The dog's owner moved, he was left behind – Watch the moment we rescue abandoned puppy

37 thoughts on “The dog's owner moved, he was left behind – Watch the moment we rescue abandoned puppy

  1. Nobody likes to be touch when eating.
    A no water ? I dont beleive this video. That puppy looks healthy to me.

  2. It is because of people like that neglected and abused animals may have a chance to survive and be given to someone who will truly love them and care for them for the rest of their loves. You operate miracles for animals. Thank you for being wonderful human beings, we need more humans like you.

  3. It's nice to save animals, we all know that but also

    The house was around 100 years old, nobody just left that house cause its an abandoned building and nobody can live there. The puppy looks in good shape(after being several weeks there) and whoever told you about that puppy is probally the person who ditched the puppy or the puppy was just recently there, but the video does give us a point, don't abandon animals

  4. Awe darling, beautiful little fur baby, my heart broke to see him scared, alone and abandoned like that ? Well done for rescuing him, I so hope he's now getting all the care, love and cuddles he deserves ❤️❤️❤️

  5. Can you don’t touch the dog while it’s eating….:). But God bless you for your kindness in rescuing the puppy…..:)

  6. to the one who left the pup behind. Curses to you. You were seen. God saw you. Thanks to the ones who helped it. ??

  7. Это не настоящие спасатели животных, не волонтеры. Это постановочное видео, ради просмотров, для заробатывания денег. Вам дизлайк от меня.

  8. not sure what the harm is if the video never asked for anything but a subscribe, a share and a bell ring. it's a pretty sad state of the world when people are so distrustful of acts of kindness. I liked the video and subscribed. no harm no foul. I enjoyed the video. it may help others be kind to animals. hope it helps skeptics be less suspicious.

  9. Thank you so much & God Bless you! Those owners should be shot for abandoning an animal, that's absolutely disgraceful! What kind of disgusting person would dump and abandon an animal like it was just a piece of garbage??? There's no wonder why I have such little regard for many people, with the exception of these fine, moral folks who rescued them, I've got much love for folks like that!?

  10. if ur ever going to move and cant take ur dog find someone to take them. When i had to move i couldnt take my beloved pit and my old landlord offered to watch her until i can return and find somewhere that will allow pits. of course now that she bonded to his dog i have to take both dogs or cant get mine back. but if u move and cant ur dog find a loving home or him or her.

  11. It breaks my heart to see how cruel people can do these things to innocent animals ???
    I thank God for your beautiful heart
    You are so appreciated.
    Thank you dearly for rescue this precious creature

  12. Left the big one…… U should have searched for him for some time… Now that big dog willl be alone…… Together they would have been happy

  13. Oh my God! How adorable is this sweet little baby? Someone please tell me, how heartless and cruel do you need to be to leave this little sweetheart in a bush to die? There seems to be no limit to how cruel people can be. That should scare us all. Bless you for your compassion and caring to give this little baby a chance at life and happiness.

  14. I will never understand why humans do this to their animals! It makes me so fur my! Then they may start a family, will they tire of them and leave them behind!? What would they do.??

  15. People abandon and abuse their children frequently, but it seems to bother me more when it happens to animals.

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