20 thoughts on “The Grooming of a Newfoundland Dog

  1. This Newfie does not get groomed properly and not as often as he should be. I brush my two everyday. I have used a rake brush on my dogs and never got even 1/4. of that amount of hair. The dog needs a bath also, his coat is very dry and dull.

  2. This was fantastic! I just got a year old brown and white Newfie and already have Labs. Had no clue how to groom her. Thank you!!

  3. Ahhh yes, shedding season and the dreadded Newfy double coat. The free prize with every newf! Mine would NEVER tolerate grooming like this! I have to do all of them (5)
    a little at a time

  4. Last week I groomed her best I could and it wasn't as bad then yesterday 5 days later mounds of fluff are coming off with every stroke, it went in my face on my clothes in the air like black fairy floss, I wanted to buy clippers and sheer it off like you do a poddle , we live where summer gets to 36 and 2 days of 43degC. I don't know about neglect, once fur drops its fast to matter up,when I got my newf I was told a once a week brush is fine, that's bull, every days hrs a day in moult season.

  5. I had a male would sit and be groomed all day like Harry, but my female is a terror keeps getting up and wandering off or pawing(punching ) me lol and she stinks to high hell right now after being outside in rain for 2 weeks lol

  6. That is OLD hair. That poor Newfie doesn't get groomed as often as he should be. I have a Newfie and yes, grooming is labor intensive but, that poor dogs coat has been neglected.

  7. HI ! Harry is gorges (sorry for mi spelling) I used to had newf and I'm stell gaga about them what do you do with the fleece , mi mam useed to spinet and then knitted socks and belts (best remedy 4 rheumatism) thanks 4 your vid

  8. GrandbearWoW,

    Thanks for your silly, petty, and arrogant comment. You've probably figured out what you can do with your "recommendation." 🙂


  9. Unfortunately this is the result of a rare dog grooming. With proper care of coat does not reach such a state.
    I recommend to watch the video Penny Shubert . Maybe then you will know what is NEWFOUNDLAND GROOMING.
    P.S. I have 4 of Newfoundland and never had such problems with the coat.

  10. my sister has two, not nearly as big as this one he is a mammoth lol hers are only about 150lbs each and she constantly takes them to groomer or they will start to stink fast

  11. There is no way that I could have a newfie and not take him to the groomers at least once a week for a brushing and a bath every other week.

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