The Cast of ‘Cats’ Goes To Cat School

– I judge a cat by its soul. – I’ve got plenty of soul. (dramatic music) – Spotlight! And a drumroll please. – Milk! (dramatic music) It’s party time! – Cat school was interesting. It was scary at first because it’s like, “Wait, what is cat school? How do we become a cat?” – Cat school was pretty wild. – You know, it’s a classroom on set. We, you know, practice embodying a cat. We practice mannerisms, and you kinda, you know, get all those little tidbits, and you implement what you see fit for your particular character. – Their bodies don’t work the
same as ours, functionally. So it was really interesting to figure out what we had to do in order to create. Like the shoulder blades. They’re not attached to their body, and it kind of informed everything. The way their spine moved. – There’s so much in their shoulders. – Their tail. – They’re very stimulus-led,
so they hear something, they’ll hear it first, before they, you know, it’s a trying
to kinda have the sense so that you help out the guys who are, the men and women who are
the doing the CGI stuff. If you give them the impetus, they can see, “Oh that’s telling me that, you know– – Very good. – Two healthy ears there. – We all developed our own cats and found things that were cat-like but natural to us. That told the story of our character. – We watched countless videos,
exploring what the difference between human physicality
and feline physicality is. – There’s some very sweet
moments where cats meet and touch noses. There’s suspicion but interest, and other moments where cats really have to just nuzzle against each other and wipe their scent onto someone that they want to be friends with. Judi’s very good with that. – It was very cool that everybody
have their own characters. So I getta talk to my team, and it was so beautiful because I take one of them like, “Don’t forget you’re street cat. Don’t forget you’re happy cat. Don’t forget you’re hugger cat. Don’t forget you’re scary cat.” – You’re classy cat. – I play Jennyanydots. She lives her life in a family’s kitchen, and really thinks she has
more to give the world. As she’s a frustrated
choregrapher at heart. – Well Gus is the cat
from the theater dome. – My character’s called Victoria. She’s abandoned at the
beginning of the film, but is taught about what it is to be part of a community of cats. – Rum Tum Tugger is full of life. He can’t decide what he wants in life so for one second he might want this girl, then in the next second he’s like, “Ah nah, I’m good.” – Gosh, I would always get the direction. Sarah, our cat mistress,
would come in and say, “It’s great, just walk out.” – [Jason] We didn’t have really
have lunch at cat school. We also didn’t get diplomas, which you know, I’m a little upset about, you know, we spent countless hours. It was a lot of fun
though, because, you know, it’s not, we’re not learning
anything that’s normal. Right? Everything we were
learning was just like weird. And it’s kinda like algebra. It’s like things that you will never use in your actual life. But you know, for this instance,
like we needed to do it. – Come, we’re about to begin. (dramatic music) – I love it.

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