you may have determined that cremation is your preferred choice or maybe you are still exploring your options this short video has been designed to take you through the cremation process and provide some insight on what to expect in preparation for the cremation the crematorium operator will have removed any metal handles from the casket to ensure they do not interfere with the cremation chamber equipment if desired family and friends may participate or be present for the start of the process the operator will first raise the casket lift and then gently place the casket in position on the loading table when the cremation chamber is ready to receive the casket a family member can start the process with the push of a button if there isn't anyone in attendance to witness the cremation the operator begins the process once the start button has been engaged the cremator door opens and the casket is gently pushed into the preheated chamber because the chamber can be as much as 800 degrees Celsius when the casket is loaded it is not uncommon for the bottom of the casket to ignite before the loading arm has receded and the door is automatically closed if the casket used has a highly lacquered finish as many traditional caskets do guests viewing the cremation may see a larger flash of flame as the finish ignites once the casket is secured inside the chamber the computerized system which is continuously monitored by the operator manages the process based on both the weight of the deceased and the type of casket used the control system regulates the cremation to ensure optimum combustion and a temperature of 800 degrees Celsius is maintained during this phase of the process which can take between 70 and 150 minutes all organic matter is consumed what remains are bone fragments and any metal components such as orthopedic implants the deceased may have had or hardware from the interior of the casket the computer system will notify the operator when the cremation is complete and after a visual check the operator carefully collects the remains into a small hopper through an access at the rear of the cremator once the remains have cooled for approximately 30 minutes they are transferred to a cremulator the cremulator is designed to automatically remove any remaining metal components from the bone fragments and ensure that they are reduced to a consistent texture similar to grains of sand this phase in the process takes approximately three minutes and when complete the remains or ashes as most refer to them are then transferred to an urn or container ready to be presented to the family you


  1. I don't care what people say i wanna be buried. So what if my body is eaten up! Id rather let nature and insects do something with it, besides my soul wont feel it and id rather have that than waste my own temple throughout my life and just burn it. This is something controversial but I'm not for cremation and its our own will and choice to decide what we wanna do with our body when we die. Stop telling people what they should and shouldn't do society.

  2. I requested my two grandson that I wanted to be cremated and to scatter my ashes on both of my grandparents grave rather than being buried….itself even harder to talking about it with my two grandson but the beauty of it….that they understand ???

  3. THANXS GOD ALLAH,THE ONE AND ONLY CREATOR!!!!..IM A MUSLIM!!!! CREMATION LOOKS LIKE HELL TO ME!!!!!! What if the creator were to punish the dead person who reject Him as a GOD by returning his soul back during cremation and burn his soul and body together inside the coffin OMG????!!!!! how scary was that….I SAVE MYSELF!!!?

    Thanxs God!!!! ,IM A MUSLIM! ..islam does save my life from being burnt inside tht hot fiery blazing furnace… Certainly,it does look like HELL to me! Im TRULY happy now as what i can see wht is happening right infront of my eyes,i got nothing to worry about my death as islam strictly forbid cremation! I save my body n soul from being burn! For those islam haters, thats where you all will belong back to the fire tht will bring terror and toture to your innersoul ,while we genius muslim will be safely buried with NO PAINS and return back to the TRUE creator of the universe for resurrection!!!!!

  4. Im 44 and although ive known from about the age of 5 that we all die the idea still seems bizarre and the mechanics of it all like in this video is scary or at least weird, everything we are is turned to dust.

  5. This video sucks ass and candy coats the actual REAL process.

    Whoever made this video, go fuck your face you piece of cock sucking shit!

  6. get real people….a casket are for the living viewers which is cool but dumb…$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ so why insist on a casket? people need to get more real and smart

  7. I would not get cremated because think about it ur skin will be gone and ur bones will be crushed so to be honest I would be buried

  8. We are always concerned about the right to life why are we not concerned about the right to die or be euthanized. Sometimes a soul may need to die for the right reasons such as painful illness, old age, alone in the world, can't pick up your life from being poor – out on the streets, or criminal who is so bad he should not be aloud to live. I do not want to live the end of my life being cared for like a new born child if I could be euthanized humanely.  The best way would being put to sleep with an anesthetic and then having the blood drained from my body until my heart stops beating. That is a saints death. Please share this with as many souls as you can. God bless you all and it is not a sin to be voluntarily euthanized.

  9. Long time ago, when I visited a crematorium in Paris, France, the employees tells that they are replacing the expensive, nice and precious wood casket by a simple one coffin in wood, easy and fast to burn….which, to me makes sense….

  10. @2:00 , Wow 70 to 150 minutes to cremate a body? What a piece of junk these modern cremation units are. It is said that the Auschwitz Topf with heat radiated gasifiers can cremate a body in 25 minutes. Is than not a brain fuck?

  11. An hour before I die I am going to eat a sack full of popcorn seeds, just imagine the look on everyone's face when they cremate me! ? ? ?

  12. gramma made a dirty joke to me one day. she said: theres snow on my roof, but its still warm in the oven. she was refferring to her vagina

  13. I am going to be cremated, besides what does God our Father says Absent from the Body Present with the Lord, so I will be in Heaven Paradise in my New Body, I will not know what is going in in this world down here Amen"!

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