The EVIL Secret Life of Pets MOD (GTA 5 PC Mods Gameplay)

welcome back to another GTA 5 video and of course that you guys loved us so much secret life of pets but only this time we're doing it Boresha but don't worry we're all good right now everything is normal as you can see max here it's a nice wonderful day what a beautiful day Saint Alice I might give me a little tan out here my mom's not home it's not at home and not a nun of the secret life of pets much lately but good news is I got a nice beautiful day it's actually kinda high might go jump in the pool but I am a dog I don't like the Pope but what I do like is the jacuzzi Oh out of the way all right let me get in the jacuzzi ah oh gosh little toasty little bit toasty yeah hey hey what's somebody down there okay hey Lola what is your name you look Leslie yeah so I'm gonna go to my boyfriend's house not really my boyfriend yet but he's gonna be max max I'm coming over I don't even know where I kiss see max oh god you know Here I am having a nice jacuzzi having a great life and then you know who's coming over right she is somewhat my girlfriend well she'll be here shortly unfortunate I was just trying to have a nice day alone and here we go this is good okay maybe I should stop so just go here me max I'm gonna jump in watch up oh god that didn't work that did not work I'm getting in max move over okay Matt you didn't even try to save me well that was I kinda crazy if you could just calm down that'd be nice oh god max just called me up talking about how his life's so amazing but I think my life is a little bit better as snowfall the movie deals all the deals we got I said got these beautiful babes at my house a nice pool but ultimate what I got even better is my what wait wait wait wait I don't even have my right what would they call it outfit on I don't really have to go anywhere to make this happen either you all go inside or he really won't like what's about to happen all right guys I know that my mods before they had rain and Olman you're like I'm tired of the rain I'd like the rain and we needed the rain for the smile all right you guys might ask yourself how am I gonna do what I'm talking about it what I'm not even talking about so we're gonna start with a beast Hayworth's trouble I would get out of here fast now what we really need is a sheep jaw okay I'm not even stabbing you oh oh this is weird this is weird haha that's weird what's I got my outfit on all it needed was a little bit of kill it I am the evil snowball the normal snowball is no longer and now what we must do is go and find max and gadgets in single I'm going to take over yeah yeah Oh matches house Hey hahaha man it just started raining all of a sudden we're gonna get electrocuted do you hear that hey come on inside I got towels and stuff my mom's not home so you come in I know she doesn't really like when you hear cuz he gets weird for her get you but come on come on gets it let's go oh hello Gidget Oh secret life of pets the secret life of pets – the secret life food Eve you are about so well let me just show you stay right there did you oh my god oh you didn't see that you did not see that oh god I can't even can't even get in and out of this thing you know what now you're gonna oh can you pitch can you get this little problem trying to be evil right now I can't even reach you with my knife bye Gidget we're going inside wow I just got water and the blood on me is not even washing away where's the towel towel yeah what's up what's that what's that hold on I got guns I'm not gonna I'm not gonna shoot let me see oh my god Gidget don't move okay what you said I can't use this gun it doesn't work okay it's just got a scope on and that's poked in and I wanted to see what was going on and now I can see what is that I don't even know what that is gives you what's the problem it's no big deal Gidget let's go come on just get out just come on let's go all right where's my tell Seth actually freaking out about I don't even know what that is it what even is that is that a set up snowball snowball snowball what snowball have blood on him snowball snowball dude what is going on with you you look evil you look evil Oh max max max max I've always been evil and now as soon as kitchen gets out I'll take care of you but don't you move max you're going nowhere you did don't worry I don't want to get out did you just get out oh god okay okay okay yeah just leave me alone leave me alone don't do anything crazy I'm just gonna walk over here next to my boyfriend okay okay okay we're good we're good we're good max we're good we're good just protect me max is it crazy crazy funny oh don't worry I'm just gonna leave I'm just messing with you guys I'm gonna leave haha anyways I'll talk to you guys later little Jemaine I'm gonna ambush them Oh see that was no big deal oh you're just messing with us save it close the Halloween no come on get so let's get dried off and watch a movie or something all right back to the house man all right here we go I want to throw pitch it up there yeah Jack I'm coming max don't worry uh see him and make sure we got everything we're gonna go inside but oh my gosh the plan is not the Roman try to fix this max smack hitting the top I'm coming Oh should come in whenever she wants whatever see uh don't want to go upstairs singing out or never have my bed damn what are you doing what are you doing oh nothing just the processor you nuts you're evil now put the gun down put your now I'm about to stab me I'm going to stab and get ok he's dead now all we gotta do is move this body Oh God what'd you do to me my voice what did you do to me snowball oh you know just made you like me just not as powerful now it's Gidget stir where's that little visit they see Jesus max oh hey did you get the towel max max what happened to you max max what happened max I'm gonna save you I'm gonna save you what happened you gotta tell me with it max you're an evil I'm naive and you're going to listen to everything I say let me take you what's that what was that oh my god oh my god no no place now we got a bigger plan max we've got a bigger plan we're gonna take over all of Los Santos where-where's yet where is kitchenette or did you mean evil kitchen evil kitchen is here it's all of us I know and don't call me gets it I'm sorry butts be able to play snowballs and of course if you guys want to see that video let me know in the comments below don't forget jump there like subscribe if you're new and I will see you guys in the next video [Applause] [Applause]

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  1. King crane you better make another part to please for us to destroy Los Santos and make sure make sure that you are on God mode okay

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