The Ending Of Bird Box Explained

Bird Box, Netflix’s terrifying journey into
a world where you can’t trust your eyes, is packed with intriguing little details that
you’ll be thinking about long after the credits have rolled. Let’s break down those little details, and
what they might mean, as we unpack the movie’s ending. One of the most frightening things about Bird
Box is how little it tells us about what’s really happening to the world, specifically
regarding the mysterious creatures plaguing humanity. We know that from a mere glance they can drive
most people to suicide and some people to madness. But why? Lil Rel Howery’s character, Charlie, suggests
that the creatures are demons feeding on souls, somehow sustaining themselves by devouring
peoples’ sanity, but that theory is never proven, leaving much of the creatures’ nature
and what people see when they look at them up to the audience’s imagination. Another part of the puzzle the creatures pose
involves where exactly they came from, and why they arrived. We’re told the creatures’ emergence began
in Eastern Europe before crossing into the United States, but that’s all we get to go
on. They could be extraterrestrial creatures,
biological weapons, or spiritual demons — all answers seem equally likely. “Did you learn all that working at the supermarket?” The creatures’ unknown motives drive the movie’s
mystery, leaving the characters with no clue what they’re up against. The threat is almost beyond description, which
is where the movie gets most of its horror. Some questions the characters have to consider
is: Do the creatures reproduce? Is there a finite number of them, or will
they just keep coming? Just how screwed is planet Earth? If the protagonists’ knew the source of the
monsters, they’d be better equipped to fight back. Instead, all they can rely on is their own
guesswork. When Malorie and the children – which she
calls “boy” and “girl” – finally arrive at Rick’s compound down the river, they discover
that it’s a school for the blind, complete with a bird sanctuary that serves as a kind
of early warning system for the compound’s sighted residents. It seems to be a secure system, although it
does have some troubling implications for the future of humanity. If this is the status quo in the world right
now, and these creatures will never truly go away, does that give blind people a genetic
advantage for the future of the human race? If Rick and his students survived, other communities
of blind people likely did as well. The implication is that sightless people are
the only ones who have a chance at thriving and living on in a world plagued by these
monsters. For people who enjoy being able to see the
world, that’s a pretty frightening thought. Unfortunately, the creatures aren’t the only
thing that the people in Bird Box have to worry about. There’s also the creatures’ human acolytes,
who are all bent on exposing everyone to the creatures that they can. Depending on who you talk to, these people
were either already insane when they saw the creatures or were driven insane by contact
with them, but in the wake of this contact they remain alive and very dangerous. They’re not insane in the sense that they
are incapable of rational behavior. They can give the appearance of being reasonable,
carry on conversations, and deceive people, implying something more nuanced than mere
madness. If these people are so convinced that everyone
should see the creatures, it stands to reason that they would choose to reproduce and show
their children as well, potentially raising a whole generation of people who find the
creatures “beautiful.” “Look at this”
“Isn’t it beautiful?” It could all set up a strange future society
in which humanity is divided into two very different sides — one trying their hardest
not to look at the creatures, and another trying to expose them to the world. Rick’s compound is a school for the blind,
meaning the majority of the people there when the outbreak began were people who simply
couldn’t be influenced by the creatures’ strange ability to drive people who see them mad. It’s a clever plot development, and it makes
sense in the context of what we know about the creatures, but what about the other ways
the creatures can influence humans? We see during the grocery store run that they’re
able to rock the car, which means they can affect the world in a physical way, and even
when Malorie isn’t looking at them, they’re able to get inside her head and tempt her
with the voices of dead people. Can they do the same to the blind? Do they get stronger as they influence more
people? Are the blind people truly safe in this world,
or can the creatures ultimately find a way to influence them too? Only time will tell. The bird box of the film’s title refers in
a literal sense to the cardboard box Malorie uses to store her birds for the journey down
the river, using the sensitive little birdies as an alarm system for when the creatures
or their followers are near. In a metaphorical sense, though, the bird
box can be seen as Malorie’s own heart, tensed up and locked away while she simply tries
to survive the horrors of her life. When they finally arrive at the school for
the blind, one of Malorie’s first acts of relief and comfort is to open the box and
release the birds to “be with their friends,” and shortly after that she finally softens
with her children, giving them real names as a sign that they’re now about to live a
better life. Throughout the film we see Malorie’s growth
as a leader, as a mother, and as a survivor, and now she’s found a place where she doesn’t
have to be so harsh all the time as a means of staying alive. Will that strong sense of leadership continue
to be with her in times of crisis, or will she continue to soften, and get her humanity
back? More likely, she’ll just have to find a balance
as she works for a new way forward with her fellow survivors. The ending may be happy enough for her and
her children, but as for the fate of the rest of the world? Well it really just doesn’t look good.

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  1. Alright I watched this movie today because I was curious I liked it I really did but there was a question that I really needed to ask at the end when she sees the doctor why was she acting like she was so close too her and let me just say some of the grossest parts and saddest :p anyways one of the grossest parts was when the Old lady got the scissors and stabbed herself and i know this comment doesn’t make sense but anyways another thing is the most sad part of the movie is when that I saw it used too be the school of the blind and when the kids don’t have names and all their names were boy and girl but then they eat there names (Tom and Olympia)and I meant get*anyways one thing they really messed up was when Tom and everybody well the people that went too the supermarket when Tom went to go close the blinds he new right away he new where the blinds were or the string anyways and how did so many people survive ;-; and what if a person has no fears (I know that wouldn’t happen)but I’m just curious but are those the evil people???anyways overall this was a great movie and I think u should watch it and btw thanks for reading this ❤️❣️??

  2. I think the demons couldn't get inside houses because of
    1. The leaves were always there when the demons where there so maybe they'd need leaves inside????
    2. Maybe they'd need to be welcomed in like a vampire or something

  3. Ummmm. The creatures can shake a car- but can't break a window? Also if they can move leaves- why not take all of the leaves off the bird canopy at the end.

  4. The only pertinent question is: exactly how dumb are people — to think of this, to make it, to watch it, then talk about it? There are real people in the real world with real problems.

  5. I watched this movie and have absolutely no idea why it's popular. The movie was actually pretty dumb, and not in the least bit scary. She called the kids "boy" and "girl" because what? She didn't want to get attached? So the kids wouldn't get attached? Made zero sense. It simply was not a great movie… mildly entertaining at best.

  6. The only explanation that I need is how can I get back the 2 hours that I spend watching this mediocre movie

  7. I think that the “bird box” is referring to the school for blind people, it is also ironic that, in the end, the birds that Mallory was carrying get to be free, while she and the kids will have to live confined in a “box”

  8. People on twitter Snapchat and Instagram saying the end was unhappy this is because in the end of the bird box book all the people gauge there eyes out

  9. The movie "Bird Box" introduces the audience to the "World of the Blind", how they feel/perceive their environments. It gives the audience a clearer view, so they can show some empathy. It is figurative. DON'T ask the wrong questions about what CREATURE is hunting them. It's basically their own inner feelings, passion, fear,.. about people they (the blind) couldn't see.

  10. why does everyone need the ending explained… they made it to the safe place and malarie bonded with the children…

  11. Funniest/stupidest part of the movie:
    bedroom scene with Olympia and Sandra discussing baby names: Olympia: “if it’s a girl, I want to name my daughter Cinderella so we can just call her ‘Ella’”

    ….Later, Sandra: “Girl, I’m disregarding the name your mom who died right after giving birth to you wanted to call you. Your new name is Olympia.

  12. Fine movie, but the hype around it is way to exaggerated. Story sounds interesting, but has to many plotholes to make it enjoyable. Acting was good, but the main cast weren't that unique or interesting. Weren't any scenes that stood out or were memorable.

  13. Stupid movie, so ur gonna spend the rest of ur lives with blind people in the middle of no where. Netflix paid big to over hype.?

  14. Creature: take a look… look at me… JUST LOOK AT ME, COME SEE


  15. If there blind and cant see why did the ppl when she got to the school have to look at her eyes if there blind and how did that doctor get there and what happen to the two ppl who stole the car where they go???


  17. This movie was not frightening enough, has a vague storyline and unexplained scenes. The story feels more like a fantasy rather than a sci fi thriller. No way even little close to quiet place.

  18. If you're looking for an explanation of the ending of the movie. Please save your time and don't watch this video. They don't even mention anything about it. And to add they ask you more questions on things. So basically useless if you came here seeing the title.

  19. They will all starve to death in the school for the blind she had to go down rive for 24 hours just to get there and been if they did like before and made food runs it's just a matter of time before it doesn't work and it might be to far to do that and find your way back ….and how did they survive for like 5 years to begin with

  20. Movie was overly hyped for no reason, it's a reskin of the movie called "The Happening" but with blind folds.

  21. I couldn't hear the movie over the multi-cult propaganda screaming at my senses the whole movie. I want my two hours back.

  22. This is such a surface level look at this book. Maybe you guys should've left this to more in depth thinkers….stick to gossip and bs

  23. When malorie decided to not choose who's gonna open the blindfold to direct the boat, i can fell the girl's feeling. She volunteered herself because she just knew that 'maybe' malorie loves boy more. And yes I thought that malorie is gonna pick the girl because she isnt her birth child. That scene is the best i think.

  24. Its called the bird box because they made it to the school that was the bird box. Safe and confined and caged never to roam the outside world again…. maybe she let the birds go because she realised keeping animals confined is crule and un natural

  25. I wonder how the doctor would handle bird box. I bet if he/she was in that world, they'd end up looking at the creatures.


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  28. It is quite sad and unfortunate that most people don't know or understand the bird box meaning. However it is real, true and is coming. There will be a portal opened up and demons will be coming through and visibly manifested. Multitudes will die because they will be vernarable to these fallen angels. If you are not in Christ Jesus, you just may be attacked, especially if you are outside. Stay in your homes during the three days of darkness and don't let anyone in. Lock your doors and cover your windows. Don't look out of your windows for any reason. Have white wax candles. There will be no electricity. REPENT AND SEEK THE LORD JESUS. DON'T GO OUT FOR ANY REASON. Many will die,
    because they will not listen and they will reap what they sow. Don't wait until the 3 days of the comes upon you. REPENT NOW AND

  29. The enemy always puts stuff in the movies, tv, commercials and cartoons to mock and warn the masses of what is it come.
    However most people have their heads in the sand, because most people don't know God. They listen to Satan's lies and ignore God's words and his messengers, so they will be deceived and reap their judgments.

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