The GAAP Clinic – Dog grooming and hygiene

Today we’re talking about grooming. A lot of people here think that grooming is reserved only for certain breeds, like poodles…. purebreds. And only to make them look pretty. But for us, grooming is very important because of hygiene. There are many dogs that are mixes between different breeds and their hair is constantly growing so you have to trim it because it’s part of their hygiene regime. If the hair is not trimmed it will continue growing and in time this can lead to many problems. A dog’s hair can grow so much, that underneath all that hair, they can develop cases such as dermatitis, parasites and otitis. So for us, grooming is very important to a dog’s health. What is the dog’s name? Kuky, he’s 15 years old. Approximately 15. 15 to 16 years old. And he’s blind. He’s been blind for many years. Some friends gave him to me and I gave him to my husband as a Christmas gift. He was one month and 14 days when we got him. We used to take him to the University’s vet to get his hair cut and then, because of his age, a girl started coming to the house to do it but 2 years ago she started promising she would come but she never did. Time passed until someone told me there was a clinic right here that offered payment plans.

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