22 thoughts on “The Dog Song – Music to Help your Dog Sleep ? RMD09

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  2. This actually worked on my dog because right when she heard the song she started laying down like she was going to sleep

  3. It made them calm down but not sleep

    But tbh that’s probably because my dog is a pit bull and pits N E V E R stop moving around. The whole time I played this song my Shih tzu laid down and my pit walked around the living room in circles.

  4. So i listen this music with my dog. And it is work, i mean it is work for me to sleep first lol so i dont know how long time i sleep near my dog lol but this music so good not only for dog, also relax my mind haha thankyou for this channel!

  5. My dog is my life dont know what would i do with OUT her she sleeps with me every night i take her every where with me her name is DEBBIE?.SHE LOVES THIS MUSIC!!!

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