The CHEW OR CHUG Challenge! ? VidCon 2019 | Nick

– Hey guys, I’m Veronica.
– I’m Vanessa. We’re the Merrell twins. Hi, I’m Drew Lynch. – Hey guys, I’m Brooklyn.
– And I’m Bailey. And this is the Chew or Chug Challenge. That is kind of a mouthful. – Chew or Chug Challenge?
– OK. This is gonna throw my diet off immensely. Calories are still calories,
I don’t care if you chew it or drink it. Chew or Chug, ready to go. OK, so we have two plates here. Under one of them is
a gummy version of food. And under the other is the smoothie
real version of that food. And we have to choose one,
and we have to eat it. So, maybe a gummy,
which I really hope it is. Or it may be really disgusting and
I will be puking on the side, so… – We have puke buckets, don’t worry.
– We do have puke buckets. They call them spit buckets,
we call them puke buckets. A pickle? Oh, this looks scary! And I have to drink it if I pick one,
and I have to chew it if… I hope it’s chew. Can I hope? I guess I’ll just pick this one. Ready, one, two, three. No! No! I know I’m gonna drink a pickle today. I’m gonna–
Oh, yes! No! – I hate pickles.
– I hate pickles too. Even if it’s candy? Why is it… Uh… guys, pickles don’t do that. Look at that. Why is it stuck on there like that? I don’t know if this is store brand. It makes a sound as it came off. [moaning] I wish I got the drink, ’cause this is…
I’m gonna throw a pitch after this? OK, here I go. – Oh…
– Huh? Huh? Oh, I’m so con– [groaning] Why was that such
a roller coaster of emotions? I was inclined to– [moaning] OK, give me a sec. – Her lips are quivering.
– Oh my God. I am terrified. Do it, you can do it, you can do it. [groaning] Oh God… [gagging] I would recommend a gummy pickle,
half of a gummy pickle. That’s where I stop.
You shouldn’t have the digestive system to do a whole chewy pickle. Ooh, ooh! Next! [laughing] If I have to drink
a flower today, it’s gonna be… I imagine it’s a laxative
one way or the other. I’m hesitant, but I feel like
that’s the game we’re playing. You’re like oh, it couldn’t both
be chewy side on the right, oh it was! Look Drew, these are chewy flowers. This is easy. Where’s the pickle?
Look at this. How many flowers,
look at this. How many flowers I can get
instead of the pickles. Yeah, I’ll try a smoothie. That was pretty good. Environmentally conscious
with all these paper straws, right? We care about the environment,
except you’re beheading flowers out there. Mm-hm, mm-hm… Mm-hm. Never should have left these,
that’s for sure. I’ll put ’em all back in. That is less gross than that. Oh, my gosh, I swear,
if I get the smoothie this time… One, two, three. – Oh, you’re kidding!
– Oh, yay! I’m kinda confused. I’m trying not to panic. So, if those are frogs but in gummy form,
does that mean this is actual frog? [gasping] – Frog legs!
– Frog legs? Oh… it doesn’t smell bad. – It smells like crispy chicken.
– You’re kidding me! – Smell it.
– Oh, well that’s a little confusing. [laughing] It smells like crispy chicken! You know what? I will take a sip
of the frog legs with you but you gotta do it first. – You want to try this?
– Yes, I will try it with you. – Oh, my gosh.
– She’s touching her lips to the straw! [laughing] I just see it slowly going up. Oh, was it not good? It’s not horrible,
and it’s just the idea. Oh, I got a chunk! Eww! That tasted like blended up chicken,
like fried chicken. – I’m not mad, I’m not mad at all!
– I’m not mad at this one. It wasn’t horrible, I will say
the green chunks in here are a little frightening. That chunk at first was frightening too. – Can I have one of these?
– Yes, just take one. Don’t mind if I do. Get rid of that flavor. – Are you for real?
– There are not worms. I know. Gummy worms and real worms,
are you kidding me? – I probably have the smoothie, don’t I?
– I hope you do! I hope you get a smoothie! This is a high pressure moment! I’m gonna let her pick ’cause she usually
has a tendency to pick the bad ones. – One, two, three!
– One, two, three! [gasping] – No!
– Oh, yeah! – Right…
– You’re on your own for this one! Go for it. Go, go, go, go. Three, two, one, go! See, I told you, OK?
I told you! She always– this is disgusting too! [screaming] I’m so sorry! I’m so… sorry. Can you please
show the camera that, please? Do you guys see this? Do you see this? It’s just like skin,
they didn’t even put real worms in. – They put like the shedded skin in.
– All I’m smelling is the gummy worms, – which is helping.
– Why is it grey? Are worms grey? I’m sorry, I’m just like… Smell and drink. Smell and drink! [laughing] Eww!
Mm-mm! [gagging] [choking] Sorry! – Oh… no.
– Are you OK? – You wanna try it?
– No. I am not gonna try it! – Three, two, one, chug!
– Heaven help me! Chug, chug! [coughing] I can’t help it, I’m gonna throw up! It’s not real worms! – Those are bean sprouts, look!
– What? You actually didn’t get worms! – No this is a bean sprout!
– I had to actually drink the pickles! I know it’s not, I can taste
the peanut butter in my mouth! Still not the greatest combination! Hi, I’m upset! [laughing] I can’t believe this,
I should have gotten this smoothie! – That was the chew or chug challenge.
– Which would you rather have? – Do you guys think you could do this?
– Let us know in the comments. Because we wanna know,
because obviously I am very bad. Thanks so much for watching,
make sure to subscribe and we’ll see you guys next time. – Bye!
– Bye!

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  1. i love merrel twins and broklen and bailey nickeloden i love it but spectrum took it off now i cant watch it i used to watch spongebob everyday im sad

  2. Can someone please explain to me how there are only 13 comments lol?! But I love the merrell twins and Brooklyn and bailey !!

  3. Now I am going to go watch some of the merrell twins YouTube channel ??
    Can we get more video with the merrell twins and with Roni gagging more ??
    The way Nessa sips out the pickle ??

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