The Groomer (The basics of grooming a horse)

my name is Alissa I'm a groom here at Rocky Mountain showjumping we brushed them every day we groom them before we ride and we try to keep them as presentable looking as possible but we definitely put that extra effort into going into the show ring you started their feet you need to pick out their feet make sure that there's no rocks in them or anything no bruising that the shoes are still on and that their feet aren't beginning to rot so you just run your hand down the back of their leg and usually they'll pick it up then you just clean all the shavings or mud out of their feet you start with your curry comb it brings all the dirt up to the surface and off their skin and it also starts by giving their muscles a nice little massage helps get them warmed up so you just use circular motions then you go over their whole body with your curry comb it's also a good way to notice if they're sore anywhere when you're rubbing on their muscles if they seem to get tense or pin their ears you know that maybe they're not feeling the greatest in that spot then you move on to your hard brush or your dandy brush then you simply flick the dirt that you just brought up to the surface off their body then we'll move on to our body brush it's made of softer bristles a lot softer on their skin and you can brush the face with this brush and then you use it on their whole body including their legs with the soft earth the harder bristles we only brush to his body so this one will continue down his legs then we'll brush their main tail and for lock we usually put in a detangler so we don't pull out too much hair and then for a little added shine you can just use a towel and get any loose dust

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