The Face of Dogfighting: One Dog's Incredible Journey

[dogs barking] Early July of 2009 The Humane Society of the United States Animal Rescue Team assisted the Humane Society of Missouri with one of the largest if not the
largest dogfighting raid in US history on each and every deployment that we go
onto responders typically find a dog that we connect with and whether that dog picks you or you pick him in this case we named a dog Stallone because of his personality and the fact
that he had just survived a fight When I saw Stallone's face several things went through my mind first this was a dog in desperate need Second off you ask yourself why do people do this to animals it's cruel it's one of the most
horrible things that I've ever seen I've actually never seen a dog in that of bad condition Stallone, however caught me off guard with his injuries I mean that face just very sweet eyes,
tail always wagging the entire time so there's more
than emotional thing to become attached to that dog I mean really it's heartbreaking I mean
he had such severe injuries to the face he was just wanted to be held and
touched and and was actually very docile I mean a dog like that he just wants to
please his owner he just unfortunately was bred into a
home that instead of facilitating a companion relationship he was used
for being pitted against other dogs but
his condition was you now grave I hate to think what he went through I just can't imagine he was ripped apart I mean that type damage would not have happened in just a quick couple minutes I mean that type the damage was was probably a longer match half
hour plus it's sick I don't see how another human could do that The tail was the only thing that really didn't have any bite marks on it that poor dog was just wagging away, wagging away I can't quite wrap my mind around how a
dog who has been that physically and mentally abused can still curl up in your lap and give
you a kiss even though he doesn't know who I am he
was happy we were there This is most definitely not Stallone's first fight it was actually kinda hard to tell how
significant the wounds were on his face until we put him under so we can clean his face and clean all the wounds off If you looked in Stallone's eyes you could see that he was suffering and all he wanted was a kind hand, just to be pat or held you know wagging his tail gently every
bit they worked almost around the clock fighting to save Stallone's life In the end his wounds were so extensive that we lost him I mean I believe that Stallone's story should be told I think that it's something people need to see this is the
real face of dogfighting all he really wanted was for somebody to love him give him a good pet give him a good home You know dogs like that just want love and attention I actually have a picture of Stallone up in my cubicle and when I'm here at the office that is what reminds me every day that this is why I continue to do this

45 thoughts on “The Face of Dogfighting: One Dog's Incredible Journey

  1. A bullet is not enough – he should suffer for years and a slow painful death – 24 month is not enough for that piece of trash-

  2. Boy I cried when I realized Stallone did not make it. Poor guy. The humans who did this to him and the othter dogs should rot in hell

  3. I don't get why people could do this to a innocent animal it's just terrible how many people do this and abuse animals and I don't get why people disliked this video I get a is gory but most likely the people who disliked this video is a animal abuser of you finger might of slipped but this is not a joke at all animal abuse is wrong it needs to stop

  4. And Nike signs Michael Vick back as their endorser, I'm boycotting Nike, they have no conscience to bring back that monster Vick! Dogs don't matter to Nike.

  5. The fuck.n bastards who r responsible for this barbaric treatment off dogs should get the ultimate punishment. Put them into the so called dog pit with there hands tied then they get the shit COMPLETELY kicked/beat outa them and I would gladly do it myself. Absolute disgrace that this still Go's on… ???

  6. Most human's are low life trash. Jesus is coming for the trash. I can't believe that a human could do this to god's animals.You all will pay for what you have done to his animals. God bless all of the people that saves god's beautiful animals.

  7. I hope one day thanks to people like this this will stop

    God bless everyone who helped these dogs become better


  8. I have provided my contact information for any of the coward scum who have any involvement with animal abuse who wants to meet me. I will never be able to comprehend how much of a soft coward a person has to be to harm an animal. Strong people protect animals. If animals are loved they will love in return. I have studied martial arts during the past twenty years and I am incredibly peaceful and protective. I only believe in harm to those who have it coming. There is a God and continued existence after this life. This will be an incredible revelation that will past the point of no return for so many people. There will be a separation from God when they leave this existence. There is a word in the universe that will be able to describe that existence.

  9. I think they should be hung up to die I hate people who abused these animals,awhy have them if you can't love them

  10. I do not know why this is not  a felony with a grave sentence for the perpetrators of this kind of cruelty.  A slap on the wrist and a fine is not enough and won't stop the barbarity.

  11. I am so happy that the person who is responsible for Stallone abuse went to jail, I am very, very happy and for the current owner thank you for loving him and giving him a happy home and the love he never had.

  12. I am crying. Damned asshats who think dog fighting is fun….should have to be in a ring with their own dogs. smother the human is bacon greese and let the dog have a meal!

  13. People think animals are cruel, horses,dogs,cats,bears,sharks but no it’s us humans that are dangerous and cruel ?‍♀️

  14. The vets in India save dogs in much worse shape, severed parts, etc. Why couldn't US vets save this kind, abused dog? He was still alive and had most of his parts.

  15. It hurts me to know how selfish people can be. I am usually good about emotions during the humane society videos but this one hit me. Just to think that could one of my dogs. It made me just shed a few tears. How such an innocent animal can be put into this.

  16. the public should be MORE aware of what goes on and what the animals look like. in this day and age this should not exist. this is total BS, severe sentences and fines. treatment of animals tells a lot about a person.

  17. Most people doing this crimes low- life low- class crack pot no job druggy & ??did not grow up with love of family maybe poor church begger pig lover crimials they make living from these enncent creatures..

  18. I know this will never happen but…
    I would like to take every single person who has ever hurt any Animal, in any way and slowly skin them alive, then pour bleach on them, and let them slowly rot to death in agony. Then, let them rot in Hell for eternity.

  19. He knew you were there to save him. Jesus Christ, I will never understand this. It literally breaks my heart.
    R. I. P. Little boy. I'm so sorry the bad people failed you.

  20. 24 Months is not long enough and you can bet your life when he is released he will go back to his old ways.
    He probably spent his time in prison thinking about the money he was losing and how he can get back on track and who he can contact when his released.
    These people never change there complete scumbags

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