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when Jade spotted Tallulah she thought she'd found the perfect pooch to pop in her handbag but this bitch came with baggage once home the cute lapdog mutated into a vicious malicious Norling monster enter victoria Stilwell no dog has ever got the better of her but she's going to need nerves of steel to take on to muna the Hound from if this dog was a human it would be either in prison or in a mental institution today Victoria's heading to Bromley in Kent to meet to Nuala a two-year-old pedigree hairless Chinese Crested six months ago 20 year old ex model Jade Tony and her sister Chelsea bought two-year-old Tallulah thinking she'd be the perfect pooch to pose with Jade got to as a fashion accessory dog so she'll be like Paris Hilton we did look at to two hours first cuz we both gonna get one it was to fatten II wouldn't feel about she is a bit of a poses dog so that's why I wanted her Jayden Chelsea pride themselves on always looking good but whilst Tallulah might be Bromley's best-dressed bitch listed or madam is displaying anything but model behavior and needs sister Chelsea who bears the brunt when this supermodel throws a fit you know when Toulouse gonna attack you because she gives you an evil look and then just pounces although she's equally happy to attack friends relatives takes the biscuit finger the caretaker Sherlock is the dog from hell and anyone who gets in her way especially old ladies tonight Anna eats and just trying to bite the old lady's legs and the old lady was petrified in fact she'll go for anyone who comes within three feet a real danger for Jade who's 18 month old son is dangerously mobile it's very worrying for me that she might and she could do a lot of damage because he's only a baby the hairless Chinese Crested breed is very rare they originate from Africa where they were called African hairless Terriers Chinese trading ships stopped along Africa on route and acquired the dogs to be ratters on board ancient Aztecs kept them as bed warmers and also ate them in fact they were so treasured by ancient ladies who lunch these prized pooches were nearly eaten into extinction but in this household it's Tallulah who's at the top of the food chain with a name that means leaping water perhaps it's no surprise that Tallulah wheeze and poos all over the house what's that naughty dog it's not even just like she's just weed and then gone out she's obviously come back throughout the whole day and just carried on weighing on my bed when we wake up in the morning we'll always expect to see a way or just left then she's way down there just now it's just weed in front of us it's all left Chelsea feeling decidedly blue and it's beginning to take its toll on the sisters relationship it starts off with something silly about to lose weight but then they evolved into bigger arguments and recently she has threatened to move out now we've got to Luna there's a wedge sort of driving us apart now I thought about wanting to let her down recently because she's getting to the point where she's just uncontrollable she's bitten so many people she's really unpredictable if this doesn't work it is will be the end for tonight and should be a little deaf doggie death-ray nobody know what to do anymore the situation is desperate jade has called in victoria Stilwell cheese to Lunas last hope dogs are fashion accessories and people who do more posing and training can find that their lap dogs turn into uncontrollable and sometimes dangerous Victoria will spend her first day getting to the root of two Lunas problems but Tallulah doesn't seem too impressed tell me what the deal is when we have people round to do two attacks though she bites how many people would you say she's bitten it must be at least over 15 people does she go for the leg or does she go for anywhere she's she doesn't usually go for the feet she usually go for the leg fire or if she can't soak up your face your hands I see she's very tense right it is no was she like this when she came to you three days after having over started to see the growling it was the aggression started about me if anyone came near me where did you get her from we got Tallulah from the breeders in essence they were just empty concrete kennels which is concrete on the bottom and they didn't have any bets most of the other dogs were with other dogs but she was alone she was person yeah and I saw her there and she was really nervous the very fact that she was alone in a cage at the age of two makes me think that this poor dog hasn't had a great start in life whatsoever when you go and see a dog in the back of the cage and it's shivering the human side of us wants to to mother and to take the one that's timid and cowering but actually you took the liability and Tallulah is a liability in every sense I see some poo here does this happen a lot yeah she'll half do it somewhere and do it somewhere else oh that that would be Tallulah in the corner right well no one can see it could you show me the other places where she we this is where she did it on the bed taking the sheet off to show you a big one she's read all yeah sure we and she'll carry on lain on the bed obviously no one wants to sleep in that this is disgusting no fully briefed on Tallulah's toileting habits Victoria wants to observe the behavior that's giving everyone most cause were concerned Tallulah's terrible temper I want to see how close you can get to her before she starts getting rough so should you sit on the sofa okay I'm gonna come still next to you and then if you just come a little bit towards her we're gonna see what she does I don't but will Tallulah dare to try it on with Victoria she is giving you warnings isn't she she's watching you there you go and then she sees you coming close and then she does her mouth Jade do you mind going out the door now all right you don't know follow you okay but if you went to go up and touch her now she wouldn't like it or would she be fine she normally would just sit there and she will shake but she won't she won't like it but she won't do it because she won't do anything do you mind if I just see that just just you know go up genders okay keep your eyes away from there now she does good well you're very brave I'm not gonna ask you to do anything else Tallulah's behavior might be dangerous but a fashion sense is criminal I'm all into putting coats on dogs to keep them warm and this was a prime example of something that is not good for a dog I mean it looks like a little baby's jacket but actually when you put it on your dog it makes movement a lot harder leg warmers just think as our feet get cold our legs are gonna get cold because her paws are gonna be on the ground whether she's wearing leg warmers or not I mean these went out in the 1980s didn't they why did you want up a small dog I do like the idea of having a little lap dog that I can carry him a car and dress up and take out so there was the novelty factor I see dog as a dog not a fashion accessory and a lot of people that do have these little dogs just as a fashion accessory should not own dogs I don't agree with it if things get worse you'll have no reason to use these anyway having roasted Jade over to Lunas donkey styling it's time to hit the high street shoppers of Bromley beware do you bring her out to a lot of places like this – shopping centers and things not anymore because she attacks everyone on the street we'd be walking along a shared nip at people she'll bite somebody as they walk pop yeah if anyone she takes a particular dislike to show just snap off them old ladies seem to be the target that usually attacks and men as well and one vicious outburst too many convinces Victoria that she's seen enough I am shocked by what I've seen here today I've seen a dog that is so aggressive and so scared that it's biting people in and out of the house I've seen a dog that wheeze and poos everywhere I've seen two girls who are completely naive who bought a dog as a fashion accessory and now have a massive liability if this dog was a human it would be either in prison or in a mental institution it's time for a reality check unfortunately this is where a lot of dogs with Tallulah's problems end up and even though this might seem a little dramatic a water Ram it home to you that this is no longer a joke but this is the reality just upsets me to think that that could be to do that in that box this dog could die because she hasn't been given the proper guidance by you you now have to forget dressing her up forget the Diamonds forget them you're now going to have to start seeing her as a dog not a fashion accessory and start treating her as the dangerous dog she is and start taking major major responsibilities welcome to Victoria I think it's gonna be a bit of a challenge I think I might get it times of her bossing me around but at the end of the day I know that it's for tallulah sake and if it can help her then I'm prepared to do anything the following morning training begins Victoria wants to start by addressing the strange relationship between Tallulah and Chelsea you're not his best friend Jade is now I know you've been the recipient of a lot of bites and a lot of attacks but I want to give you some confidence now because nervous people make dogs nervous I'm going to teach you the best friend technique which is a technique that I use to gain trust immediately your body language is less offensive to her less threatening from now on you're going to just sit on the floor take some chicken in your hand very good didn't even stroke her to begin with don't stroke good girl good girl the combination of constant praise and treats soon changes the way to lunacy is Chelsea now just come over now you're yeah it's a great result at last Chelsea can sit on the sofa next to her sister without being savaged hopefully things will change from here but it's still a long way to go someone get my with Tallulah behaving better for her owners Victoria wants to tackle her aggression towards visitors what I witnessed in the house with friends coming in and being bitten is absolutely intolerable so it's now your job to keep your guests safe now the removal technique is all about getting her attention without stressing her out further and the sound of version we're going to use is just a simple clap of the hands then the second part of this technique is removal removal makes her less able to control her environment and shows her that you're in charge I don't give a chicken I don't talk to her I don't look at her nothing we just stay out there till she calms down then I bring her back in again and we just carry on as normal yep and when Tallulah snaps Victoria immediately responds with sound diversion take her out now I'm just waiting here for her to calm down I'm not giving it any eye contact I'm not giving her any attention we're just standing here now I feel she's a bit more relaxed I'm gonna come in back into the room again good girl wait till she's calm okay and then bring it back in again me titli that's it that's it good brilliant that was a double whammy you did the clap date took her out after a while the removal technique begins to take effect and Sammy soon proving less attractive than a dog's dinner I'm quite shocked but it's working so soon yeah it's really good you wouldn't be able to have gone Nero about four and I think it's all about giving a confidence Victoria may have succeeded in making Jaden Chelsea's home a safer place but there's still Tallulah's terrible toileting to tackle from now on we're going to get her to become a confident toilet er and that's the reason why I've got you what's known as an umbilical lead from now on Jade and Tallulah will be literally joined at the hip never again will she be able to sneak off for a secret we never ever give her a chance to toilet in this flat again remember to look for the signs that she might be ready to toilet anything from scratching on the floor like this circling either in either direction be prepared and when you see them take a straight outside okay and with Tallulah firmly attached Jade gets on with her housework keeping an eye out for those telltale toilet insides and it's not long before they spot that Tallulah is preparing to peddle I have seen a little bit of sniffing on the ground so let's get our coats on put her coat on and go outside toilet training is more than simply yanking your pooch outside there's the magic we were to when you see how we as she's weighing put a word to it so that she can associate that word for the actual action pain okay so that in a couple of weeks time when you bring her out because your birthday Gopi logo we and she'll know that that's her cue to go and have a peek okay cool but to noon is not used to alfresco here and despite some encouraging sniffs and some teasing squats the only thing being past time then just as hope is fading to unit performs copy copy good I love it when dogs being here for the first time outside it's so exciting and the journey towards a we free home has begun over the past two years to Lunas developed a taste for the blue-rinse brigade with the merest whiff of lavender oil sending her into a frenzy so with Tallulah responding well to training it's time to hit the high street you see the world from your dog's point of view which is the reason why I have this blanket the sides of the blanket if we put it down on the ground and want you to do it's just kneeling it for a second Tallulah is about 1 foot tall the world's a very scary place from down there people come up to her all the time go past her all the time out on the street and she's scared of them so she's reacting in the only way that she knows how she's basted he's had a mentor sod off and it works because they go all your dogs aggressive and they walk off so she's been successful and she'll do it again and again and again and again what you have to do now is you have to scan your environment and make sure that she never ever has the chance to get to that point again echoing the indoor removal training Victoria introduces Jade and Chelsea to her positive action technique but before that emotion became too strong and she launched the technique has three stages at the first sign of aggression when two Lunas ears go back her body tenses or she begins to lunge Victoria issues a vocal command to distract her followed by a quick about turn to change to Lunas focus and a tasty treat to reward her when she's calm with a firm hand on the lead jade takes charge good girl good girl okay ba bow hey watch your body language good watch the tension and after a few about terms Tallulah seems to be getting the message window shopping is much more fun than ankle-biting it looks like Bromley's pensioners may be safe to shop in peace with teaching over it's time for Victoria to leave Jade Chelsea and Tallulah to train alone a few weeks later Victoria's back to see how Jade's Chelsea and there once lethal lap dog have been getting on ask it's gone really well I mean her behavior like in the house she's been really good with Sammy and Chelsea and she actually went up to sell me the other day and kind of poured at her leg for attention which is the we've never seen I do anything like that before now what happens if strangers come in she hasn't been as aggressive I mean if they go towards her she'll growl at them and then run off and hide but she hasn't been as snappy as she usually was the toilet-trained has gone really well as well before she'd got out for a walk and she wouldn't go and then she'd come in the house and do it literally straight after but now I tell her to go for a pee and she knows that she starts sniffing around and she'll generally go and then we praise and she'll come back in very good yeah no more pee the odd one but not as much as there was eager to see the change in behavior for herself Victoria and the girls head for the high street Victoria's time training tearaway Tallulah has come to an end she's taught the girls how to interpret to Lunas behavior and therefore control it like most dogs Tallulah views direct eye contact as a threat so to avoid provoking a dog never stare directly at Chelsea to take your eyes away if a dog pulls back its ears and tenses its body it's a sign of aggression so take immediate action and finally remember that understanding your dog's body language is crucial to toilet training I love it when dogs think you were the first time outside it's so exciting good girl Victoria's training and the girls hard work seems to have paid off everyone's feeling the benefit Victoria really changed our lives really she just changed Tallulah's behavior she changed to live his life as well as ours well I little family now all three of us I'm really happy that Chelsie and James can live a normal life with her dog effectively what we've done is we've brought a dog under control and brought two sisters together you

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  1. i hate owners who just see their dogs as accessories. these aren’t fashion items, they’re living, breathing, walking, drinking, and eating animals! cmon guys!

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