The Heartfelt Tribute Dog The Bounty Hunter Shared Before His Wife’s Passing

Beth Chapman, the former Dog the Bounty Hunter
star and late wife of Duane “Dog” Chapman, was one of the most memorable faces of reality
television. Unfortunately, in 2017, she was diagnosed
with stage II throat cancer, and almost two years later, with her family reportedly by
her side, Beth passed away on June 26th, 2019 at a hospital in Honolulu. In a hopeful social media post just before
her death, Duane Lee Chapman spoke out amid her cancer battle. On Monday evening, June 24, 2019, the television
personality took to Twitter to share a heartfelt tribute to his wife of over a decade during
her recent hospitalization. Captioning a snapshot of Beth’s right arm,
showing off her freshly manicured fingernails, Duane wrote, “You all know how she is about HER NAILS!!” Beth’s nails were long and glittering, decorated
with rhinestones. Just over a week ago, Beth had posted her
own pic of her manicure, writing in the caption, “#NailGod Yes this is why I fly all the way
home to Hawaii to get my Nails did.” Her husband’s touching post prompted thousands
of Dog the Bounty Hunter fans to share their love and support for the Chapman clan during
the difficult time. One fan tweeted their own message, alongside
prayer hands and a red heart emoji, saying, “Praying for Beth, and you & the whole family. She will pull through this!! Much love to you all.” Another person shared, “Oh, hunni, I’m so sorry. Beth has always been… I dunno. A role model for me. I was a lost kid for a long time and she always
seemed like the kind of person I thought I should grow up to be. She’s strong while feminine and an absolute
goddess. We’re praying for you all.” Another fan of the couple commented, “Nails full of bling and her heart is full
of bling! Bless you Beth!” Fans may remember that Beth Chapman, age 51,
initially had a tumor removed during her first battle with stage 2 throat cancer in September
2017. As we previously reported, news that her throat
cancer had returned following a period of remission first broke in late November 2018. After experiencing trouble breathing at the
time, she was hospitalized at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, where she required
emergency surgery when doctors reportedly discovered a large cancerous mass in her throat. The Chapman family’s attorney, Andrew Brettler,
later confirmed to Us Weekly that Beth had, quote, “started chemo [in Los Angeles] for
throat cancer” in December 2018. However, she later returned home to Colorado. There, she eventually explored alternative
cancer treatments, such as cannabis-based CBD and THC. In January 2019, Beth appeared to hint at
her chemotherapy treatments on Instagram, captioning a snapshot of herself “history
in the making,” along with the hashtags “cancer sucks”, “stay humble pray,” and “it’s only
hair.” The following month, she wrote in another
post, “We need to all be far more open minded to
new treatments. […] We no longer need to poison patients
to get them well. #cancersucks.” She also continued to busy herself with work. “For the last four days I’ve been chasing
bad guys on the big island, and I didn’t even notice I was sick.” According to People, Beth was described as
making a reference to having stopped her chemotherapy treatments altogether during a Mother’s Day
speech at the Source Church in Bradenton, Florida in May 2019. Calling her cancer battle, quote, “the ultimate
test of faith,” she reportedly revealed, “Chemotherapy is not my bag, people. Sorry, that’s not for me.” On Sunday, June 23, it was reported that Beth
Chapman had been admitted to the intensive care unit of the Queen’s Medical Center in
Honolulu, where she was placed into a medically-induced coma. According to TMZ, Beth was hospitalized the
day before following a choking emergency after a 911 call was placed from the home she shares
with Dog in Honolulu. On Monday, June 24, a spokesperson for the
Chapman family shared a statement to the media, saying, “Duane and the family feel she’s such a fighter,
she could get better. The family still has hope.” According to Page Six, Beth’s coma was induced
to, quote, “spare her pain from her treatment.” For his part, Duane Lee Chapman shared a statement
of his own over the weekend, writing on Twitter, “Please say your prayers for Beth right now. Thank you, love you.” In a tweet sent out soon after Beth Chapman’s
death, Duane Chapman relayed the following: “It’s 5:32 in Hawaii, this is the time she
would wake up to go hike Koko Head mountain. Only today, she hiked the stairway to heaven. We all love you, Beth. See you on the other side.” Our thoughts are with them.

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  1. My heart goes out to the chapman family,,, on the loss of the Angel Beth.. are loss , but heavens gain….
    You fought the fight..but good saw you getting weaker… and he whispered in your ear..come home. Beth and reached out his hand to you,, you placed your hand on his.. then you both walked the stair way to heaven.. then you where pain free.. and at last you were home… love you Beth. GBNF …❤️?? xxx

  2. I send this to Beth and her family! We love you our prayers will continue forever! She will live on in our hearts forever!

  3. Duane Lee chapman Feel sorry for your lost but mine too my own poppa passed away by sickness I been wanting people to be feel better from sickness

  4. God Bless Beth and your Beautiful family. Our prayers are with you all. Thank you for for sharing your beautiful life with us. You will be forever missed.

  5. Wow, how sad… but obviously she should've stuck with the chemotherapy treatments cause when she stopped and changed to the other one, it didn't do her any good..

  6. damn!deep down it feels like i lost a mother…r.i.p beth n my strength n prayers is with u dog n fam

  7. God Bless U Big Big ? Dog! ……..just a sec I just got a dust er somthin in my eye
    I've been watching and quietly admiring your confidence since the beginning … gonna play BETH by KISS ☝☝☝

  8. Thoughts and prayers are with your family on this dark time. Beth was a real blessing to me the way she advocated for women. Heaven truely did gain another angel. R.I.P. MS. BETH

  9. My Heart goes out to you Guy's
    # A fan always ???
    # GOD BLESS you all ???
    # may your heart's stay warm ?????????????

  10. My heartfelt condolences on the loss of your wife, Beth, a great mom to the kids and a heart as big as a whale-, I lost both my wives and agree with Beth on her chagrin over the poisons given patients, perhaps a Beth Chapman memorial fund for the cure of cancer would be a good start.

  11. All prayers for the family I'm Hart is broken but in the bright side she will be in are Hart and never forget R.I.P

  12. Heartbreaking  I feel like I kno these people and they truly are one of those real deal in love kind of soul connected couple,  Hang in there Mr. Chapman that thought and feeling of her in your heart will really get you thru

  13. My most sincere condolences to the family . May God bring peace and strength to your hearts during this sad time and find comfort in his promise to bring back to life those you love who have fallen asleep in death.
    (1 tessalonians 4:13,14)

  14. RIP Beth I'll miss your fiesty, awesome beautiful self! You've touched my heart and soul with all you did & said! You're beautiful! My heart goes out to Dog & family! ? ?

  15. Beth Chapman was not only an empath, but also had a very defined purpose
    in her life, which was to keep people focused on following a better path in the world…,.she had a way of brongingb

  16. We prayed for her healing. She now is healed. Praise God. No more suffering or pain. We now pray for the family. God carry you through this trying time.

  17. So sorry for your loss nothing I can say will make you feel better. Stay strong she watching over you.

  18. Loved you, Beth,…..Now, Rest In Peace with the angels, I am sure you are watching over Dog and your children. Thank You for all of the good times watching you and Dog together. I am sure you and Dog will be reunited one day, please give Dog strength to carry on without you,, until you meet again. xx

  19. Very saddened by this loss RIP Beth you will always be remembered!!! My deepest condolences!! ❤️???


  21. OMG! I haven’t followed Beth and Dog in awhile and was shocked she died! It’s so sad and my thoughts and prayers go out to the family! RIP Beth, you will be missed!

  22. Feeling like I lost a mom, a friend…the Earth cries out when a praying woman is removed. Love ya Bethie Chapman. Fly high.

  23. Sorry to hear such bad news. When heard the news, I cried for the brave and wonderful life she has. Oh well, life is precious and beautiful, I guess everyone are going to go somewhere someday in life. We all loved to watch y’all shows….. R.I.P. dear Beth.
    I am sure you will definitely be missed.
    Dog and family, takes care of yourself, we love you too, Gods blesses

  24. I will never forget you Beth I loved the show and hope you R.I.P. ?? Bless you and Dog I will miss you forever ?

  25. It seems when cancer returns it does so with a vegence. I would have thought stage two would have been beatable. That sucks. Rip Beth

  26. people die everyday, so she is a reality stay and its news everywhere? where are the bleeding hearts for people who actually give their lives to save others everyday, real heros that die and are never recognized and noone knows about, stupid world

  27. To the Chapman children, My Name is Braxton Oertwig, I want to say I know how bad your hurting that you all have loss your mother. I too lost my mother 2 years ago, and everyday its just been a living hell for me, that she has been gone. I all I care about now, I would just have the chance with the grace of the almighty to rejoin my mom again; and I will be just fine with that. I have nothing to lose and death to gain; sometimes have thought about ending my own life that's how bad my mother death hurt me things just have not been the same. Anyway I am really sorry for the loss of your mother, time will hurt for a while but then it might get a little better for you all and then again you might not get over it all depending on how close you were to her; I know I have not. Just know your mom will be waiting for on the other side when its your time to cross over. Braxton J Oertwig

  28. No 1 will run bc I'm in heaven , bad guys will come to you in time , I'm inside the drone helping you all still , I'm not gone , I'm just flying around as your eyes in the sky now , I'll always be around to give you that extra hand to catch bad guys on the run , but like I said b4 , "they will not run once they know it's you coming for them!!" "YOU GOT THIS BIG DADDY" ?

  29. It made me cry I was a big fun of both for so many years may God bless all her family both where so happy and complements each other this is devastated for all her family be strong Duane Chapman..

  30. Wow, just found out that Beth has passed away. Rest in peace. Much love to Dog n the family. My favorite show n fabulous people, beautiful woman Beth.

  31. The Chapman family peace and love your way blessings to you all Namaste Shelley Anthony your fan of Bounty Hunter we're so sorry for the passing of your wife and mom. Shelley Anthony and Art Charles your fans may God be with youat this time of loss.?❣????????????????????

  32. The Dog and his wife BethChapman awesome couple Great Tv show. The Dog really stuck by his wife through everything Heis a awesome realman for helping with through every thing .Rest in peaceBeth Chapman you are an angel you are going to be greatly missed byeveryone.The Dog and family you all are in my prayers and thoughts daily God be you and everyone . your number1 fan.????

  33. R i p beth in heaven ps ps prays for you dog and family and ps ps friend in new jersey didnt know you where a fan of dogs maryann lamb ps from a true fan of dogs glenn yates in Oklahoma

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