The Clues: Rabbit | Season 1 Ep. 5 | THE MASKED SINGER

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  1. I think it's one of the Wahlberg brothers, either Donnie or Mark. They have the Wahlberger restaurant, and Mark started out as Markie Mark. So they can both sing.

  2. Empty space with the pillars? 'Tearing up my Heart' set.
    Pinkish/Orange space? 'It's gonna be me'-dance break set.

    Born in Brooklyn?

    It's Joey Fatone.

  3. "and then I'm Gone" another great NSYNC song. Also I'm guessing he went country to reference "Space Cowboy"? "Chew on this" because of his restaurant in Florida. He also did Chopped. If people still think this is JC you're insane.

  4. The Rabbit is definitely Joey Fatone. When he appeared in Dancing with the Stars there was a clip of him in his backyard by the pool first time meeting with his new dance partner, he was wearing bunny slippers. The Rabbit acts and dances like him, he has a sence of humor, and sings like Joey.

  5. Very few seem to be picking up on a subtle detail that I caught during his clues this week….. The intro sounded like Greek music and Joey was in My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

  6. Tbh I think the rabbit probably is AJ McLean from the Backstreet Boys❗From all the clues and how the rabbit acts, that's my theory❗

  7. Hey guys … where is the scrunchie clue for the Lion? I have somehow missed it so I'm asking in every vid cause no one will answer me. Haha. Thanks Much Love??

  8. From the start I've been saying it's Donnie Walhberg and still believe it's him for the clues, how he sings, the moves he does while singing.

  9. I VOTE THAT THE RABBIT IS JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE!! Can I actually vote for this? Because I'm sure he's Justin Timberlake.

  10. It's Jordan Knight from New Kids. He is a chef and he did a music video in '99 at an amusement park:

  11. It's joey fatone for sure. The new clues and the greek music in the background he was in the movie my big fat greek wedding and also the chef thing which he is and he did a cooking show. The Brooklyn sign joey was born in Brooklyn. The trickster he was the biggest prankster in Nsync he loved to play tricks on the guys and people. The gone part Nsync song gone. This has joey written all over it

  12. coney island (wahlburger restaurant location) was a clue. looking like a light version of frank rabbit from donnie darko was a clue. oh… and behind Marilyn and Pamela… who is the 3rd most recognizable playboy bunny? yup… Jenny McCarthy Wahlburg. some clues everyone seems to miss. didn't ya'll watch dick clark's rockin' newyears eve show? having seen DW perform recently, it's pretty obvious.

  13. Joey Fatone for sure. Brooklyn, the numerous N'SYNC clues. And from his first clue package, performed in a mask, he was the Wolfman at Universal Studios Beetlejuice music show back when I worked there in the late 90s.

  14. Its Joey from NSYNC. In their music video I Drive Myself Crazy theres a guy wearing bunny ears. And he got the idea of a straight jacked because the whole music video is in a psych ward. He also twitches his head like he does in the beginning of the music video.

  15. Hint that i have been posting on other videos is for every singer is look at the tiniest detail as it may not be the place per say but the props that help.

  16. The hint that gets me is 'bust out the old school moves and pass out.' i think that is a clue to one of my guess as Lance passed out when he was in N'sync and some of the back ground music may be linked to his time with Dancing with the stars. which i like to point out that Joey Factone was in as well as a couple of other Boy band member one was Joey Mcnitre from NKOTB which depending on the age of the person is consider old school. a clue from before with the mask may not be a "mask' that you wear but a mask in another form.

  17. It's Joey Fatone, the straight jacket is not part of JC chasez Schizophrenic instead it comes from the ESCAPE ARTIST, it's part of a show from NSYNC early days I wish I could post photos to show you, in the clue you will see a photo with the Rabbit Coney island live alone with the swords, electra, it doesn't include the escape artist because that's Joey

  18. Did you just turn an Avicii song into a country version 0:18
    I am so disappointed country music is so bad and Avicii was so good

  19. A magician? A Chef? WHO DO YOU THINK IS UNDER THE RABBIT MASK? Catch last week's FULL EPISODE HERE:

  20. So, people seem to think Joey Fatone, but it seems it's usually a different person than popular opinion. I think Zac Efron or Matthew Morrison. Or somebody left field like Criss Angel.

  21. Thay laugh is something from a horror movie just with the high pitch thing. Hehehe. I still feel like it’s a boy band guy from like *NSYNC. I was a Backstreet Boys girl…so I’m guessing one of them who liked to joke a lot?

  22. Channing Tatum 21 Jumpstreet rabbits jump, Channing dances and sings he also has a restaurant. Also "Magic" Mike, rabbit in a magician hat.

  23. Joey Fatone

    1. Boy Band – NSYNC,
    2. Genre – Pop (pop up here, pop up there)
    3. Preformed with masked as 'Wolfie' in Beatlejuice's (prepared for masked singer)
    4. Born 1977 in Brooklyn (pizza)
    5. Origin – Orlando, Florida
    6. sang a song before Orlando 'MAGIC' basketball game
    7. starred as a basketball player in Imagination Movers
    7. Host a cooking show 'rewrapped'
    8. Ring Master in Celebrity Circus

    reference: Wikipedia?

  24. I have a speculation to who the white rabbit is because when he said "It's gonna be me" on one of his clues that was a HUGE reference to N SYNC and then to back that up i think it's joey fa tone because he said that he "knocked it out of the amusement part" and back when he joined N SYNC one of his first gigs with them as at an amusement park and then another solid hint to him was when he said "chew on this" in another one of his clues.

  25. "what can i say? i'm a trickster!"
    you know this may be a stretch, and i may be looking too deep into this one quote buuuut
    i'm just saying
    joe fatone was on impractical jokers

  26. Does anyone else think the rabbit is Macaulay Culkin??

    Clue 1: he has a website called bunny ears, where he does interviews and whatnot in bunny ears. you can see videos of him on talkshows talking about it.

    Clues2: he does a podcast where he interviews mostly wrestlers/boxers, and wears bunny ears in his interviews. the bunny mentioned being boxed in, boxing in a ring, wrestling ring

    Clue 3: he was in a band called the pizza underground and the rabbit said yes he was in a band, and we saw the rabbit making pizza.

    clue 4: in his 1st clue package he said he pops up every once and a while and macaulay Culkin does talk shows like once a year, and that's all we see of him.

    Clue 5: we see coney island clues, and Macaulay did that home alone movie in new york plus it's his hometown

    Clue 6: the rabbit said "he never performed alone" and he has a lot of sibblings who are actors, plus as a child actor he had issues with his family alot

    Clue 7:he said was a young cotton tail life wasnt easy (im paraphrasing), and the custody battle with his parents, and him taking his parents to court to get control of his money was well documented

    Clue 8: the rabbit says he's a trickster, and thinking of the home alone character. he was a trickster


  27. "I just hope I don't pass out" could be a reference to *NSYNC's 2000 MTV VMA performance where he takes a moment to catch his breath during "It's Gonna Be Me". Lol. It's a stretch, but hey I tried.

  28. Go look up Joey Fatone’s singing in high school musicals and at Universal Studios. This is definitely him. Moves like him when he dances too.

  29. Well it's not Joey

    It's got be Justin timber lake or from nysnc Justin or it's Miley Cyrus dad

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