The Do’s & Don’ts of Introducing Cats

and what is that beautiful people it is your cat daddy Jackson galaxy here and this month we’re gonna be talking about [Music] so today we’re gonna talk about cat to cat introductions cats are as we all know intensely territorial beings and so many times I would hear it’s cool man just put them in a room together they’ll work it out they will not work it out they’ll work out who will wind up losing an eyeball who will wind up losing a claw and the other ones eyeball but they’re not gonna work out how to be friends the first thing that we want to do in introducing cat to cat is prep the biggest thing is no free feeding they get fed X number of times a day in this way you can get these guys on a shared ritualistic way of being that they wouldn’t be ordinarily step two would be base camp the idea here is a place for your new cat to go that is their space in their space alone becoming home is a lot about scent there’s objects that I call scent soakers you know like this little fuzzy beast right here the same thing with blankets the same thing with litter boxes all that stuff goes into their base camp I don’t want these two cats having any eye contact any contact contact no nothing could be less than a week could be more than a week site swapping where the new cat gets to explore the world while your cat gets to go in base camp scent with cats is communication they get to know who the other cat is by their scent comfort them but always keep a little bit of challenge in your mind they will let you know when they’re ready to start moving out of Basecamp and if they let you know that within three hours start the site swapping if it takes a few days for them to acclimate do that so the next thing we’re gonna talk about the other side of the door feeding ritual in fact it’s so important I talked about it in another video I’ll put the link right around here somewhere and you can go to that video to get a deeper dive next step visual access the best way to introduce cats – cats once you get that visual access thing going is a screen door but there’s other ways of doing it there’s baby gates there are pet gates you’re gonna go back you’re gonna do the same damn thing with the feeding I love using blankets and slowly raise the curtain as time goes on just as you gradually did this now you’re gonna gradually do that while you do this now we are ready for the final step in your cat’s introductions I call it eat play love you’re gonna lead one of the cats into the room with a toy or the promise of treats whatever turns that cat on the most the worst thing that you can do is give them nothing to do because then that other cat is something to do that stare down what are you stare down turns into a throw down bye-bye it’s over if eat play love only lasts five minutes the first time fine but you got to end it on a high note and this very book has a massive section on what we’re talking about pretty much everything I know is in this one book you would think it’d be a little fatter since it’s everything I know pick it up now link below until the next time I see you and you see me light I’m not back at your back I’m just misunderstood meow

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  1. These scenarios seem to have two cats that might/do dislike each other, but what if one cat is ready and the other isn't?

    My new cat will walk straight up to the old cat with tail up and purring, while the other is quite upset about the whole ordeal.

  2. Just got a 6 week old kitten and my big boy is slowly taking to the little guy, I did this method and it did work! BUT there’s still a little hissing and swapping from the adult cat, is this normal?

  3. My room mate just brought home a new 14week old kitten while i was a work and i had no idea. We currently have an 11 month old kitten and she is on edge. I keep putting the new cat in “base camp” and telling my room mate to leave him there but when im at work he lets him out and my little girl is not happy. It has only been 5 days. If i am able to get my room mate on the same page by keeping them separate for now will i be able to re-introduce with better results. My heart is breaking for my little girl because she is so unhappy right now and i want to make things better for her

  4. yeah but hiw do I stop the new kitten a month older semi feral not be so aggressive to play with yoynger opposite sex!!!!??????????

  5. I've had a cat for 2 years her names Elsa I was given a kitten of 6 weeks which I've name Anna because it was walking and falling in the streets without its mother. I decided to take her in after having her vaccinated and flea and worm treated. I've tried this method and it isn't working besides the eating together. I have now decided to let them roam around with my elder cat Elsa being so patient with Anna. Soon as I turn the corner Anna attacks Elsa with her nails so I've decided to put her in her carrier for 20 minutes as a punishment. Is there any other tips how I can get these 2 to play together or just not fight at all. Am really stuck and need help with this.

  6. I'm fortunate that my 3 year old male cat is incredibly laid back and friendly. He was accepting my new 5 month old female kitten immediately and if he wants a break from the kitten he has plenty of places to go.

  7. Dude I need answers about my cats behavior I'll tell you the story so it all started yesterday night at 2 AM I was watching YouTube on my computer and my cat named Jake comes up to me and wants me to pet him but as soon as I was tired of pettig him I tried to move him a little and his eyes opened wide and meowed like he was scared and bit me and moved back to where he was then tonight my cat whent bizard and weird and not the funny kind of weird he tryed to get closer to me in a quick movement he was meowing alot so I had to grab him and kick him out of my room now he can open my door so I locked my door now I'm searching YouTube and Google about his behavior but I could find nothing but then I came across your channel and just wanted to tell this story and none of his behavior is normal for him he's a calm type of cat wonce it's morning I'm going to tell my mom what happened cause I'm concerned for my cats behavior

  8. Sorry pal but do you know what the hell you're talking about. Your teenage years are over, loong over. You need just about everything from a barber to a wardrobe consultant to an update at Lenscrafters. This look just ain't making it and I'm tryin to be kind here. Snap out of it. ??I'm sorry shame on me

  9. Thanks for the great advice Jackson. This week we are babysitting my sister's 5yo male who is a moody little loner. We have a 1yo female who is a social butterfly. We set up the male in our bedrooms with food, litter and his bed and the door shut. Gradually his food dish was moved closer to our cat's dish outside the door. Within 3 days the male was ready to have the door left open and he seems comfortable around our kitty, even if he isn't ready for a wrestling match.

  10. I’m doing everything but they accidentally have seen each other a couple of times, the new baby is sneaky and quick. I feel so bad for my first cat, she’s stressed out and it kills me seeing her upset for the first time ever lol. She’s only about two years old so I thought it would be easier for her to adjust. She almost swiped at me, poor thing ?. We’re only on day three so I should probably chill. Wish me luck.

  11. Never had a problem introducing my cats at to each other. Ive had old cat and young cat together and two adults together as well as male and female together. I found that it works out if they know who is in charge. I feed you, I pet you, so share the house and dont play up. Never had to do nothing special to make them get a long. Absolutely nothing. Cats are easy to work with. Suppose it depends on the owner and the environment they are in.

  12. I have this female pregnant cat, and today my mom saw a stray kitten. Maybe a week or so. And of course me being scared i decided to let my female cat watch from the screen door, i would let her in to smell the male kitten. And if she starts to hiss and get crazy i would let her out again.

  13. I’m trying to introduce a 5 month kitten to my resident 6 month kitten but the 6 month kitten hisses and scares the other kitten so much
    Tried it all no luck so far

  14. My cats been together for 3 days they are hissing when they are to closo but they can be in the same room without hissing but not to close is that normal? Will they become friends?

  15. I just bought home a female cat today from the shelter…my male cat is fine but it's her – so back to the drawing board. I forced it on day listening to this advice. I think tomorrow – just going to keep them in their own rooms – and this will be a gradual introduction.
    When I was in my 20s it literally took a full year to finally have my two male cats go in the same room without one going in a drop down fight…great advice, will follow

  16. I tried this and the kitten just meowed and meowed. She was better roaming the apartment. I have 2 other resident cats. My girl cat could care less and my boy just stares at the new kitten. Help!

  17. Taking inside the house an all time outdoor cat because the other outdoor cat i take care of got killed by 3 dogs in my neighborhood. It's super unfair to let that outdoor cat inside because he's just a super chill cat lounging on my garage going out for poop and fresh air from time to time. Now he's living with other 4 indoor cats in a room for now…hope it all goes well. I'm attempting to clip his nails too! He can be rough at times because he's a big cat, and i crate him at night because i still don't trust all of them at midnight when they arw most active.

  18. My older cat is super upset about our new kitten. Still keeping them seperate 5 days in. So next step is switching spots? Older cat into kitten room and kitten into rest of the house?

  19. I recently moved in with relatives in another state with my family and our cat. Well our relatives have a cat too, and he is just the most friendly cat. However the cats didn't have the best introduction, and in the first two days our cat Bagira escaped the sectioned off area many times which led her to bump into the other cat Odin and he was super ready to be friends trying to get close to her but she freaked every time, hissing at him and even pooped herself. Weve started over and have been trying out the tips from this video. My cat Bagira will be on one side of a door about 3 feet from the door when she eats and vise versa. The other cat Odin eats fine, he isn't worried about her, but Bagira will eat then every 2 minutes look at the door and hiss and go back to eating until she is done. It's been 3 days so far and there hasn't been much improvement on my cats end, any other suggestions?

  20. ive had this cat for 7 months and they still hate each other 3 of my cats i can trust with her and not to fight but the other 3 hate her and everytime they run in and fight

  21. This seems fine for a two cats situation, however I have 5 cats and need to introduce a new one. A little background. My oldest cat, an all white odd eyed female (Chou), doesn't like cats… She tolerates the other cats, but doesn't socialize with them. She gets chased and chases, no big problems but she is not social with cats. The second oldest, an all black male cat (Zé), and the youngest, a white with black markings male cat (Pepperoni), don't really care for each other. There's some chasing, some hissing, no big fights as the youngest one just hides. The youngest female, white tigered fur (Margherita), is what I call trouble. She loves to harass the all white female and the all black male, and they just run from her. The fifth is the public relations of the house, an yellow and white male (Lino). Best buddies with all but Chou, tho he is absolutely in love with her and she just hisses and growls at him.
    Now this new cat, a black smoke female (Baby) has been living in my guest bedroom (with a private bathroom, a walk in closet and a view of the pool) for almost a year and a half. I first met her when she showed up at my door 2 years ago pregnant. So I took her and the 4 kitties in, found loving homes for the kitties, spayed her and put her back on the street. I live in a gated community with quite a few street cats. The ones that hang on my street are all fixed. Anyway, she came everyday to eat by my door and 7 months after releasing her she showed up with sporotrichosis. So took her in, treated her and she's been free from the spore for over six months now. Tried to find someone to adopt her, no success. I don't want to put her back on the street because she won't stay by my door. How do I know that? She is just like Chou, she doesn't like other cats… The two or three times she accidentaly got out from the room she chased all the cats… and there are 4 cats that live by my door.
    Yesterday I put her in a cat carrier and brought her to the living room while the other cats were close. 4 showed some interest and I gave them treats as they approached the cat carrier. There were no hisses. However Baby meowed all the time and tho the house cats may have had a good impression, I'm concerned that Baby didn't because she was locked in the cat carrier while the others were free…
    So any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks

  22. Our current cat Pepper is 13 and we are adopting a 5 month old kitten. The kitten is very energetic and playful and social. Pepper is more of a loner and mellow and tries to keep to herself, even with me and my parents. Does anyone have any good tips to keep them both on good terms? I have a feeling the kitten may annoy Pepper since she is very laid back.

  23. I just got a Male kitten for my 2 year old female. And she is EXTREMELY aggressive towards him no matter what little I do. I separate them but I know she's curious so she keeps coming to check on him but then gets aggressive. I dont want to give the kitten too much more attention than my babygirl, eventhough the first night he stuck up under me. He's he's pretty well to his new home, sleeping alot. She is being slightly aggressive towards me, guessing mainly cause I smell like the kitten. But I'm running out of ideas. I start back school on Monday and I'm so terrified of leaving them home alone..

  24. Please help me I haven’t slept in 4 days because when I put my kitten downstairs in her bed with her food and litter tray she keeps crying but when I bring her upstairs she starts peeing and making a mess plus it’s dangerous she’s ten weeks old and I can’t cope

  25. I'm trying all of these steps. My only problem is that both cats hate being confined in the rooms. I just moved in with my bf. He has a young 2 yo kitty and mine is 14.
    We put my cat in a room with all of my stuff and a loveseat she sleeps on. She has all her stuff in there. But she hates being in there and desperately wants to come out. The other kitty also doesn't like it when we've tried to put her in my cat's room when we switch, and hates it when we put her in the basement, with her stuff. So the problem is they have a escaped and startled each other. Nothing too aggressive and crazy. Just some hissing but not attack attempts.
    But because of the escapes my bf's kitty is now more hesitant to eat her food close to the door, she will, but it's after my cat is done eating. We're also getting no sleep because whichever kitty has to be confined scratches at the door and meows all night. It's been been about 5 days and it doesn't feel like we're making progress 🙁

  26. Yesterday I brought a 4 months old male kitten to my house (he was serious hurt and had a surgery) where I have a 15years old male cat. I've never had another cat in my house. My previous cat has always been scary of loud sounds and some people but generally calm. But now he is really anxious and hissing too much even when he smells the scent of the kitty on my hand. Is this gonna work with this huge age gap? I wanna keep this baby so much, he is so affectionate and easy going.

  27. I have done site swapping with all my cats and it has worked out great! I have a new stray though and she has NO intention of leaving the room LOL. It's been over two weeks! Does anyone know if I should try and force it or just continue to leave it up to her?

  28. Does this method work when introducing an older cat to a puppy? I really wanna get something young to play with because our older cat Tiger will literally only play for 5 minutes and then ignores all attempts (I used to not care because I had no energy whatsoever but lately I'm getting the intense need to have a pet to play with and I would get a kitten but I begin to have a fear of cats once their claws can retract because of an incident where one jumped on me with no warning and dug his claws into my chest) I've wanted a dog all my life but we've always lived in apartments where dogs weren't allowed (we finally got into a small house that we were renting that said we could have small dogs so we got Lady & Mystique who were sisters though you could never tell it Lady looked like a full blooded Beagle & Mystique looked like a full blooded Black Lab) We eventually had to get rid of them when the electric bill got too high and we had to move back into apartments >_<

    Anyway I now live with my brother who has a mortgage on a single family mobile home? and I wanna get a newly weaned small breed puppy. We've had our cat Tiger for a long time and he started life with us with a female cat (Discord) she eventually had kittens with him and then my allergies started acting up really bad (I'm allergic to cats…Tiger don't bother me a whole lot because I usually stay in my room which he refuses to come into for some reason and he's usually in my mom & her boyfriends bedroom at the other end of the place)

    We had Tiger neutered because he kept darting out the door any chance he got and ended up getting into a serious fight with a stray cat…people said if he was neutered he wouldn't try to wander anymore (which was a lie) but anytime that stray is near the house he flips out, and I'm afraid of what he'll do to a new kitten or puppy…will he be that way with anything new or is it JUST that particular cat?

  29. Jackson long time fan here quick question. Is it possible to doe everything right but have an older female cat just be too anti social to accept a middle aged male? Should I try medication or is that something to be avoided at all costs? I just don't want my cats beating the crap out of each other anymore. The female refuses to return the males slow blinks and she remains on edge constantly which causes the male to just not want to relax and he ends up attacking her.

    The male cat is the new cat in the home and he is very strong willed and likes to go everywhere he has no confidence issues from what I can tell.

    When they are near eachother I do my best to introduce play and treats which does stop any tension for the moment but its just that… a moment as soon as they have nothing distracting them they focus on each other.

  30. So, if anyone has had a similar situation. Please give me any advice, much appreciated, I rescued a cat from the streets who appeared to of had a litter a while back, (she had the milk belly but when her teets were inspected she wasn't lactating). She was skinnier then than she is now so it leads us to think wait what if shes still pregnant? We're not sure, if everyone could comment with their best guess on that. Anyways, we've tried to introduce her slowly, just scent swapping even and she hisses and hates it. She's super territorial, we dont want her to get too used to be seculded so that she never integrates with the other cats (3 others) but we don't want to stress her out if she's pregnant and we dont have the money for the veterinarian right now. Any suggestions? Thanks!

  31. I thought I was following this – unfortunately I didn't think to block the little opening under the door at first. My cats don't seem to be outright aggressive to each other but they seem sort of afraid of each other and will stare at each (I live alone and don't have anyone to help me introduce them and one cat darted out of the room into the other so they've seen each other). I hope I haven't messed up too badly.

  32. Jackson how would I stop free feeding my two 1.5 year old male cats who are outside 80%+ of the time and seem to have no schedule to it at all. I currently just have a bowl of biscuit down at all times & feed them wet food some days when I see them. I’m not sure what to do as I am looking to get another cat. No idea how to transition my cats into set meal times. 🙁

  33. I completely understand this, but what if your house isn't big enough to give them a separate room?
    I have the living room+kitchen, then stairs up to my bedroom and a shower. And my current cat (I'm now looking for a brother somewhere else – I'm highly allergic to all cats except 2 breeds so I have to check renowned catteries – since the cat I was supposed to adopt with him wasn't given a clean bill of health for adoption at first and character wise it now becomes clear too they would've been a terrible combo. My cat is extremely energetic, playful and domineering. The other is a bit of a scaredy cat, shy and simply loves to hang and get cuddles but he doesn't like other cats. It's one of the reasons he did badly when his siblings were around. So we mutually decided I'm looking elsewhere now).

    Back to my question: if I have such limited space and my cat is used to be able to walk in everywhere and be anywhere I am then how on earth do I create a base camp for the newbie or have a door between them. Minós (my current cat) won't like the door to be closed suddenly, especially if he can smell someone else in his territory*. Any tips in this situation?

    PS. If it's in your book, tips for studios or 1 bedroom houses, let me know. I haven't read that specific chapter yet.
    * The neighbour's cats are constantly in my garden and he goes crazy over that and now wants out to attack them. He's become restless as a result. I don't know how to keep them out! Fencing in my garden is (almost? So far 2 people have said it can't be done) impossible due to the sharing of the fencing by 3 people and how the sheds and kitchen roofs are built. I also don't have an outside fosset for motion control water spraying f.e.
    The neighbour says I'm allowed to chase them away but she's not going to keep them inside or monitor them.

  34. I’ve never had to do all this. I’m “that” person for my cats & they trust me when I say it’s ok. Not to say we don’t get some hissing & then creating their own boundaries but it has always been an easy process and I’ve had my share of cats to commingle…

  35. If I already did the wrong way of Introducing the cats Can I still separate and start all over or is it to late? Jackson Galaxy

  36. Ok, nine months after my last comment. Still no second cat. I’m concerned because our cat can be bitey/scratchy (mainly with me, the one who feeds him, takes care of the litter box in my room, plays with him, he constantly follows me around, etc). I never yell at him, even when he’s attacking me (not play attacking, either). Should we still consider adopting a second cat? I’d want a black cat (ours is a tabby). By the way, your book is excellent!

  37. I have a 12 year old ragdoll who has never been around other cats. I was really thinking about getting another cat to keep her company due to my long school and work schedule. I don’t know how to go about introducing an older cat to another. Any suggestions?

  38. Everyone says to give them basecamps and other side of the door feeding…. I don’t have a door in my house so I really don’t know what to do. Can anyone help?

  39. I had a 1 yr old cat and make the mistake of bringing in a 14wk old kitten and seeing how they interact. My kitten didnt mind him but my older one kept trying to attack her so when I was gone at work i kept them separated in 2 different rooms and took 2 wash clothes, rubbed on their cheeks to get the scent on them and put them in their perspective rooms to get to know their scent. I think I did this for a week straight before letting them see each other again and he absolutely loves her now

  40. When I was 11 years old. My parents introduced our 2nd cat to our 1st cat. They became best friends really quickly. Our 1st cat was so laid back to see another cat on his turf. The 2nd cat was so sweet to me and my family. We had adopted two strays after 2 years apart from each other. These two cats would played and cleaned each other.

  41. There’s an outside stray cat that comes to it back door (it’s a storm door like where it’s all like plexi-glass so you can see through it) and she actually sits there and attacks the door when one of my cats goes to look out. I mean she goes all out! She’s actually a very lovable cat, very friendly when she eats to know you and super affectionate, she just only gets along with one male out of our 4 cats and it’s affecting our 2 inside/outside cats to where one won’t even go outside anymore and the other will be gone for days and when he tries to return she runs him off! She’s got to go but I don’t want to just give her to the shelter because they’ll put her down and she would be a great cat for someone.

  42. There's an abandoned cat that comes around every day and my cat and her stare at each other through the screen. Eventually I'm going to take her to the vet and bring her inside. Should I still keep them in separate rooms to get used to each others scent since they have already smelled/seen each other?

  43. How do you introduce a sometimes over excited 6yr old dog/inside to a 12yr old cat/outside/inside???? *Note…The Alpha cat that was outside/inside attacked the dog twice. The 12yr old was the beta cat that followed the 14yr old cats lead. But unfortunately the 14yr old Alpha cat died. Now the 12yr old cat attacked my dog while I was bringing my dog outside to potty. So my dog has been attacked three times by two different cats. But they can sit face to face.. even lay down next to one another with the glass door in between them. I can even crack the door and they sniff nose to nose with no reaction!!! Yet if I take my dog outside and he tries to approach the cat or accidentally passes to close to the cat….the cats puffs up..hisses and swats at the dog. ?? EVERYTIME the cats actually attacked the dog was while they were sitting on the porch railing near the stairs. I didn't see the cat sitting there because of a bush. But as I passed the dog noticed..went to sniff the cat and he got attacked. I understand that even though the dog approached the dog wrong and that's why the cat reacted aggressively. But I need to know how to fix that.

  44. I have two female cats. Both sprayed. One is nearly 4 years (mofli)old and the other one nearly 2 yearsand few months(sansa). Both of them from shelter houses. The new one(sansa) I adopted her 1 year and half. I bought feliway, kept them in different floors(mofli upstairs and sansa downstairs) Feee them together, play with them together, but when it’s the hour to get along sansa attack mofli badly. I don’t know if is for the territory, because she is jealous, or if she wants to run the house, no idea. They have been apart for more than a year. In different floors and they can see each other because the door is made by crystal. We are moving in a year and maybe I can’t keep them separated anymore and I don’t know what to do plus I’m scared because of sansa hurts badly mofli again. Sansa is quite a demon and mofli super idiot. Any tips or ideas to follow? Thanks

  45. So we just brought a new kitten into our home and we’ve basically done everything here but my cat will not have anything to do with the kitten, now my cat even hisses and growls at me and idk what to do… most of the time he won’t even let me touch/near him.

    That being said he’s only showing that hostility to me

  46. Does this work with cat and dog introductions? I have an adult dog that is so playful and loving and I’m looking to adopt a cat but want them to get along! Any tips anyone?

  47. So I know this is a yr later. But serious question. I currently have 5 cats, 2 months ago I had 4. These 4 all loved eachother and groomed eachother. They had the occasional scuffle mayb they were playing but I took it as an argument over a toy. Well this new kitten comes starts staying at our house. We dont let him in or feed him. After 2 weeks we end up starting to tame him(he would not let us touch him). Once tamed we started bringing him inside. We took him to the vet for vaccinations. All 4 of the cats got along with him initially but now there is one female cat who hates his guts. Like everytime she sees him, its attack right now. She might have to spend winter outside this yr because of my dad. He has caught her attacking then sometimes now with the kitten in the house, she will pee in their room on clothes and such. Just wondering if there is anything I can do to help them get along. Also they are all spayed and neutered.

  48. unfortunately, none of these advices work for my cat mini (female, 1,5 years old). you guys should meet my mini. there's a children's door to separate the flat into 2 sections. the new (male, 5 months old) cat Calimero wants to play with mini but she keeps trying to kill him. I give them wet food only at the door area so mini can associate the new cat with something positive. it's been 3 weeks now and still almost no improvement. I'm saying almost because for a week now they've been smelling and "kissing" each other through the door for a few seconds but then mini tries to attack Calimero again. can anyone help me?

  49. Hey cat Daddy! Love your show and your vids. I have integrated cats in the past but really took more time after reviewing your video. A stray got stuck in our garage a little over a week ago. No one has claimed him. He’s healthy. Things are going great and senior cats are on board. There is peace among all three.

    Thanks for your educational videos. They have really helped me to move beyond cat lover to better understanding of cat mojo!

  50. I am so nervous I moved to Germany and left my dog with my parents for 2 years so I could save to get her here and in that 2 years I got lonely having no family no dog no friends I got a cat and she's a outdoor cat she goes in and out and shes 7 years old next year I'll take my dog over to me she's a Boston terrier she grew up with cats but my cat hates dogs what do I do if I fly my dog over to Germany and they can't learn to be together… I know I shouldn't have left my dog with my parents but the love her and she is in the best care but reality was being 23 I couldn't afford to bring her with me…

  51. I brought home a super friendly kitten. As in a bit more excited by other cats. All she wanted to do was see my 6 year old cat and say hi and be playful. But my cat is scared of her. XD
    A lot of the techniques everyone uses involves playing through doors and stuff. But my carpets don't allow that. Kitten is comfortable so I've just been using a baby gate. It seems like this is going to be a very slow process… 🙁

  52. 1st day of my resident cat and rescued cat in the same house. I am going to follow your instruction to a T!!!! I'll post my results for those who care

  53. When I bought a new cat to my home and met my home cat. They immediately started fighting. To me sadness, I kicked both of them in the asses, sending them into the air. When they landed, they stopped fighting. They've never fought since. I think I just sent a message to them that, both of them are staying on my territory, not theirs. They have no reason to fight for their so-called territory :v

  54. My resident cat peed in the new cat litter box ??‍♂️ my resident cat is too insecure i’ve been trying to introduce them for like a month now , i ran out of ideas guys . He’s still trying to attack the new kitten at any given chance ??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️

  55. 3 days ago I took a street kitie around 2 months old amd indroduced it to my 7-year old cat. Since we live in a 1-bedroom flat in the city I don't have a separate room for base camp. So the small cat sleeps, eats and hides under the sofa , it's his safe place. The big one sleeps in the bedroom. Now they sleep almost next to eachother and paly together. 🙂

  56. I watched so many clips of your show before introducing my boys to my established female. They now all snuggle on mommy and daddy every night. We love our little pride and each of their little quirks!

  57. My 2 brothers keep fighting. One attacks the other. I’ve successfully reintroduced twice but this time there is a ton of hissing & growling. I’m scared to death they will hurt one another. The hard part is I’m living with my parents so it’s not my house! Makes it hard to reintroduce my kitties. I tried sight swapping but the agressive cat is extremely attached to me & can not be alone. It’s ruining my life!!!!

  58. Dude don’t use cat crying or fighting sounds in the vids. My car was already getting agitated hearing this

  59. This is really helpful, and I appreciate all the cat people of the internet sharing this information. I just wish I knew if same rules apply to a resident cat meeting three tiny new kittens. I'm sure it's probably not a big deal, but I just want to make sure they're all safe. And these kittens are MUCH younger than you could adopt from a shelter, so I don't know if their age will make a difference. I wouldn't have taken them at all if there was a better choice, but these sweet little babies were more important than my convenience.

  60. After owning, fostering and homing many cats, I broke nearly all the rules with my last introduction. A little kitten decided that I was her person, so I took her in – even though I had senior cats. The senior cats came from a clan of tolerant, kitten-friendly cats, and the kitten was very responsive to adult cats. On her first day, after a visit to the vet, the kitten stayed in a room by herself. She and my oldsters sniffed at each other frequently through the door of that room the whole day, with never a hiss or a growl. The next day, all of them seemed to be ready to be together, so I just opened the door and the kitten was home. There was no posturing for dominance, and soon the adult cats were acting parental towards the kitten, who loved them at first sight and respected their space as required. I suppose one can only make an exception for an exeptional cat.

  61. I need your help my fiancè ruined the introduction of new kitten to my older cat who is petrified like freezes even though 3xs the size followed your steps but Sindel is deeply fearful of Storm.

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