The Dogs Got an Amazing Surprise

Good wonderful beautiful more Pawdience! Apparently we are waking up today with lazy day. Look at her, she’s so stinking cute. So the FedEx truck was just here and they brought me a box, and it says on it and I didn’t order anything from recently. But it… You gotta check this out, you guys, this is so cool. The dogs are like is this for us? Look, they sent us a whole box of stuff! I didn’t open… I opened the card, but I didn’t like get into the card yet. What do you think, girls? They are like we’re looking. Let’s see what it says. See here: It says: Surprise! We’ve commissioned a work of art to celebrate your one-of-a-kind pet. We hope you and your furbaby enjoy the portrait. Remember, we’re here 24/7 Remember, we’re here 24/7. What? What? Is that what these are? Oh my gosh, look at all the cool stuff in here! Ok, ok, hold on, we’re gotta open these. Shelby, what in a way? We woof you, so I don’t know what it is. Man, they sure know how to get me to spend more money on the website. Oh my gosh! Look at how cool that is! Jamie: That is too cool! Oh my goodness, we gotta open them all. Don’t step on this. Oh, this is so cool! Jamie: Oh oh. Aww dang, this is gonna make me cry! How cool is that?! And there is a Shelby! Jamie: Gosh, that’s so cool. Jess: Oh my gosh. Jamie: Shelby’s like, hey, can I have that? Is that mine? Jess: You can’t eat it. It is you, it is you. That is so cool! And then they send a whole bunch of other stuff. Some tennisballs. Jamie: Ah, you got a squeaky ball! Jess: Some sunglasses. Let’s see who like to try those on. Let see, who look very cool with these on. There you go. Jamie: Yeah, you’re a cool dog now. Jess: Some bandanas. Oh my gosh, there’s so much stuff in here! A water bottle. Hey, this would be nice for putting their watering in the car. Jamie: They look like reading glasses, Shelby. Jess: Can’t believe she still has them on. A t-shirt, a tennis ball, some toys and a bag to put a bunch of stuff in. Do you want to wear these? Shelby was wearing them pretty. There you go. Hey girl, what’s up? Jess: You gotta look up at daddy. Jamie: Memphis, hi! [Jamie whistles at Memphis] That’s a good funny face hi. Hi! Jamie: She’s like take them off of me. You know you want them up there, okay, you gotta be cool. Jess: She’s like I don’t know, how I feel about this. Jamie: Wow, that’s very cool. Jess: That’s crazy. So I… I had no idea… I didn’t… I… Wow, I don’t even have words. What a cool company! How nice! How nice of them to do that. That’s so nice of them. I have to hang them up somewhere. They’re so cute. This one made me cry though. I can’t look at that one. We gonna have to do an instagram photo and tag them. And say thank you for sending all the cool stuff. What do you think? You know it’s funny too. I almost did… while I ordered… I reordered a water dish from them the other day. And then… What was I gonna get?… Oh Shelby’s Evanger’s Rabbit. The canned rabbit food that she likes… canned food that’s rabbit flavored. What you think? We’re gonna have to order some more from there, huh? That was pretty cool. That was a nice surprise. Made my day! Want that? Wanna play with that? Is that cool? Check out how cool that is. Is that neat? That was pretty cool, not sponsored, but pretty cool. So we decided, once again, we had to get out of the house. I think I’m getting winter fever, cabin fever like for real. We decided to go for a drive because, as you guys saw earlier, super super sunny. We’re just stayed around home. But we went on a sunset drive. Is it like a sunset cruise? It looks really pretty. Although, I don’t know if you know this. Those are probably snow clouds. Jamie: Yeah, and it’s still 25 degrees outside. And it’s supposed to be 8 tonight. Jess: Yeah, we’re supposed to get snow tomorrow and it’s supposed to go down to one. Jamie: One? Yeah, so super cold! Jamie: So we gonna have frost quakes again. Jess: Yeah, we’ll probably have frost quakes again, and I don’t know how much snow… Jamie: A little warm today. I don’t know if it broke 30 too much, but it was a little bit of warm today. Jess: The sea of white! Wow, that’s a really pretty photo right there. We’ll go that way! I don’t know where we’re going. We’re going this way now. Right up here was where mom and dad saw that… what was it? The bobcat! Remember? It was in the ditch up there, but we missed it? Jamie: I think, I can’t remember him. That’s really pretty. We’re just gonna look this way for a little bit. Oh no, what happened? Jamie: I think, that’s a dusy. I need to stop and fix that. What happened, Jamie? Hey, I have video of you getting out right here and eating apples off that tree. Jamie: Oh, oh, does it fix itself? No, it’s gonna break the motors in your windshield wipers! Jamie’s got a road windshield wiper. It doesn’t know what it wants to do. Oh no, oh no! [Jess laughing] Oh no! This is what it was doing. It was stopping way up here. Hi! It’s a beautiful sea of white. I wanted to go this way down the back road and then the windshield wiper decided to… All right, we’re back on track. I think ,they’re fixed for now. Jamie: I don’t think, they are really. They are semi fixed for now. Deer!! Jamie: There’s a couple of deer up there. Jess: They’re running the road right in front of us. Jamie: And a couple more… Jess: Oh, there’s a whole bunch of them. Oh, there’s one right there! There’s one right there too! Oh, they’re right in here, so they must be looking for food right in here. There’s still some on the road up here. They’re like we can’t get off the road! There’s another one! Oh, he’s digging up. This one still isn’t off the road. He’s like guys, I don’t know where you went. It’s icy. Jamie: Yeah, they’re eating the little cedar branches. Jess: They’re in there. Oh, there’s one. He’s right there. Can you see him? Can you see him? There he is! See him, guys? Right there! I’m gonna zoom right in. He doesn’t know what we are. He’s like what is going on? He looks pretty healthy. Hi, deer! What you doing? Wait, do I have a napkin? Hold on, I could do the thing. See if I can… I got a napkin… Jamie: All his friends are running behind him. Jess: Yeah, I see that too. There he goes! Bye! Bye deer! What do you find, Shelby? What’d you find, huh? So those of you that have been around for quite a while and by quite a while, I mean before we even got Memphis. You might recognize that toy that Miss Shelby has. I found it in the spare bedroom. That used to be her favorite toy, was that little tiny stuffed baby husky. She absolutely loved it. But when we got Memphis… When Memphis was a puppy, Memphis tried to like eat it and tear it apart. So we saved it. We stuck it… I didn’t remember where. But it was in the spare bedroom, and I’ve seen it on the shelf in there a couple times. We were in there earlier today and I saw it. I thought, I wonder what would happen if I gave it to Shelby. When I gave it to her she could have cared less. But now… she won’t leave it alone. Is that your toy? Do you remember that from like six years ago when it was your favorite toy and you used to carry it around everywhere? Yeah? You got it back to play with it. I just had to capture that moment because it was adorable. Well, I was just editing today’s video and I realized, I completely forgot to say goodnight. Look at it, Memphis has Shelby’s little husky. She didn’t really. Shelby just left it down there. I guess, we gonna go ahead and end this video and say goodnight to you guys. We hope you guys enjoyed today’s video. Good stretch, Shelby, good stretch. Yup. We hope you guys enjoyed today’s video. As always, thanks so much for watching and Stay Positive, Dream Big and we will see you again soon. Goodnight Pawdience! Apparently they’re sleeping anyway, so they’re taking a nap. Good nap Pawdience! 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  1. I was wiping tears when you opened Oakley's picture. What a cool thing from a terrific company. And then I was laughing so hard at Jamie and the windshield wipers! Love your vids!! Definitely my favorite Youtuber ever.
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  4. Had a wiper that would do that on…i think it was the pontiac…in my case the mounting nut/bolt was loose. Easy fix. Hope it is something easy for you two as well.

  5. Look at Shelby's ears at 2:06 – right at the moment you put the sunglasses on, they flop back… This surprise is just great. Now you've got some more memories of Oakley. It still is too fresh for you guys…

  6. That was one awesome gift, I love the paintings, Chewy com, your one great company to make Jess and Jamie smile and the girls looks funny with the sunglasses on. Thank you for that cause it made me smile also <3

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  8. Everest: Hi Memphis!
    Memphis: Hi Everest!
    Everest: Wow, It`s That A Big Package?!
    Shelby: Yes, Take A Look!
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    Everest: Wow, That`s Alot Of Stuff!

  9. (At Noon)
    Ochako: Okay Guys, It`s Lunch! I Brought Teriyaki Chicken, A White Steam Rice And Sprite From Panda Express!
    June: I Brought Chicken Nuggets, Medium Fries And Dite Coke From Chick Fil A!
    Annie: I Brought A Kids Meals And Hi-c Juice From Paramount Restaurant!
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    Everest: I Brought Chicken Tenders, Medium Fries, A Ice Cream Cake And Pepis From Dairy Queen!
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  11. Awe that was so awesome! The Oakley picture made me cry.. but so so so nice! What a beautiful scenery!

  12. Those drawings look so cool. The second pic made me teary eyed ( Miss you Oakley ?). Thankfully it wasn't snowing really hard when your wipers malfunctioned.

  13. Honestly, I want to say that the deaths of Shiloh and Oakley were equally as sad. However, when Shiloh died, I was quite devastated and sort of shed a tear. But when Oakley died, I felt as if a part of me had died as well.

  14. Deer, deer, deer everywhere! There are always deer in my backyard! They play with each other and sometimes they have a good fight with each other! There were 20 deer on Friday night in my backyard!

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  17. I just love how Memphis casually likes Shelby's face as your talking. My cat (Oreo) also does that to my niece's cat (Baby).

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  21. I know what a great company Chewy is. When I lost my little boy to cancer a few months ago, Chewy sent me a beautiful flower arrangement. This is the only company I buy my pets needs.

  22. OMG 1 degree? It’s beautiful but really? The dogs look bored out of their minds. They need a road trip or hike, hike, hike! Chewy is a GREAT company!

  23. Oakley I would imagine would have loved the box with the stuff for them if she was still among the living it still is a great video

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    Don’t get me wrong!I mean I would do the safe things if I could!
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    R.I.P Oakley..❤️
    And yes I will admit…I had a little bit of tears in my eyes..❤️

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