The Elder Scrolls Online | Tales of Tamriel | Episode 205: Talking Magic Cats

greetings weary traveler come warm yourself by the fire and let us regale you with my details tales of adventure tales of heroism and tales of Tamriel I'm your host our Kinnear and we are back with an all-new episode and a full crew starting with a jealous he who could swim in his old Elder Scrolls online gold has gone egg you know you think you can do that but gold is not a liquid it is a very hard solid and if you dive into it you break things but but we have dragons now in eso which could melt the gold in which then you could swim within a fire resistance and end up like the Targaryen guy inside one of game of thrones I mean that would be your fault for not spending all that gold on anything and just hoarding I do like a dragon or herself they don't release enough houses for me to buy and have Williams well you see that's the problem you feel that many okay now it stopped them put the smaller in the bigger houses you know like the nesting dolls were you just messing yes now you just scared now you just gave people a full multi-million dollar idea which is why you are the Lotus of doom device how's going with us I'm doing well I'm doing well I greatly appreciate being listed as wise as that would not have been one of my own adjectives that I would give myself but I appreciated all this thing it didn't make a good segue though with that idea there was it worked out III didn't know how to tie that in but it's no it's I landed that right together alone and we are also joined by Promethean the chilled if i'll Argonian voices are chilling to you I was going for bone-chilling or like chilling and like relaxing like I want them to narrate planet earth that's that's the question isn't it which one I would assign skills because show they're going away all your neighbors and everything and you're just relaxing dragging all your neighbors away is watching them with like a procreation so what watching people get towed away with like a glass of wine at the balcony right hey it is what it is yeah yeah it's not my card also hello chatroom thank you so much for joining us on live show as well as sticking with us through the pre-show and that's seven minutes intro although I mean that seven minute intro is one of the best other circles covers I've ever seen so that's from generations by the way for the beginning and then the end it takes on your phone until you get until we ever be know like will they ever be the actual show itself at one point because ever since the beginning of the show Angelus was always a filler and now we are fillers between two amazing songs it's hmm are we ever going to be the main star of the show that we actually host actually what if we replace all of our voices with music and then it's just a musical interlude tomorrow you just run into total like issues and we're here farmers like transformers bub will be perfect we could start a tails off radio or something like that I don't know radio of tamriel how much copyright issue do we run in if you try to do that as long as we don't charge for it we can pretty much do whatever we want see all right well you want to just named after your show egg they still are not copy writing the name you could enrich now yeah I don't think you can copyright the fact that I used a word I think they have a copyright on Tamriel yeah Elder Scrolls they have a copyright on the word Tamriel well you could have copyright the tails off it's just exactly well it's like the read fall thing with the potential mate that girls say oh yeah that's that's a legal nightmare of the whole thing pedestal yeah didn't bet Esther got into like a full-on lawsuit with knotch the creator of Minecraft because he tried to make a game called scroll they had a card game called Scrolls one actually yeah they did we're just gonna give it away I mean to be honest after Minecraft you really he really didn't need to do anything at that especially when Microsoft bought them yeah two billion dollars about someone swimming in gold no see he done he's done better you have in-game gold he has real-life cash that he can swim in so this is true he put real life and I'm sure he actually spends it on furniture like he buys real stuff with real furniture with that much money you could actually make furniture from the money like make a couch out of cash tables yeah anyway before the goose-down I sleep on 20's Janice leave with your money underneath your mattress my money is a match yeah but before we derail further in we gotta actually a good show ahead because we skip the show last week I was very tired and I was like I am setting my alarm but I make no promises as to waking act like actual waking up and I did not wake up so there was a show last week but that means we actually have a lot of extra to talk about this week's due to you know couple weeks worth of stuff so that's always good horizon as well oh yeah yeah this might end up a very long show again but I'm ready I drank a lot of coffee in the evening so I should be good then for about half an hour whatever I I know I stopped drinking energy drinks but a long time ago I myself to coffee instead I love the smell of coffee but don't actually like the taste which is weird I know I don't it's just caffeine for me you know it's it's just a necessity at this point not a not a fun luxury but more in ssible Minds I usually use it before I go like I like caffeine when I get up so that I can work out or whatever and yeah then the problem is if I need to be functional for a long period of time something like today or whatever where I worked all day then got home went out to dinner and that we started doing this it's like okay the old caffeine is now wearing off before I go to the gym so I was like okay round 2 is probably not that great for me but see people we are giving away our health to get this show to you which really we could have done this in all sorts of way that we don't have to do this but in case it wasn't clear our vism ends at putting houses in to other houses in yes that's where our limit is anything not that is above us it's it's a different knock my my empty houses are solely there to make the people who are really good at at house decorating and that wish they had the houses I did so they go nuts I like to rub it in because they just look at it like really Xena and when you want to try to seem benevolent what you can just say is you're giving them a blank slate so that they're you know inspirations can flow from looking at that nice empty canvas would you have your feet up in the entranceway just be nice rocks I own this sound as well what would be nice is being able to place furniture not just move around but place furniture in someone else's house yeah then we could decorate eggs houses for him when he is not online and then he would have to go through like emptying it out no troll him by decorating his house yes that is a feature that I do I was just gonna say that yeah because I actually like messing around with it I'm not great at decorating in game or anything like that but it's like fun just when we're like chatting in you know teamspeak whatever PlayStation Chad discord whatever and the problem is I have to put all the junk in the guild bank they need to take it all out place it in their house just in a giant heap so that I can move it around yeah I'm just and if we can cut out the middleman I can really make this easier and it would add a whole new like role-playing and economic aspect because you know we in the community we have amazing housing experts even talked about on the show one being coke I would pay her like a million gold just to decorate one of the houses I like hiring a you know architect or whatever the inner personal decorator in yeah yeah just just pay gold or whatever to get the house decorated or have contests things like that it would thus are you listening here's another multi-million dollar idea for you wink yeah let's make it make it an ESO plus bonus or something I don't know if you wanna make that'd be a pretty good incentive yeah if you if you have your so plus you can select people as decorators or just something like that I don't know I don't know how they would handled in the back end but yeah yeah I mean after all they're thirteen point five million of us I assume most of that chalk yeah has some ESL pluses float thirteen million four hundred thousand nine hundred and ninety nine people not having yes or plus one dude who's addicted to the crafting bags just keeping the company afloat at this point but yeah speaking of the thirteen point five million people they announced that currently there have been thirteen point five million lifetime players in Elder Scrolls online and not including the free trials but including places like Humble Bundle things like that but still thirteen point five million players in total that's about three point five two point five million increase since last year yep because we're at eleven yeah I was pretty good for a dead game you know it's surest ya dead game had more people purchase and play it last year than some games get period I mean bless them line just act really got its notification that its Sun setting in September mm-hmm and according to the steam charts the last peak was 500 players oh oh no because I saw a couple people bring it up that doesn't mean there's currently 13.5 million people all black same time yeah and people's kind of seemed like they might have said that in like a oh well that's not that impressive it's like you do realize that is still like very high numbers overall because Fantasy 14 just did that they just said they hit 16 million players or sometimes yeah I don't have that many subs right because they still count people like me who have an account in good standing but the subs run out I delayed it yeah exactly right right exactly and and the other thing is people even people I'm friends with they jump on the game for a while and then it's like I haven't played for a couple it's like what are they gonna try to micromanage when you have considered an active player and not it's like those are still people who are part of the community even if they're not playing this very second also all so now I'm pretty sure now is that can tell more people or do you think the action guys's opening joke my microphone on PlayStation picks up everything and I don't know why and it's just and I've like looked at what's picking up and it will pick up my voice and it's like at a decent range and but it will pick up everything else so there's a train that goes by the sirens go by cuz I'm right by the hospital you can hear the traffic on the street I can have like planes fly right over my house it's like I live in like the airport sometimes just like as a running joke that I live in like the middle of everything I don't know tow trucks ambulances you name it I got a pocket universe that exits to a hospital you know there are six doors exiting to all kinds of places yeah pretty much oh it's great man what are we talking about all right yeah the active player I mean if they are not active they still paid to buy to play like they well it's hard of retries like yeah so that they still made money as well from those people which is always good I'm actually curious about the active like concurrent player numbers but I am glad 13.5 million players are not actively playing this constant being mega server states you know it's like if I really guess there's probably at least half of that I would assume an active yeah active and the meaning they've played within the last three months like hmm I would guess some real-life season an active player I would bet at least half of them are probably active within the last season's worth because even like yeah it's not like a functioning guild we just have a guild that's technically a guild that I kind of got thrown in charge of and it's basically a new player big helper bank and it's just tons of supplies for people who are new to the game motifs all that junk that we don't bother to so we just give away pretty much and I mean there's 75 of us in there or whatever and it's like I think the longest person is maybe been away for like six months well that's like this far back as it really goes I mean every time people drift away from the game Elder Scrolls online is very frequent when it comes to adding new content to the game station they've been on a fixed schedule five years without skipping it and it's like four times a year so yeah what is going mm-hmm they were they were like full speed because I remember the original thing with like craglorn slash Imperial City mhm yeah that took a little bit to get going and then like once they got him at stride they like never missed a beat again it was just like yep this is what we do now so I wonder if the and I can't remember the name of it and they announced it in their like pre e3 thing if the new Google service because if you watch their little like it's on alert Stadium yeah yeah okay um Elder Scrolls is gonna be on there and I'm runner if that's going to bring like a nice surge of players and I nobody really knows anything about it so like you how it operates you see on me but I wonder what that's gonna do honestly I don't think stadia is going to get off the ground all that much in general to bring I agree with that a number of players to Elder Scrolls online within it like I don't know I don't even think it will bring enough players to itself and I agree it'll bring new players I think what it will do is it will have players who already have it who go man yeah awesome if I could just play here so from like my tablet or something yeah I mean suddenly fishing becomes real easy yeah got a Chromebook in that I can carry with me when I go to school and a and a wireless hotspot you know how are you gonna even played what what are your input options you have fingers and it uses its own controller it's get it oh yeah alright then it doesn't look half bad no you can even I had I went out of town for like a weekend and I set up remote play on my playstation and you just like plug in your controller and it works fine ah ok I mean it's not the best like I wouldn't recommend like going to do like a trial the latency is not great but I mean I wouldn't recommend doing the trials unless you are in love settings and everything turned down on a maxed out PC anyway so they really need to while rendering and streaming it's like super computer is offended I yeah because I mean like again this is a discussion that will eventually get brought up hopefully once the new consoles are announced and we possibly get cross saves of some type yeah mr. cross play I understand is a located beast and cross saves I understand there are a few things on the back end that are probably a mess but being able to just take my save file and move to PC if I wanted or move to Xbox if I wanted would be super nice and I would probably move to PC at this point and at least shuffle between the two cuz my pc is substantially more powerful now I'll been my ps4 and yeah when we do some of the track you have a mixed variants because I put a lot of people from Australia and it's like everybody put your pets away because we're crashing that's very awkward yeah all right well so yeah that's that was the player count news we also have which might turn into a huge topic if we decide to go in-depth but this Sunday now for anyone who listens to the show on the recorded version this is probably a news of last week for you but this sunday was really nine yes the June 9 8 30 p.m. EDT time zone there is Podesta III conference and during that conference the Elder Scrolls online related part if you watch it you can get a clouded central a apart mount and five or boroughs crown crates if you link to your account for PC or if you kill any creature any single monster from Sunday June 9 between 9 p.m. edie t2 11 p.m. is so during the thing during the conference basically or throughout that day just kill a monster to let them know that you are aware of this and they will give you your rewards by June 19 which is actually we're like we are gonna get the rewards on PC like the next day but you guys have to wait for 10 days yeah like that yeah due to the fact that both anytime you have to input anything into account or work on any of the databases you have to go through Microsoft are Sony's Oh whatever validation period yeah why you guys always get everything before us by in weeks yeah so that certification I just wanted to fix the time because I thought it was out it's 3 p.m. to 11 p.m. no wrong you have the whole day cuz there won't be I was gonna bring that up – they changed yeah there used to be that you had to do it during the time and when it was like the middle of a day on a Tuesday yep I don't like for I mean it will be the middle of the night for me so I will miss the live showcase unfortunately exactly so if I if I was on console and I had to do it during the show yeah it would be I mean it still is going to be late but I guess 11 p.m. like I could do it before work I suppose right but I don't have to worry about these no wait I don't worry about it I have to actually tune in in the middle of the night I'm actually at a verse place yeah your situation seems much worse than your life yeah I actually have to tune in live in the middle of the night mm-hmm oh boy this Monday is going to be a very tough day at work yeah just like with some rogue a plague you could just roll over and turn it on and then Oh once I turn it all I'm not I'm not close okay okay I'm saying you want to call him with the plague on Monday yeah you're like sorry I'm I'm dead I'll see you on Tuesday I mean we are just exiting a nine-day holiday so we'll be happy with giving an extra one at this point yeah so yeah so during the showcase doing the better not better stylish crawl stroke is what made us the e3 showcase Matt fire will be on stage and he'll be talking about the elsewhere chapter the season of the Dragon and what's to come and there is actually a very very brief cinematic here which showcases a dragon going up against like walking up against the Breton hero that we have not seen yet right in the in the chapters like we have we have seen the Nord hero multiple times we have seen the Aldmeri here over the summer set but the Breton hero who got zombified and ran off into the distance at the very first cinematic trailers we have not seen I should know we have seen him MLC being true and I don't remember when but the and it might have been for him city but I don't know the one of the later trailers after he becomes one of the like Coldharbour assassin dudes you see him gets like fixed by the High Elf basically she like purifies him oh really yeah I missed that oh yeah yeah so it's really brief um shoot I wish I knew it when I was before I think it might have just been one of their original Cinemax that they had but like Manimal oh man Omar code sends him after the Nord and the Nord best sim and basically kills them and then the High Elf comes in and like stabs him and like saves him I don't remember that I've watched these like way too much because I like the animation on them is amazing and I did I mean I could I could watch a several hour movie in the style of Elder Scrolls Online's cinematics say I love them yeah like did I miss the moves um and they are yeah I mean all is it's amazing I have a so I was just curious we haven't seen the nord come back yet and I'm just curious if like the next chapter will feature the nord because we've seen the return of the high off and the Breton mm-hmm yeah I hope so I hope I've been dying for a Nordic related chapter like we have we still don't have right run we still don't have you have cards a lot of places and he just curb stomps both the other heroes and boy yellows them into the mundis and they're just like out of the mundis entirely and then BOOM just lay three banners war is over I'd be excited to see it though and so yeah yeah yeah I'd love to see white run and Markarth I told you oh yeah VIN Tyrell I Winterhold has been seems to be pretty popular because it'd be before the collapse that they had get wrecked and so I'd be interested in that the original college oh yes yeah I mean see now that would bring something or that should bring something a full new College of Magic and multiple colleges of magic like maybe even with its own class so not too if I think that if they brought the collagen you could easily bring in spell crafting not easily I guess but like more that would be a place to bring it in like the College of Winterhold is like the superior College of magic mm-hmm yeah wowie Tamriel and interesting way of bringing in spell crafting if they ever would dress that again which yeah I feel like they will one day and I I mean I remember correctly if I remember correctly this was a long time ago but I remember us discussing something about spell crafting still being on the white which means it did not get scratched away completely or trashed away my dad just got when the okay wrath stone tablet came out a lot of people know that was fun yes myself included yeah so I I mean I definitely think that there isn't another really viable option as far as like schools of magic and colleges of things that they can bring in that would make this make sense yeah yeah no that'd be a perfect like storyline segue to bring it together the only other guess I mean not to be pessimistic because I think it would be a lot and but I question if that will be toward the Sun setting of elders cuz as much as it's been cool in other games it was good game breaking in every single it would be game breaking as much as they're like no you know we we've got to make it work it's like think don't put it in cuz you get it yeah our and I ruin everything yes well great fight I don't know I feel like you could make it kind of like argh said like a class but almost more like it choose your own adventure if you get my meaning like you can choose more of what your skills to do yeah no I just straight-up craft yeah like but like here's a list of things you can do and you get to pick a little bit more you have a little bit more freedom of creating a class also they can fine-tune an MMO whereas morrowind or oblivion it's like oh no it turned out the people can make it it's like you fine-tune this yeah it's hopeless it's over yeah you screwed up yeah but which made for a lot of fun so I mean it didn't it doesn't bother me I don't always cared much about balance so it's like been long cuz I'm having fun it's a game yeah but also single-player games you can kind of do whatever you want if you don't enjoy something then don't do it but wait yeah if you're trying to play pvp and somebody's like oh yeah I just character do you know the fireballs from the Sun while I do you know peen you in place with a million chains it's like well yeah that's fine but that would be a I don't know I'd be interested in that at the other and it's a spoiler so I actually won't I'll stop yeah mm-hmm no else I didn't start it myself so yeah I'm talking elsewhere for the next month or so at least have to wait for jell-o's to eventually finish Merck Meyer anyway it's just mute up whenever you're doing no this is spoiler free they tell you pretty much where you're going max is smoking weed with everyone so yeah every champion I want to throw this out let me pull up the notice and I know I was gonna yet I saw them at a new table yeah a sidequest that songs about a guy and I'll say it but he actually mentions that he spent the last few years in elsewhere yep I didn't which seems random for an Argonian and yes it's loosely connection it's super obvious yeah yeah but going forward it's like well I mean you know no this one is like really yep so I mean when you look at a couple of them um but I guess uh spoilers for Hrothgar and the DLC that came out right they tell you we're going to Vardhan fat yeah yeah like I think gnar you said shall see you in Vardhan felon and and then the Somerset one in Vardhan fell where she is like I'm gonna say something like that you know same thing with the clockwork City they were like wink wink you know you're weighing it's like these are the Daedric Prince's in play it's like oh interests right no I like that they do that they kind of like yeah taste of what's to come and then when you like you we all speculate like wackos and then when it happens it's like well we spent a lot of time speculating when they were basically just being like this is exactly what's going to happen you just don't like yeah yeah and I think they're more obvious about the the story expansions than dungeon expansion correct I am that so the dungeon expansion since we're in this year-long of content I didn't find any I couldn't find really a hint about it mm-hmm but like the story one's pretty obvious yeah so it's cool though I'll say that hmm nice I'm excited yeah I'm very excited actually do a high as opposed to just what early robbery to get a guns in DLC or a zone DLC after this it's the quality of life we I thought we already did a dungeon DLC and that was the rats a quality-of-life now yeah Merc Maya redstone chapter so it's it's gotta be quality of life so last year it was well it was dragon bones Somerset wolf hunter Merc Meyer so there should be two dungeon packs but the tippet the second dungeon pack always seems to be like a big quality of life the lack that's what I was gonna say it comes with a heavy quality of yeah to go along with it but then they kind of were like oh also you get dungeons now because remember what it used to be in the spring it was quality of life then it became quality of life and also a dungeon pack this year we got the class rebalance and Rast oh yeah right so I put the race rebalance yeah I'm sorry race buried not classroom it's very balanced they did a lot of class rebalancing yeah races yeah it seems like the dungeon packs since they're not as big come with more adjustments changes Corrections and then also here's two dungeons right two dungeons – twelve yourselves at with all the new changes for hours side know not to get too negative frost bolts messing up on ps4 again those damn lasers vinegar you're breaking my brain finna get the lasers they're hard enough without them being all out of sync well let's let's continue otherwise we are gonna spiral into just messin with ya Finnegan it's like I can hardly resist just teasing him and following in my own pain so last week else were launched globally on Xbox and PlayStation 4 as well in that regard we got a letter from rich Lambert the creative director does anybody want to read this or should I I mean if you want me to do it I can take oh yeah go ahead you have a link yeah yeah it's in the notes let me just not yeah all right so elsewhere is live we're so excited to have now launched the Elder Scrolls Online's next big chapter and finally take our community to the warm sands of the kojiki homeland this chapter and the whole year really is a massive achievement for the team and we couldn't be happier with this response from you the community thus far with elsewhere the team created an incredible world filled with equally incredible stories and memorable characters this chapter also brings a brand new class in the necromancer which is something you have all been asking for since beta on top of all that dragons have come to eso which finally brings one of the most iconic Elder Scrolls monsters to our game the team did a remarkable job with the Dragons whether it be in the way they move fight or communicate they are truly special and not something you'll soon forget to our community the hashtag eso Pham thank you for all your support seeing your love for your year so everywhere means the world to us and drives us to continue to improve there's no doubt in my mind that you're a big reason this chapter is one of our biggest and most successful releases ever the communities and resources you created have had it the an immeasurable positive impact on this game you continue to surprise and delight all of us here at the studio with your passion and support you all are after all the reason I'm getting this new tattoo and then it has a picture of in getting the really cool tattoo which is not much more massive than I thought he would get like an Ouroboros something small yeah but it's a fool like Molag Bal holding the vestige with a dragon up top or a tight budget Titan and Anna breath and hero like it's a mix of it's a whole leg thing it's large it's cool though it will say that is there is lots more to come as this is only the second part of our season of the Dragon storyline and we have a ton of new adventures lined up for you this year and beyond keep an eye out for ESO during the upcoming hashtag the three showcase for more information and of course keep sharing your own experiences with us on the forums and social media as you play we love it when a community creates and shares their own stories and the others goes online and we believe that is what makes the game truly special thanks again and I'll see you and elsewhere rich I mean to be honest Elder Scrolls Online's development and community team and community interaction should be like a thesis case in universities that teach game development game production and things like that yes it's amazing this is the it's like I I feel like I know this dude like just I feel like a you feel like you know all of them yeah it's like oh yeah rich he's yeah yeah yeah I went to get grab a coffee with him the other day no you have until you never did you never seen the guy but like yeah idols that way right you just I mean they feel as much a part of the ESO fam as like don't worry everyone else is I mean if I were to see any other developer on the road by any chance that I like that I'd play the games often things like that I'd be like oh my god like should I say hello whatever but if I seen one of Xena make someone I'm like yo go go to Iraq directly instead you know oh absolutely I wonder if they when they started if they were like set down around the round table and they were like we are gonna do it like this or did it just happen on its own that's what I'm really curious about like was this a decided company culture thing or is it just how things developed on its own I feel like it has to be both because like we've obvious abstention increase in like community interaction and the way that it has occurred since um I think her name's Sarah took over like it's been there's been a dramatic shift in a lot of the way that things have been handled it seems like I guess that makes sense yeah I guess both being does make sense here so I don't know I've enjoyed all of it like I'm enjoying their Twitter oh my god ruthless they don't have they don't care at all about feelings oh my god this is the third time zenner Elder Scrolls online Twitter just burned me to the ground they don't care that day oh my god like the first one was you know I was talking about how for a brief period of time battlegrounds were champion point allowed and because I I've never maximum champion points I was on Twitter I was like I hope you know champion points are removed again from Bethel ground so I can go back to being in battlegrounds and being equal with everyone and by the time I wrote this apparently it actually happened and they were like oh yeah Bethel grounds are no champion point you can fight properly now or something like that and like Loki they're like either get good or just shut up you know I just called got called anew by the game itself and then Galus nur of course keeps drawing his memes and trash-talk at me in every place he gets a chance to and every sauce has started responding they used to ignore it they are now responding with like gifts and memes they don't care they're ruthless whoever is behind other scrolls online Twitter I love you but at the same time I think the best that I've seen up to date and it would happen like last week they retweeted some elsewhere stuff and someone like basically jumped them about it and they were like our whole chapter is about yeah like yeah get off like go find something else to do oh my god yes I know so maybe really super appropriate but yes super yeah super biggity against against a lot of people at once yeah they are not having it they're not having no don't tolerate their credit and I just had hundreds of like scholar yeah just like yep you entered the wrong community douche they are not having anything you know you don't try to try it you know know that they have this layer of some crazy Twitter person behind that behind that keyboard at least Sarah hacker actually yeah that's right I I don't know I never really I mean she's the one who manages it I mean I'm sure like with our Twitter there's like a bunch of us messing around with it right but like I think she does a lot of the management of it or whatever so if that is the case yeah she is she's pretty on point with that stuff like that's just it it's like regardless of the amount of people or who specifically does it it's like yeah they they usually are pretty on point with that stuff especially for one that's so big they respond to a lot of stuff hmm which when you have like a million people for I can't imagine what that yeah looks like doesn't manage they just like a lot of things like I've just even they do they'll just like it and yeah yeah they just they seem like they read through a lot of stuff which is interesting because like I say I mean even goofing around with our poles and stuff like that we uh when we do I mean we just cleared we hit our milestone of like clearing over 5,000 people follow on Twitter and it's like I posted something stupid like I do and like I look at it I'm like my phone battery is dying because the screen won't turn off notifications I'm like how you managed a million people doing that well yeah yeah that's even even with tales of tamriel twitter or my own Twitter I sometimes ask you a question some like that and then I get a dozen replies and at that point I don't know what to reply individually because base the same reply to them but I can't craft a unique message reply to all of them because my brain doesn't have that much capacity when it comes to flying so it's like I either copy/paste a bunch of generic messages to all of them you're just like you know just I don't like this yeah that's my way of okay I've read this one my one of my tweets during the 25th anniversary was on their moment and there were just oh it would not stop going and yeah and I would just have to like them I can't do anything and you know like when I was like nine replies I'm like what hmm what do i do at this point also but I love javi just didn't talk about how just AG disappeared by the mountains there he's totally there I had I've work emergency that he needed to attend to so that's why he stepped off he might be back he may not come back but we'll continue is this however I hope he gets back because his tales are the best this week is that tumeric my stuff I really want to get him to buy a bit before tales anyway so we'll be safe hopefully his tales for the end maybe he'll be back so buddy yeah yeah we can always he's got a whole bunch which is kind of funny mm-hm always down for summer c'mon tails mm-hmm so our last bit of news is the Crown store showcase for June and I'm not gonna go into detail but as usual there are a lot of limited time items so if you want to grab any of them go ahead check the link below or go into all the scrolls online website too and open the article and find out which dates the items that you want to get are available or else you might miss them and never see them for another year or two so just keep that in mind specifically specifically the Alpha assistants that is a za be the banker and fezzes the merchant I was naturally going to mention them yeah available the Alpha Akashi bankers or Rd are these cadiz are technically Khajiit s– but Alex right like a sow no it's one of their first stocks that's one of the first stock is the elf eek what so that's the first time it's one of these so depending upon what lunar cycle the boy entered determines their first stock and Alfie car that's there of nuns clang course they're born on her but that's that's what they are so they are Khajiit yeah this is really basically these are cats but they have magic and they talk but they are actual like your house cat they dressed up nicely yeah yeah so there's a really interesting and well I'm being spoiler free because I finished that part of my thing is dying inside all of it so I have so I've been questing in the zone and I do it all by myself so I can take everything in there's a really interesting conundrum with the moons and the cycle of the moons that you get to see in the story and it's really kind of cool yeah I I think I'll start next week or something whatever that means area fell through yeah yeah the good thing is the Alpha key merchants and banker is not limited time so they are available from June 6 so they are already available in the crown store and it is not stated in any way that they are limited time however they are each five thousand crowns as per the other assistants right there is that yeah and there again bunch of like motifs furnishing things like that so go check out crown store showcase if you're interested in any of those items and with that it brings us to our tails now I see that you guys both have a lot of tails so I'll go first and unrest my voice basically all I did was the level my necromancer tank to level 50 so it would become the champion point and I did that it was as you know as obviously as it is a dreadful journey I hate leveling in a character which is why I haven't started else restore line because as soon as I hit level 50 and didn't like white gold tower I think it was on veteran hard mode I was like okay I'm burned out for I'm gonna get back to it later next step is veteran bloodroot Forge hard mode with pucks Oh cuz that's my test why no no that's my build test like if I can no not hard mode is is a bit but yeah like if I can complete veteran bloodroot Forge with bugs on a day that bloodroot Forge is not the pledge because when it's the pledge good players come well it's not the pledge if I can tank it then my necro tank is good if it doesn't happen it becomes the next warden so not something I enjoy doing I got to do it and then it like frost wall so basically everything my DK went through this necro tank will go through I just thought we lost Lotus as well oh yeah well it's you and me okay well this show was going too smoothly so it was stuff had to happen Tommy oh yeah he's just born out did he say something oh no he's coming back there is yeah but he didn't say I'll be right back so he's I don't know okay let's let's yeah so Promethean yeah since you are the one left who can tell tales like it's yours and I'm gonna respond so the first thing I wanted to give a shout out to Maria Lotus had mentioned them for a networking and learned they did his submission for his commission of my turn and everything I won she did a they did a retweet submission thing and I won one and it turned out amazing I'll post it somewhere so everyone could see it it was fantastic I loved it it's basically my dunmer riding my swamp jelly yeah it's great I absolutely fell in love with it I saw that it's pretty dope is a big fan so the other thing is that I've been doing like a lot of very low-key stuff lately just to prep before elsewhere to not get too burned out on anything but I managed to with a couple with frosty I he's basically the tank I go to for a lot of stuff we do a lot of our content together we manage the fog we conquer or the Fall Creek Challenger and got the Faulk reskin nice it's like a body war paint type of thing it's not my favorite I'm not using it on any of my characters but it's it's nice to have it and like to say that I did that because that's and I never plan on going back to Faulk retold because it's not a dungeon I really enjoy doing all that much anymore I managed to finish fishing the Daggerfall covenant and I'm on to the Merida minions so like that's really exciting to you it's a slow grind and I realize I've been seeing the achievement any achievement that requires me to go into Aldmeri zones and do stuff there I don't think I will ever get them in other circles online like Master Angler never because I don't want to spend all that much time in Reapers marsh I hate Reapers much I do very smart ever be getting the CAD Wells gold because I I tried I tried doing a lot i storage doesn't work it's then we're gonna have to okay it's or it's one of the only base game achievements I don't have yeah it is it's a good story yeah Reapers March is actually I'm working through it on another character right now on his fabulous silver and it's pretty cool I forgot how cool it is I wish it type into elsewhere more but the some of the choices you have to make in the Reapers March you have to choose basically a new main and there's two options and I presume that putting that into elsewhere would have been a nightmare probably that years of separation yeah like a five-year gap from when right elsewhere launches to the initial Reapers arch storyline that was in pace game yeah I'm so I mean who knows it would have been cool to like they they reference the mean quite a bit and so like it would have been cool to see whichever one you chose show up and elsewhere at some point but yeah like I mentioned I finished all of the elsewhere quest a so when we get there I'm ready to talk about that there's a really cool quest there ah a lot of really interesting characters and things that they've showcased the dragons are cool that's fun Sun spires really awesome I can't wait to do that tomorrow the overview the tan mark for Sparta elsewhere I have absolutely fallen in love with it is like probably one of my favorite locations in the game it's a beautifully done and it looks amazing it's just it's like a very like rainforest II type of vibe with some like mountains sticking out of it it's pretty cool with elsewhere I made an Argonian necromancer who I have not really decided he could be a healer he could just be a back row type of thing I don't know but I'm happy to have my Oregonian back I actually might question about house first or line which is not so great but the reason I didn't do elsewhere storyline is because I wanted to do it on my main character because with Somerset you have these recurring characters that if you have done the main quest you get different dialogue options and obviously because I'm saying I can say this because they announced to Dan showcase that everywhere else were has cut well so that's why I want to do it with my main character before I do it with a with a new character so is it is it similar to Somerset in terms of having met like meeting those characters before give you different dialogue option have you noticed anything like that I haven't but I also ran it on my main who has completed live every quest in the game right CAD well does seem to remember you but it's not like you said well like you run into me he's like oh hey nice to see you again type of thing you know it's not like very and good yeah there's also like so from Reapers March there's um board Gary who is the Speaker of the main who did not remember me and you do interact with him oh yeah I was kind of bombed I was like you were kind of like a large part of the Reapers were classified oh and I didn't receive like any acknowledgement I was like it's cool so that bum you know it is alright I'll be noting that I just yet I'll remember that even I just say cuz GD race from head on having a Mane but don't just forget about me it's fine and nothing no not at all mm-hm obviously after thorn remembers you and if yeah yeah Chimaera I believe from everything you've done the prologue quest yeah what's its joint so I get it can you even start elsewhere storyline if you don't do the prologue you can so yeah you you don't have to do the prologue you actually don't need to do the previous two dungeons yep they will just never make reference to you being the one to help them I was told this I since I did them ya know this but like and specifically one of the things that uh somebody was telling me was in the prologue quest specifically they make reference just like you helping kick code you know collect the two pieces of the restone and then you connect them they make reference to an adventurer did it yes you didn't do the dungeons and away oh that's actually kind of neat that they like her what do we do if they didn't actually do that yeah so imagine how well you didn't buy that DLC or rented or whatever so here somebody else did it so obviously we know that Abner thought kind of really solved the Dragons but he threw out this story like there's just an interesting dynamic with it and I think he mentions it at the end as he doesn't feel it let's not go vr Bordelaise polar basically don't anything but set foot and elsewhere he blames one of the captains oh yeah yeah so there's points there that like I don't know if that would change if you haven't have done it done the actual end because he makes everybody he makes reference to that character specifically like you know who it is ooh I don't know about that I mean Warren here to find out what it actually says yeah so if you do that I know what it is the angle everything so you can get their notes exactly i wad that discord got robotic for a mom yeah a discord got we this stream is like crashing as I'm looking at it really any frames or anything but oh yeah your camera got weird I wonder Comcast see currently I think after an hour in a call like I don't know if the allocated server is having troubles or anything but after an hour these issues always start happening after an hour yeah that's true right about an hour and what yeah already 20 an hour and 10 since we started a free show yeah so if it persists we can try recording this I mean yeah yeah I think of almost all my tales I don't know let's see some like real life oh I'm going I mean the public dungeons and elsewhere to to get some pieces there's an up and yeah you can get in a costume oh that's yep I still had on the previous ones or God yeah okay so I mean we all remember my ridiculous saga of power linear water trying to do that so I I don't want to pretend that this was some how the reason is I assume other people had substantially more issues than I did but I would just like to flagrantly take credit for it even though it's completely undeserving clearly sauce fix this going forward because of me so it was enough of a thing where um I've had several people bring it up as well as my stuff and the annoyance of these things have seven pieces totally fine whatever but the problem is they take up a lot of inventory space mid being built because their bare minimum six inventory slots until you get the seventh one which is really obnoxious because that's chipping away six inventory slots you can use I guess now based on me gestures festival where you had you collect the five poppers collective I have this and it makes it a memento that goes in your inventory they've now done that for the public dungeons yeah that is awesome I can also step in the right directions I will also say this as I've been farming them the other night we've armed them with our necromancer's as a as a group like group DUP didn't get anything as soon as you go in solo however your chances increase a lot o so just food for thought I've had worse chances in a group the i farm bit in a group for like an hour and a half and picked up no pieces and did it by myself and an hour and a half and got three I won't know if it's a bug or something it might be a but I don't know it dilutes yeah elsewhere has any dream we bugged my there are world losses that won't work I had an achievement pop today that's not finished like I got Savior of Alice we're not done yeah I well I don't know I'm not great yeah that's what you get for playing on consoles Boop okay I blew I warned you I was gonna blame you guys if this wasn't beta-tested right you let him go look I bet attested the necromancer no I demand some real-life things though is today I started our peeing my main tune like writing it out like journal style and I'm actually enjoying it quite a bit I basically started from the beginning and I'll like journal it through elsewhere the best I can like going through all the alliances and stuff like that oh yeah that into a series as well and yeah that's what I'd after it's done I thought about doing a bunch I don't know what I want to do with it yet so um who knows we'll find out love you whatever what happens with this if anyone remembers though I was supposed to get a luke late create delivery um this month I was eagerly awaiting what was inside I am eagerly awaiting what's inside because the ship date has been pushed back to August Oh under they said if you order early we are guaranteeing shipping in June and apparently the universe has told me not to ever order physical elder stuff elder scrolls stuff again because my lip the graph was late oh yeah has really every shipment I've ordered a physical collector's editions is late this is now being pushed back I don't know I mean yep you must have a curse at this point with his items that's like it's the end of August – it's not agin the beginning it is the end of August is my expected ship date I mean I I would understand of equal to I mean I'm totally yeah they just kind of said June they're like it'll be shipped in June and I'm like okay I can work with that like that's fine whatever two months yes so I don't know what happened like they must have dropped the all somehow it looks like Oh swampy and Chaz said it happened him juice they must have something must have happened that sucks that so and the shipping was yeah yep well I hopefully it will contain something really nice that you will end up yeah that's being upset about the yeah so the theme is quest that's the theme for the Lumet when it comes is the core is request while you're waiting now so yeah so I'm excited to get it just bummed it wasn't here with elsewhere which would have been really cool so it happens but that's that's all my tails yeah I mean that was a favorite of tails and yeah I mean without a cause yeah so once once we are able to talk about elsewhere which is very much gonna give it a several week pressure bomb yeah I think I have a bunch of screenshots that I've been taking because some of the scenery and the scenes that you see in the outside like main story they're like breathtaking but I've like held off from sharing them with anyone because I don't want to ruin that experience because like I saw these and I was like holy smokes this is amazing and I don't want to ruin that for anyone so I totally understand so lots of alright so let's see we will start with the only stuff I've done and elsewhere which is surprisingly minimal I made a spam crow I think he's level 1012 somewhere around there I'm by next show he'll be 50 cuz I just hadn't done the mega grind thing yeah that I tend to do with these things also because a lot of shows have brought this up and I would like to echo their thoughts as they are correct if you're new to the game do not grind enjoy this game it has to do there isn't or I always say this game doesn't have an end game it just has a game and just enjoy it it's how you get better at the game yeah however when you have like a hundred and fifty game days I don't need to enjoy the story anymore I knew that on my main character when I just want to learn what all the skills are to a character I find the most obnoxiously efficient way to grind to get all the skills that I can just easily learn a rotation I'm never going to use that character again they're trying to become a crafting mule shortly thereafter but I just like understanding how other classes work just because I group with people all the time so it's like it's good to know what they're capable of so I heard this damn necromancer is more fun and less buggy I've heard blast bones is very prone to messing up on a lot of builds I don't know even yeah everyone ever lost it you don't like this place supposed to like a run at the enemy and I cast it and it just blows up next to me and I'm like I mean to be honest he works much better on PC so it's not my fault for not properly better yeah like I said else where's bugged no man and it's just I understand like I not a single ounce of frustration has come out of me when playing because it's it's brand-new I get it so so yeah I'm messing with that which I don't really have an opinion on it yet cuz I'm so early in so to speak but I'm definitely messing around with it before I go into Suns fire tomorrow ideally let's ignore all melty we're just gonna do normal to start with I'd like to see it for its class the last couple of things starting with the Black Rose prison they have broken the spirit of the people I've played with so frequently that I'm much more in favor of like okay for some of this stuff I seem to need to do not pugs but pugs within vet guilds that I'm part of well and I don't want to join a pugs of that guilt being blind on something because I'm like well what am i adding to this thing other than like yeah I can get punched in the face but I don't know mechanics so like if I can't get through the punch in the face and it kills me I'm literally just a detriment so unless I'm with like my consistent crew with people who we don't really play is organized as much as we used to I I like to do once unnormal just so I know what I'm looking at and then I find a group of people who are like no let's do this on something super hardcore and blah blah blah and then that's fine we get our teeth kicked in we figure it out it's not a big deal that's what we did with Raph stone let's do it is so that way that it will feed the soul of mike finnigan so that that's kind of the thing so um I'm going to experience you know I'm gonna go and do normal tomorrow so that I know what I'm up against and then I'm gonna start working on a team or finding a team to do and if it doesn't happen I'll do it we did with VA s and this ain't happening so I guess how organized it no more terrible leads and I can't so I can help if you need people yeah you did a great job of just like I got a bunch of people kind of together yeah there's the end of the group when I was like we're missing those people I have eight so when I was one of the lower seekers ps4 admin that's what I did I knew Giles I do raids and destiny this is what comedian does I am a raid leader see and that is kind of funny because a lot of times one and clear the tank which I again prior to this I've super invested in this game but prior to this I have little MMO experience and mmo's aren't really my thing but apparently tanks because they have to know all the mechanics are usually prone to be one of the leads yeah yeah so it's so I was so I was told that no ironic that I don't like leading yeah well that's interesting and then a lot of people that I'm friends with expect since I played a whole bunch or I'm this stuff that like I'm going to be a good teacher just cuz I could do something doesn't mean I can teach it I mean I've run the streams where like we'll do the new vet dungeons blind or something like that yeah and I I believe it was I think it was cash who watched us do they were them one of the name moon hunter keep and what's the other I just sacrificed this yeah yes okay so that was the one week we did where I believe cash was in chat along with everybody else and we were doing it blind three DPS and me and people like okay and we we got to the fight with the Spriggans yeah and it was like oh you know this is gonna be interesting to see you guys manage this and I was like I got an idea I'm gonna chain with everything in the middle you guys bulldoze through Italy everyone was like you didn't see one mechanic you and I was like this is why I don't teach people how to play this game because I don't weigh it right see I'm by spared no no yeah I still don't know mechanics from like dungeons from three years ago because of our group I've never seen them yeah and someone is like why don't you know the mechanics or yes my claritin chat also hello McLaren I haven't seen in a while and welcome back so he said I usually get to watch Shark Tank poorly now the reason for that is I've never got to see the mechanics because of our DPS yeah we have we had like three people who pulls two people's worth DPS I go into dungeons with six DPS and the boss barely gets to its first phase and it's dead and then when I go in there with pugs they are like mechanics I'm like this dungeon is five years old how do I not know this yeah well because I've never got to see it things die fast well that's that's just it it's like it and they've obviously I ends what I've kind of dropped that whole thing because I was a pretty big proponent of like you don't need a healer to run these you don't need a tank to rendi you need a bunch of damage and a support character that's a portrait or can be a healer or a tank or both or whatever because as everybody who's seen my build they're like what the hell kind of horrible hybrid piece of garbage is that that you run I was like the one that gets me through all the content like I don't know what you want from me yeah but the difference is there's a way of doing it's super efficiently and maxing and everything like that and that's great that's fine and that might be easier but I didn't like the fact that our kind of method which was you know not just ours a lot of people started to pick up on the fact it's three DPS and a support usually a tank Anna it started to become an elitist thing in and of itself and I'm like that wasn't the point of me like yeah wanting it like that okay I was like so I'm not even gonna like associate myself with that that much I was like that's I'm very fine with me anyway you can complete something Bahrein cheating like but however you manage to find your way through it that's what I love about elder scrolls you can play all these games totally different ways and in this game you can play things totally different ways yeah so I'll run with people however they want to run it's fine my only gripe with trials as opposed to four main content I can get three people to organize with me and do something getting eleven other people it's hard yeah and it's it's hard and when you get it to work it usually you that's an hour worth of prep then however many hours of smashing your face into whatever that content it is yeah and it's just like oh my god the prep time it's like so deep the periods of time where I can sit and just play a game for like seven hours non-stop not now I usually have to condense it to like 2-3 hours at a time which is not how trials work no so the funny thing we went to x' day we went in blind is awe-inspiring the evening mm-hm and just out of habit and even this happens day two is actually just calling the mechanics as I saw them mmm like but everyone else is so like flustered and trying to take in the trial and like dying them like guys guys there's mechanics that we have to pay attention to right now no I think yes so right even today we were doing a dungeon and frost got a phone calling he wasn't on Mike and I was still calling out the mechanics like you we're running moonhunter and I was like the dogs are down I was like wolves are out like he's not even there but you were at least in a call before yeah I do it with pugs but I am calling out mechanics two pugs that are in no way in connection in contact with me Mike no this is happening and then they don't do anything I like why are you not doing anything I am NOT invoicing yeah with the adrenaline the logic just goes yeah it just like goes it's there so you know that that is what it is but I guess that's a super long-winded super off-topic way of saying that's why I understand what other classes do based on my Sam crow comment way back but yeah I'm doing that I have done none of the story yet and elsewhere I've just kind of looked around cuz it's super pretty so I just kind of walked around I'll be getting into quests and farming stuff like that soon enough let's see what else do we have note on blades since I've completed blades and I haven't really needed to play that much until they release new stuff for it I jump in and out just if I have nothing to do or I'm on break or something like that cuz that's kind of the point of those types of games so I was wrong about something where I just assumed I maybe had over leveled what the game was calculating for and I guess that was of a thing because they're adjusting what the difficulty skulls are or whatever um but they fix the XP that was not intentional uh oh you were supposed to be getting XP for killing creatures and they just found on the back end that they it was only working sometimes yeah and they didn't have an explanation I was like oh ok so that was just broken they were like yup that was just broken we fixed it that's good and then yeah I still can't login you know god yeah it's yeah so I haven't launched blades in since that first week basically well the only other thing which I if if AG was here he would be let down mom I had mentioned that the game is very RPG heavy and that was one of the things that I'd kind of liked it was that it had you know the different types of physical damage bashing slashing cleaving and then you could counter things with other things well people were just complaining the game is too hard the game is too hard the game it's too hard well ok you don't need to match any of that crap now I just won now I just have to scream like an idiot and I don't even pay attention order you just wipe through everything non-stop now and I'm just like okay now like they dumbed it down so much that I'm like there's zero challenge I just make it there's no reason for them blanket it this make it a difficulty option or something I don't know like it I want to play it like this and then I want to play it like this kind of thing yes that that's my thing so I find it I mean it's still fun because it still works the same but I I mean again I always like to frame this and the thing that I'm not trying to imply that I actually feel that I'm better at this than anything else it's just I like to understand how the thing works I wanted a way to get more XP for making it harder and now it's so easy that I'm just like okay well and I run around and daedric armor and I'm just like okay things can just smack me in the face and it doesn't matter and I can smash them and they're just dead it's like well I guess I just win all the time so I'll enjoy when I do story content cuz it'll probably be real easy but I was a little let down by them toning that down but yeah so if you thought blades was harder or too hard before it's definitely changed for better or worse but the game's still fun I'd say you know it's free so whatever let's see I figure I can actually show this real quick because this require me to get up for a minute yeah I have not posted an official thing this will be the first time I show it to anybody other than you guys but I had mentioned that my 25th anniversary lithograph arrived for Elder Scrolls in general and I had believed I'd have 281 it came back from being framed so I will just show that to those of you on video stream real quick cuz man I love this thing I'll have a picture actually posted probably tomorrow when I hang it up on my wall so give me one quick second now I can't edit it fullscreen here as well I guess in the India after it I think actually I could potentially do it now as well but not visible yeah I mean look at that it is just I love it I'm like super jealous I actually have one question about so there we have Imperial City we have high fourth girl writing in the back then we have the Red Mountain what is the tower like bottom left of Imperial City is that crystal tower something I believe it's the crystal tower so I've actually been yes I'm actually going to go through and try to recognize all the landmarks there's some of the pretty obvious ones and there is so much fine detail it's kinda hard to show on stream that's why I just kind of gave like a quick glimpse of it's a good thing but I'm gonna have like when it's actually up on my wall tomorrow I'll be posting a picture to Twitter so people can like check it out or whatever cuz it's very cool but it is enormous that thing weighs a ton honestly I would I would have that wall-to-wall if I could like oh yeah absolutely it is essentially the size of my TV so it's going to be kind of funny on the wall because there's like the 50-inch TV there's gonna be this giant 50-inch watercolor mural thing directly above the TV so yeah but um so I'm looking at it yep it could also be the Durrani tower though okay that's that's one of the other ones I was curious on cuz I'm curious on placement because they condense the stuff down so they can fit a whole bunch of it in perspective I personally love the mage right up close to the edge that's like struggling to be on the tower type of thing like oh yeah with all those alikom because that's just like super cool I don't know I think I was I was very pleased and that was it's crazy to think that it's been around for 25 years and I got to be at the 25th anniversary thing in lost and son so the fact that I get one of these kind of as a commemorative thing from being at that event is really awesome so yeah I I don't know that I love that thing what else do we have so the last thing that I have from my tales would be my adventures in shadow key on the n-gage which I started this week and I posted a couple pictures I'm trying to figure out if there's some way that I could post video of that or stream them using garbage or something like that I think it's gonna be possible because that thing is rough to say the least I don't hate shadow key I guess it's the best starting endorsement I can give it doesn't run well it runs worse than the version that I had as the emulator that I was playing for but I that emulator was obviously the game because what I've done so far I did in that mu or so it is the same thing so whatever that emulator was was I've of the framerate was bad in that thing holy Lord that was that was eggs computer compared to me trying to use a ti-89 calculator this thing if it runs more than four frames a second I would be shocked a lot it it looks almost like a flipbook it's so slow it the draw distance is essentially seven and a half inches in front of you so you can see a Skeever basically when it turns around and notices you and not an inch farther away or all the enemies I've encountered so far have been skeevers or Red Guards which is weird I don't know what the hell the story is yet exactly your village gets raided you're new you're not a prisoner to start with them.this your village is sacked and some rats are left behind by this guy he runs a camp I forget his name everyone has very strange names in the game the responses you give in the game are also very strange because they're kind of fourth-wall breaking sometimes I took a couple of screenshots of the things one of them is like you got you know 300 experience for completing this quest in 77 gold you know my response good that's your accepting thing is good and I'm like I'm good like am I telling the game good thanks what kind of responses that and then another one of the pictures that I posted I won't go through all of these but I posted a few these online it was like the game says so the rats that are left behind it's like these rats have somebody tells you these it looks like rats carrying off a treasure chest well I find the treasure chest and the rats so they come at me I kill over it Canon's goes it looks like those rats were carrying a chest and my response is like or something like that and my responses Yelp it does look like that okay what am I talking to myself you're talking about unreliable narrator yeah I'm Shiela wrath because I'm insane like I'm actually not very interested in this game I mean sorry this is the thing that Gauss never actually commented with to his credit I also found very funny he was like hey no no microtransactions in that game not wrong but I would pay to have this on a current just phone just give me the virtual joystick so that I can turn because you are so sly D in this game it is ridiculous and like I say the framerate is abhorrent so it is rough but it runs the best way I can say is it think of a crappy version of morrowind the graphics are very angular blocky like morrowind the stat system is essentially exactly the same as morrowind which I'm fine with I had mentioned there's no orcs or Imperials which was weird I'm not sure why Imperials I know or hit-or-miss on whether they're in games I didn't know orcs weren't in any of the games from what I remember if pedestal made any money from shadow key like back in the I'm gonna go with me buying that game gave them nothing as I got new one and my next curiosity is who thought it would be a good idea to make a game make an Elder Scrolls game on engage I who got that who who woke up one morning and was like you know why I am through the n-gage well and that's the thing is this game is weird to say the least it also plays the Morrowind music like it plays peaceful waters which is my fav one of my like favorite of favor and elder scrolls tracks it's like a 30 second loop that just plays forever oh oh no which I'm wondering if in the end that might not be my favorite song because it never stops and it's just loops on itself but like the system itself like isn't bad if you like morrowind I guess would be the best way to put it because it the only big issue I have is its dice rolls to hit just like morrowind so its swing and it calculates whether you got the hit and then if you get the hit what you do for damage which is annoying because all I'm already like I need lots and lots of agility or I'm never gonna hit anything yeah so I'm certainly not ever gonna kill anything but so far that's to give a gauge as to how slow it is without belaboring this point I probably have two hours of gameplay in it I have made it out of the first town and found the first dungeon in the world so are you gonna finish this game I intend to complete this game yes what even in that case never judge me for running veteran blog with Forge with bugs just I'm just what is the point like what is the goal of shadow key so that's my thing I don't know what the hell a shadow key is yet I haven't really addressed it like isn't this the one where you find is this the one where you find the flying Dwemer shippers that red guard that your songs to find this one worship I don't red garden never fly into membership although it did have some really weird oh we know there was a flying them nevermind that was rank R because that's what my hotshot okay so like what what is shadow shadow key the one with the crater next to the village with that shadow mage thing guys oh yes it is why people I don't know what he's doing all they do is talk about the fact that something happened and there's war and strife in the region you start in a place called Asher's crossing which is just to the side of dragon star in the town that's where so that's the supposedly occasion of Elder Scrolls 6 yes yes okay yes so and exactly from the trailer yes so as far as I made it in the old version that I had the emulator for which I took for granted that it it I was like man this thing runs like but and then it's like whoa I had no idea I heaven in my hand I don't know I have no idea how beautiful that game really was um I made it – I believe I actually made it a little past when you go to drag and start to collect quests and then I don't think I completed an Ava quests in Dragon star that was like as far as I got in the emulator bruh laptop died mmm and I remember that took me awhile I feel like it's going to take me longer even though I vaguely know just because like it's very very slow although I was trying an archer build because I figured that was chisa Bowl and I was going for efficiency not fun because I wanted to just kind of see it a you missed so much it was ridiculous so I wasn't working that well so I chose a night class because this game still had classes so I'm a Breton night um it takes me a while to hit but if I hit anything the pretty much dead in one shot so I think this build is way better but walking is much more challenging now so overall it's just painful then it's so far even painful but I like I feel like it would be decent if it if it just ran like I feel like it's the technical things that are causing me to not like it the game itself so far I'm like very intrigued Felisha finding out what is shadow key yes I wanted so I found a shadow gate before I stopped playing in the last game which is just this portal in this base that I just found this like dungeon of this guy and you just teleport through it and it goes through different part of the base and then you have a boss fight I never got an answer as to what the hell that was because then my computer blow up so like I'm not cleared to find this out but like all of this other stuff sounds awful I know it's really slogging through this look this is for science everybody in ax greater heaven is really what is appreciated yes so hopefully next time we have tails and I can get a little farther I can maybe explain a little of what the hell I'm doing in this game because I don't know yet I don't have a bearing what I'm doing yet so yep umm yeah so I think that's that's pretty much the extent of me is uh is that no all right well since specialist is well haven't matter ain't so super held up yeah so we all we are gonna save as tails for next week and we can end the show because I've been yawning for the last like I've been trying like 6:00 a.m. where you are yeah it is it is so the Sun has risen behind me once more and it is a new day so well you can follow everything we do over at dungeon crawler network comm there you can find links to all of our social media including twitch YouTube Twitter and Facebook be sure to check out our patreon over at slash dungeon crawler network if you want to help support the show and consider leaving as a 5 star reviews on true on itunes so people know that we are real podcast that we say real words and sometimes it matters and we read those on stream as well thank you so much for joining us on this episode of tales of Tamriel and we'll see you all next time that was downright professional hi everybody III had yeah good night when a guitar solo again he ripped his heart right out he hurled it across tammer yell and the heart was her to shout red diamond red diamond be for heart and soul of men red diamond red diamond we protect a stallion the laughing heart sprayed blood Farrukh out on Syria and like a dart shot – let's mark down and Wow magical fuse the Lord to Crestor and strong then wild I was cut and polished and down to Jim all red diamond red diamond the heart and soul of men red diamond red diamond and protect us till the end when elves lost learn to man akatosh gave the stone to say the lesson token of her right to sit the throne red diamond red diamond the heart and soul red dye diamond healthy read time and read time and protect us to me you

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