The Deadly Side of Tiger Cub Photo-Ops

You’ve probably seen pictures of people posing with tigers and other animals in your social media feeds. But this look inside Dade City’s Wild Things shows the hidden cruelty of using wild animals as props in photos. Just hours after being born, baby tigers were taken from their mothers. These terrified newborn cubs were carelessly pulled through the metal wires of this cage. It is unlikely that they will ever see their mother again. Just outside the cage, a dead newborn cub was left on the ground. The surviving cubs were then used in money-making photo ops for tourists, including swimming with tigers. Tigers were forced to swim in this pool with patrons, and if they tried to get out, they were sometimes pulled back in by their tails. This tiger, named Ariel, had an apparent neurological condition but was forced to swim anyway. Here, she frantically paddles to keep her head above water. Cubs were forced to participate in encounters, even when they were desperate to get away or rest. This white tiger cub named Luna was howling and crying, trying to get away, but was continually yanked back by the neck. Luna was also repeatedly hit by a trainer and even shoved into a pool during a training session. And she wasn’t the only one to be struck or roughly handled behind closed doors. Once the tigers grew too large to be used in encounters, or as props in photos, they were confined to tiny wire cages like these or sold or transferred to other facilities. It’s likely that for the rest of their lives, they will have nothing to do at all but sit and stare. Other animals at the facility fared no better, suffering from psychological distress, illness, and a lack of veterinary care. These are the behind-the-scenes horrors that are commonplace in zoos offering encounters or photo ops with wild animals. Please share this video, and the next time your friends post a picture of themselves posing with a wild animal, let them know the hidden cost of their photo-op. Thank you.

89 thoughts on “The Deadly Side of Tiger Cub Photo-Ops

  1. Where I live, there is one of these but with owls and after watching this, I'm going to go up to them and tell them that what they are doing is wrong!

  2. people these days are terrible! they need to get a life instead of ruing animals life these animals did nothing to you!

  3. This is insane. This is fucking outrageous. How Is it possible that this damn fucking facility can still be allowed to operate they need to be shut down immediately

  4. Leave it to so called human beings to come  up with such disgusting practices. But as we condone torturing our own species this shouldn't really come as a surprise. Karma has its own way though and there's hope those over-saturated human beings who need such animal abuse for a special kick will get their due and fair share one day. My real question in all this is: where are the authorities?? If a parent slaps a kid … the kids gets taken away and put in a safe place and the parents get punished. But abusing and torturing animals seems to be still OK in a "first world civilized country" like the USofA?!

  5. I just called this place and complained about the abuse of their tiger cubs and the lady said thank you and hung up before I could even explain. Hope this place gets shut down. Poor tiger cubs. You can help me guys please! Call these people and tell them to stop abusing cubs! 352-567-9453!

  6. Do think it is the same for bear cubs? My family visited a place that let you take photos with black bear cubs and I've always wondered every since then. This was in Michigan. The place STUNK so bad.

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  8. we should all make some comments at Dade City's Wild Things facebook funpage, hundreds of comments 😉 they should know… that we know their dark side..

  9. why are those people so unfriendly to these beuatifull animals. let them play in the wild were they belong. and if you save then take a good care of them this is so sad

  10. when will PETA investigate this ZOO for animal cruelty????? read for yourself:

  11. I've always loved animals and when I was little I would beg to do these types of animal encounters, thinking the lies I was being sold were true. Thank you for shedding the light on these "sanctuaries" so that others don't fall for the same bullshit that I did.

  12. Must be happening in every zoo.I and my wife both took tiger cubs in our lap in Hamilton zoo while the mother was caged a few feet away.that time I realized the look on the mum tiger and asked an employee about feed time when will they suckle because six persons were allowed one time to hold the cubs and there was a long queue outside the employee did not answer me.after seeing your video I feel like crying. never ever will I visit a zoo again.many very rich people in this world have unusual pets tigers lions leopards turtles I believe all are abused

  13. I live next door to the zoo and this is all true, thankfully the community pulled through and we sued them and they are shut down no one is allowed inside but sadly the animals are still there I hear the lions every night in my room


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