The Funniest Amazing Stupid Pet Tricks of 2016 Weekly Compilation | Kyoot Animals

Lord bless this meal so that someday we might grow up and be great big dogs the Lord helped me to stay out of the street and not chase any cars and lord help us to be nice and mind and be nice to the neighbors and not get into any fights amen oh there you go oh yeah here's a nice long way I should say that it could be as a good one please keep them up don't move Lucy can you smile smile you see guys let's go file and file where's your girlfriend if she is good bozo but your father put your hands behind your head no no blue smile for the cameras good smile be Gilley smile yeah high-five oh my vigor can you turn around Wow waiti you watch your coffee okay oh there she goes Isabel can you go get me a roll of duct tape that's my girl good job right bring me a beer good look at all the cupboards that are open can you come closer there some more won't take a bath we're gonna stuff good boy by saying your face is filthy here wash your face that's disgusting guy wash your face that's good get the back – don't forget the back that's good okay Hayley who's a puppy who's a puppy who's a puppy good girl you are so busted close it go close the door good good girl have you drew good boy bring up here good boy you have a paper good job butter lay down butter lay down leave it leave it okay when they can't once out of the closet this is how he lets us know get it tight okay all right guys paws in good job okay roll everybody wave up rope wave wave wave good boy you

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