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hey! jake with precisionk9 war
compared to give you guys more dog training tips I’m going to be talking
about the difference between bark collar and a training collars today. They looked
very similar unfortunately they get misconstrued a lot with people of
being the same exact thing. However big difference is with both of them. Okay so
I’m gonna talk to you first about bark collars. You may know somebody using them
bark collars are meant to be more adversity because you’re trying to
extinguish a behavior most the time it’s barking and that’s why people use these
the thing about the bark collars is we can’t typically we’re not active adjust
levels some do have a able to wait to adjust the level of stimulation however
in most cases that we can’t do that so there’s no way for us to to determine
when we want the collar to go off and what not to they just automatically go
off basically when the dog is barking so again much more adversity one of these
collars and associate it with a train car like this one right here
now I’m talk about the training collar well fast the train car is a great tool
especially for anybody who wants to do off leash training this is what you’re
gonna want to use is the remote collar here it’s meant to send low-level
stimulation to the dog to get their attention now we can choose and when we
want the simulation happen we can also choose what level of simulation who
would like to use according with the dog so great tool right here again it’s
sending that that low level simulation to the dog we can start training what
that means is way as to get their attention as opposed to an aversive or a
correction for the dog can use it that way
absolutely however if you see if you ever see somebody using a bar car like
this with Wonder but your dog maybe or maybe you know somebody may use one you
really notice when the dog feels it typically we’re using the training
collar like this here with a dog you hardly ever will notice a dog when they
feel the stimulation again because it’s there to get attention from the dog it’s
there to build more focus when were around distractions
it’s a great tool for anybody who wants to do office reading and have that for
sure way to get their attention so those are the main differences in both of
those I get a lot of people that confuse both of those and unfortunately the
training college here gets a bad name and it’s again really awesome tool to
use I hope this video is able to shed some light on the topics for you and if
you found this educational please like it share this with your friends. (512) 927-9443

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