The Fingbox Digital Fence 2.0

hello everybody today we’re releasing the digital fence 2.0 this feature on thin box have seen massive improvements the digital defense is designed to give you visibility over all the devices near your thing box within 50 feet even if they’re not connected to your Wi-Fi network this feature acts as an extra security interpretation tool for your network see what devices accommodate your f—ing books asset and loves to watch them so as a troubleshooting feature maybe you have a device that you think it’s not working in this case that the geofence will allow you to see if the antenna of the device is actually not working maybe you’re struggling with Wi-Fi performance here with a digital funds you can see of your wife my channel is crashing with your neighbors in terms of the Joule presence maybe you want to see that if your dog walker staying a little bit longer than they should have or your kids are having a party while you’re away or maybe just someone is in your house that shouldn’t be there the digital fence will help you detect presence in your home while you’re away so experience that the total offense dashboard you can see three tabs in the bottom which you can see the new devices the known devices and the anonymize devices when you click on the new devices they are wireless devices which are in the Pacific simony on the piercing box for the first time the known devices are devices which have been spotted by your fing bugs in the past and lastly the anonymize devices our devices which use analyzation feature to mask all their identity you can also filter the dashboard in different ways so you can set the time the type and the range the day you can put click either now today less seven days or the last 30 days so let’s click on last 30 days it’s fetching the results right now you can also click on the range so you can either choose very far average or very near and this will be the signal of the digital funds you can select if you want to see all devices or just new devices so in this case we will click all now if you group in the book icon which is on the top you can also get a list of all the nights known and unknown demise devices for that period that you had chosen so the devices will be tagged according to when they appeared so for example um if you if they had only been seen on one day such as a weekday it will be say weekday here if it was just a short visit and it was randomized it will show it to you it won’t be tagged but you can also see if it was all week and it has always been on um this will be on your network it will also show you um that tag here’s how you can watch a device and set up alerts or exclude a device or SSID from your digital fence so if you click on the book icon here you’ll get to your device list and you’ll see your new known and anonymize devices if we just click into a device like this one which is an access point you’ll have the opportunity to watch it exclude it or exclude the SSID so for this one we’ll exclude this SSID and the devices that are attached to that network will also be excluded from the digital fence so let’s check out this Apple iPhone here and this device is actually excluded because it was attached to the the network so let’s take this one here and let’s watch this device so you can enter a name like postman neighbor and if you choose to watch this device it will be added to your famebox device list and you’ll automatically start getting alerts when that device is in range let’s choose one more here and we can exclude this device from our device list now if I go back to the dashboard here there’s some other ways that I can filter my device list so list is updating fetching the results and let’s click on this burger icon here and see how we can filter the device list so we have the opportunity to remove all or show or don’t show all the anonymize devices we can remove access points which could be access points of neighbors you can also exclude the devices in your own network and if we go to this one here will see the SS IDs that we just excluded and if we go to the excluded MAC addresses will see the MAC addresses of the devices that we’ve excluded so that’s basically the digital fence in it well everybody thanks for learning about the fing box did you know the fence feature to learn more visit

13 thoughts on “The Fingbox Digital Fence 2.0

  1. This looks great, and I look forward to purchasing soon.
    I assume that I can plug this into a passive hub which is connected to my router with no issue?

  2. Hire a pro to shoot your videos and do demos of devices. Seeing someone's hand in the shot is terrible along with the major echo of the room.

  3. Very cool! I've really enjoyed my fingbox and love the visibility it gives me into AND around my network so an updated DigitalFence 2.0 sounds awesome! When can we expect this to go GA and get pushed out to existing users?

  4. You are a tech company. So use some tech. Make a better video. Output/capture screen, or at least reposition camera. Same for audio. Easy to fix. Nice feature, though.

  5. Thanks for the video…but you really didn't show us anything but click on icons….You might want to get more in depth with the uses and what they do.

  6. This is not really that helpful. You've not shown us anything that you cannot figures out by just playing with it and you don't really explain anything behind how it works.

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