The Coolest Pets People Actually Keep!

Here are the coolest pets that people actually
have! 9 – Capybara
People often go to great lengths to keep rodents out of their house, out of sight, and out
of mind. I mean, there’s basically an entire industry
that exists around the concept. And when you consider the history of rats
and the bubonic plague, it makes prefect sense! However, when it comes to the largest rodent
in the world, all that is somehow thrown out the window. Capybaras are relatives to the guinea pig,
another cute rodent, but it’s much bigger. Growing up to about 4 feet in length and 2
feet in height, the Capybara can easily weigh more than 100 pounds! Native to South America, you’ll often find
wild Capybaras roaming around in groups of anywhere between 10 to 100 individuals, as
they’re highly social animals. However, some people do like to keep capybaras
around as pets. While they may look like giant hamsters, they
behave like anything but. For starters, they have sharp teeth and can
sometimes be aggressive. Okay, bad combo. And supposedly, these massive rodents require
a ton of maintenance. You’ll need to bathe them often, find non
toxic grass for them to eat, and oh yeah, good luck finding a vet who knows how to care
for them. In the event that you do adopt one, and know
what you’re doing, they can make great pets for those people willing to put in the time
and care. If given the care and attention they need,
Capybara owners have claimed they make sweet, adorable pets who eat so much of their grass
that they rarely have to mow the lawn. Hold up, these guys can take care of lawns?! 8 – Fennec Fox
Given their small stature and unusually large ears, these foxes almost look like an adorable
stuffed animal or cartoon character. But they’re actually a 100 percent real
member of the animal kingdom. The Fennec Fox is native to the Sahara desert
in North Africa, as well as the Arabian Desert. As nocturnal creatures, they roam the desert
at night looking for plants, insects, rabbits, rodents and bird eggs to eat. They’ll also dig out little dens for themselves
to sleep in during the day, and also to hide from the eagle owl, who’s their main predator. As it turns out, they also make good pets. Supposedly they sort of behave like dogs which
is a plus, and they’re not as regimented about their nocturnal schedules as pets. Their inclination to dig holes, however, is
a different story. They’ll dig around in the backyard, and
are known to be curious and get into all of your stuff. So yeah, definitely kinda like having a new
puppy! 7 – The Kinkajou
The Kinkajou is a mammal that looks like a ferret or a monkey, but it’s actually most
related to racoons. So really….who would essentially want a
pet raccoon? Wellllll the Kinkajou isn’t gonna be your
typical raccoon. First of all, they don’t raid campsites
and garbage cans at night, and they don’t seem to carry rabies like their North American
relatives. So they already have that going for them. And as pets, they’re known to be quiet,
docile, AND they don’t smell bad or anything, so those are definitely plusses. However, they’re still wild mammals. And like raccoons, they’re nocturnal, which
means they don’t like being awake during the day. Having said that, they also don’t like sudden
movements, and they’ve been known to claw and bite people! Now just how bad can it get?? Well, for a point of reference, in parts of
South America, these guys are known informally known as Lion Monkeys. Yeah, that part doesn’t exactly sound cute
and cuddly. At least in the wild, where they probably
belong, Kinkajous are pretty cool. They have primate like abilities when it comes
to climbing trees, because they prefer to spend most of their time up in trees. They’re able to do this crazy thing where
they rotate their ankle completely backwards. This gives them the ability to run backwards
across tree limbs. What!! If you actually decide you want a pet Kinkajou,
it’s worth noting they do tend to live for a while. In captivity, they often live at least 23
years, and a few of them have lived beyond 40 years old! 6 – Bearded Dragon
Conventional wisdom would tell you that keeping anything with the word “Dragon” in its
name might JUST be a poor choice for a pet. Right?! But bearded dragons are harmless and by pretty
much all accounts, make great pets. Also known as Pogona, Bearded Dragons are
native to Australia. As their name suggests, they have this pretty
interesting looking feature that looks like a beard, but the beard is actually just some
spines that expand and change colors whenever these guys feel threatened. While Bearded Dragons in the wild are territorial
and aggressive, they’re supposedly quite friendly and gentle in captivity. These guys have actually become popular exotic
pets in the United States. As pets, males pretty much only live alone,
as they’ll either fight each other or mate with females. But other than that, they’ve garnered a
reputation as a pretty low maintenance pet. Give them some insects to munch on and a proper
place to live and they’ll generally live anywhere from 8-14 years. 5 – Hedgehog
In 1991, Sega Genesis released a video game called Sonic the Hedgehog. How many of you guys out there remember that
classic?! The game centered around a hedgehog named
sonic and his quest to defeat his sworn enemy, Dr. Eggman. The franchise went on to be one of the most
popular in the world, rivaling Nintendo’s Super Mario, and just like that, an obscure
but cute animal like the hedgehog became part of our popular culture. Found in parts of Europe, Asia and Africa,
Hedgehogs have a spiny exterior, kinda resembling a porcupine, which if I’m gonna sound scientific,
is a rodent. In other words, you wouldn’t think they’d
make great pets. Buuuuut, some people do keep pet hedgehogs. Apparently hedgehogs do form bonds with their
owners over time and if treated with that good ol’ TLC, they become rather adorable
little companions. However, they are by nature, nervous and shy. Much like Sonic, hedgehogs will curl up into
a ball and roll around when they feel threatened. 4 – Tarantula
If you guys don’t like spiders, well……just look away from the screen for a couple minutes! I’m sure it’s no surprise to you guys
that some people keep tarantulas as pets, but that doesn’t make tarantulas any less
cool! There’s somewhere around 900 documented
tarantula species spread across the world. To use a tired cliche, beauty is in the eye
of the beholder. And some people find large, poisonous spiders
to be beautiful. While tarantulas are venomous, their venom
has very low toxicity to humans. Also, apparently it’s a good idea to not
keep more than one tarantula in the same enclosure, otherwise they’ll eat each other, which
is pretty nuts if you ask me. One reason they make popular pets is that
they’re known for being pretty chill in captivity. They don’t really require a lot of space
or attention, so they make for super low maintenance pets. 3 – Serval
If you ever walked into someone’s house that owned a serval and you didn’t know
about it, you’ll mostly likely freeze and make a decision of whether or not to run out
the front door! That’s because the serval is a large wild
cat that’s native to Africa! Granted, they’re not nearly as big as say,
a Lion or a Cheetah, but they still look like something that belongs in the wild.Dating
back to Ancient Egyptian times, Servals and humans have always been associated. Often they were given as gifts to people of
prominence. But for the most part, they never really took
off as a common domestic pet. Who knows why, but in any case, some people
still keep them around as an exotic pet, although special care and maintenance is required. By 1986, a hybrid breed of a Serval and Domestic
Cat was born. Known as The Savannah Cat, they’re taller
than other house cats, but don’t actually weigh all that much. The crazy thing is, they behave like dogs. They tend to be very loyal and are known to
follow their humans around. They can even be trained to walk on leashes. Hold up, I’ll take one of these guys! 2 – Slow loris
If you guys ever look at memes, chances are, you’ve seen a slow loris. The slow loris is primate living in parts
of Southeast Asia. Their lovable round heads and their wide eyes
really don’t show how aggressive they can be out in the wild. For one thing, they have a toxic bite, which
is mainly used to deter predators. But still, do these guys look toxic to you?! Also, they’re super territorial and when
two males get together, well, let’s just say it isn’t pretty. They spend all day sleeping, and all night
foraging for food such as insects, small birds, and veggies.They’re omnivores, which in
nature basically means anything they can catch is fair game. Oh and as fars as their name goes…they’re
just slow climbers. Now, as far as these guys being pets, most
experts agree that they make poor pets. Most importantly, it’s also illegal to own
them. But this hasn’t stopped them from becoming
popular pets in places such as Indonesia, where there’s demand for these guys as pets. Baby Slow Lorises are taken from their parents
as infants, and they often have their teeth pulled out so they can’t bite. Yeah, definitely can’t condone that for
a vulnerable species. 1 – Argentine Red Tegu lizard
Well this IS YouTube, and I would be doing you guys a disservice if I didn’t talk about
one of the internet’s favorite celebrity pets. Meet MacGyver the Lizard. MacGyver is an Argentine Red Tegu Lizard who
was born at Ty Park’s lizard farm in Punta Gorda, Florida, on July 4th, 2012. Within weeks of entering this world, MacGyver,
who presumably was named after the clever secret agent, became an internet sensation. Videos began to appear where MacGyver would
respond to his owners when they called his name….which come on, is pretty impressive
for a lizard! Soon his videos were getting tens of thousands
of hits as viewers tuned in to watch him eat his favorite foods, such as eggs, cherries,
and salmon. There’s even a video that shows MacGyver
sneaking for some cuddles with a sleeping human! Argentine Red Tegu lizards, or simply Red
Tegus as they’re commonly known, obviously live in Argentina. But they also live in Bolivia and Paraguay. Growing anywhere between 3-4 feet long, Red
Tegus are known for being opportunistic predators, which might explain why MacGyver has such
an interesting diet. Out in the wild, anything they can overpower
is fair game. So insects, birds, small fish, and rodents
all pretty much have to look out for these guys. They also like to eat plants, berries and
veggies. So overall, they seem to have a pretty well
balanced diet. Here’s what’s next!

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  1. Please take care if you’re looking to adopt an exotic pet and do your research on their care before bringing one home. (I mean, you should do that with every animal but ESPECIALLY the more exotic/uncommon pets) Make sure that where you get them from isn’t shady, either.

  2. About the tarantulas, I don't know much about them, but not all are chill. Even some of the ones people keep as pets can be pretty aggressive and/or quite venomous. That's why there's species which are recommended for beginners and ones that aren't.

  3. No animal "belongs" anywhere. Any animal can be tamed. A wild animal has to fight to survive every day. A tamed one is cared for, loved, fed, kept at the best temperature, brushed and cuddled. Have you ever heard anyone say that an alley cat belongs in an alley, eating trash. Very few tamed or domesticated animals will willingly return to the wild.

  4. I have a 41 lb snapping turtle. I love him to death but he is expensive as hell to keep. Don't keep one unless you have some money. I met a dear, sweet old man that admitted that all of his life he wanted a capybara for a pet. He knew that it wouldn't work, however.

  5. I placed 8 Tarantulas in a Glass Cage and none of em fought.
    I got bored and set them free, once I did one of them killed the one next to it

  6. I currently have a bearded dragon right now but I’m trying to move up the ladder of big reptile like maybe the next reptile I’ll get is a blue tongue skink

  7. beavers are no 1 in my heart. In some parts of Canada, the place forgotten by god. (Canadian Arctic) and Other areas near the American boarder. Their pelts feel like velvet, and when around people for often they can even become domesticated. Also, beaver squeaks. Just, beaver squeaks.


  9. Animals in meme language

    9: Lazy chewy boi
    8:cute dumb lookin boi
    7:mutant Olympic boi
    6: scaley spike boi
    5:spike cloud boi
    4: spoopy boi
    3: dotty boi
    2: high af
    1:scaley doggo

  10. Hedge hogs aren't rodents. Rodents only have four teeth that never stop growing so they have to chew on anything to file them down. Hedge hogs have a set of razor sharp teeth. I could be wrong but I think hedge hogs are marsupials? If I'm wrong let me know. Needless to say I love Poblito's Way!

  11. Just a reminder for tegu lovers, they do require a lot of care so always do your research on tegus or any other exotic animal before your buy.

  12. I am afraid of all spiders but I treat them like a human and i put them outside and i don't kill I am not scared of the gargantuan bird eater spider because it is harmless and like a small puppy

  13. Hedgehogs, bearded dragons and I guess tarantulas can probably make okay ish pets if you do a bunch of research, and invest in creating a good habitat for them, and buying proper food for them. The rest I don’t really know about. Generally any fox, even the small fennec fox I’d say would make a pretty shitty pet for the standard family. I personally wouldn’t keep any of these animals as pets.

  14. If you want to read something ironic read this

    I was watching the lizard part of the video and then an ad showed up talking about a lizard ;]

  15. I'm really furius whem i'm looking at this video. It's a SHAME these animals are wild and should'not be in a home but in their own environment. Free. Even it's seems to be "cute". How many animals are endanged definitively because maroon people want "a pet". Adopt a cat or a dog and leave the others free !!!!

  16. I have a bearded dragon And his And his name is Bean and I also have 6 dogs and a giniea pig and a cat.

    You think that's a lot of pets well my grandma had a LOT of pets she had agamas, iguanas,an African clawed frog, anole, a bearded dragon And a alagater 2 dogs and a cat.

  17. I'm gonna throw out an honorable mention, the scorpion.

    I have an Asian forest scorpion, and they are pretty cool and interesting pet to have, and honestly, if any one is looking into getting an easy first time exotic pet, get a scorpion. They could be good for older children, so long as the kids know not to pick up or pet this animal. Its a look dont touch pet like a fish. Can be educational as a class room pet for somewhere like middle or high school, with learning where it comes from and feeding it crickets.

    -Very quiet. Te only sounds I hear from my scorpion is a thunk when he tries to climb the glass walls of the tank and falls over.
    -They dont need an overly huge tank, a 10 gallon would work, with a place to hide and 2 inches of substrate. Some people might tell you 4 – 6 inches, but honestly you will never see that scorpion, because it will burrow down and hide forever. 2 inches is enough for them to burrow and get extra warmth if needed. the cage setup isnt too complicated either, unlike a bearded dragons needs and set up (I have one as well) which needs a lot more in and for a tank that is much larger, around 40 gallons.
    -They dont eat a lot. Feed them 1 cricket every other day, and they should be good. In fact, some times they go on hunger strikes and don't eat for months. Either because they are about to go into molt, or just flat out dont want to eat. So very cheap to feed. Getting a dozen or more crickets at my pet store only costs around 2 dollars.
    – They actually dont need a heat system, so long as you dont keep your house super cold. If you do or live in a colder place (I live in Florida) then getting a heat pad can help them, but it does not need to be on all the time. NEVER put the heat pad on the bottom, you will fry your scorpion. And always get a smaller pad for just one side (I.E, my 10 gallon tank has a 5 gallon tank heater.) Mist the glass walls now and then and keep a shallow water dish in the cage to keep humidity up. Tank only really needs cleaned every few months, unless you notice mold or that the cage is starting to smell. Never leave dead crickets in the cage, this will help the tank to start smelling and needing cleaned.
    -They are not actually that venomous, or dangerous. A sting from an Asian forest, or emperor scorpion is just as bad as a bee sting. Annoying and hurts, but not a trip to the ER
    -They live a long time, so you can enjoy them for years and years.

    -They dont like being held, at all. Some will tolerate it more then others, but it is not recommended you hold them. It could stress them out, and could result in you being pinched or stung. This is not a snugly pet like a dog or even a bearded dragon. They like their private time and to be left alone.
    -All though they can put up with lower temperatures and little humidity, being rather hardy and able to survive it longer., you still need to monitor it, because if it drops too much you will end up with a dead scorpion.
    -Big time escape artists. Always have a lid on the tank, and never allow them to get close enough to the top of the cage. They can actually cut out a hole in the lid and get out. Make sure the decor is not a ladder to the top, and glass walls will help, since scorpions can not climb up glass.
    – The biggest con, is actually not really having to do with scorpions, but the crickets. Firstly, they dont eat dead, only alive. And since they dont eat everyday, you will probably have a cup full of dead and rotting crickets that stink to high heavens. I keep mine in a bug carrier in the closet for this reason. They smell, bad. When that closet door opens OH BOY are you hit with a foul odor. You also need to find a pet store that sells live crickets. And since they die so fast… you will be making a trip there quite often. Never leave dead crickets in the tank. A scorpion will not touch it and will not eat anything already dead.
    -They live a long time. This could be a pro or con for some, but getting a scorpion is almost like getting a child. They can live 9 – 15 years, but one was recorded to live to 30 at a zoo.
    -This is not a highly active pet. If you are hoping for a pet you can watch crawl around all the time in the tank, well… I got bad news for you. Though they will come out and crawl around, you wont really see that a lot. I swear, 80% of the time, my scorpion is doing nothing but sleeping. Staying right under his little log hide and unmoved for hours and hours.
    – If someone happens to be allergic to a sting, it can cause the same reaction as anaphylactic shock, and in this case could be deadly. If you are allergic to bees, dont get a scorpion. The same reaction to a bee or wasp sting will happen with a scorpion sting. If you have kids, and have no idea if they are allergic, never let them touch, pick up or hold a scorpion, as a reaction from a sting with a child is almost certain to end in death.

    Overall, if you want a pet that is new and different. Something exotic to start out with that wont die in a heart beat, is rather easy to take care off and quiet, and not smelly, and are ok with a pet that eats live bugs and that you cant actually pet and hold. Then an Asian forest or emperor scorpion is the best choice for you!

  18. 5:08 also no…
    An adult bearded dragon needs insects and veggie to eat, both with a sprinkle of lizard vitamin powder. But mostly veggies. They can not just survive on insects when they are adults.

  19. You can't keep slow lorises in a whole tonne of countries if you have one congratulations your a criminal!

  20. I miss my bearded dragon, I had to give him to a friend because I had to move out of state across the country

  21. i had a 10LB rhinoceros type iguana he'd always come out of his hangout when you'd call him or when the bathwater was running, or if a pizza was delivered. it'd take him 30 minutes but he'd jump on you, and climb up.

  22. oh my god.. Markiplier is a Kinkajou.,.. they both can rotate their feet backwards.. and walk fine..

  23. 1. Rats didn’t spread the plague, the FLEAS that were on the rats; dogs; cats; and people did
    2. Bearded dragon should not be housed together, ever
    3. Hedgehogs arnt rodents

  24. Bearded dragons are not low maintenance they are alot of work i have 2 and also a tegu and my lizards take alot of my time

  25. God please don't make videos like this if you don't know shit about exotic animals. Almost all of these animals are not good pets. I own a few exotic species one of them a bearded dragon… They are not easy and not for beginners. Please don't make it seem like that. This is why people keep exotic animals wrong so often. ?

  26. Also the tegu you show a lot of pictures of is really obese. (the one on the thumbnail) it's really unhealthy…

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