of here all right this has been the hodgetwins getting over their fears or 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27 thoughts on “The HodgeTwins Face Their Fear of Dogs! (With Hopper) | Louder with Crowder

  1. Watched a small portion of one of the Hodge Twins videos – not funny and very vulgar. But, they do have a right to post what they want as bad as it is.

  2. I used to be a bit afraid of big dogs until I got a puppy who became a big dog. He's not as big as some and there are a few dogs that at first I might be a little hesitant of but mostly I love all dogs and I want to give them all the chance. I would give Hopper all the treats if I were there. So much fun. I actually love when Hopper gets to be on screen even for a second.

  3. Does everyone have a pit bull? I see them all the time. I'm starting to think their becoming like purse puppies for men lol

  4. Funniest thing i have seen in ages. Those boys are 6-2 and built like brick shithouses and they're worried by a friendly waggy tail dog looking for food.!!?

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