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the great British bulldog traditionally a symbol of national pride but not this one this is Pugsley he's a bully treats the family home like a public loo and he's a sex addict if there's anyone who can turn this hound around its victoria Stilwell she's been a dog trainer for 10 years and she's yet to fail what but what will she make of this Bulldog he's something for England isn't meet Pugsley a three-year-old pedigree Bulldog who lives with Nick Chantal and her two sons Tyrone and Travis in the Welsh borders once upon a time he was a cute adorable puppy but then discovered soon as they walk in I just know we've got a one from straightaway then he will not stop trying to mount them until the time that they leave he will keep on mounting people at mountain people and mountain people and he won't stop won't stop despite his bad behavior his daddy still loves to spoil him rotten he ruins him eat it bits him all the time and spoils him you've got a discipline in as well and I think you're too soft with him and despite the arguments Nick can't help himself it's just those puppy-dog eyes I suppose shun town's biggest gripe his weak plugs these toilet habits makes my blood boil it really really does every night Iggy's and poos wherever he faces right it this caused a lot of arguments between us I mean I've been 12 to tears of it what are you upset you like that it upsets me but I feel that you don't take it as seriously as I feel though once or twice each Pete when we were in the bed but when you're not though sneak upstairs and they would pee all over the bed only put on the bed and that's not the only way he gets at 13 year old Tyrone actually scared of my own dog which sounds pretty funny but he does get a bit vicious on me I don't want my children to feel like they have to be scared of him we're friends get rid of him I don't know I don't want to get rid of something that I you know that I love victoria Stilwell has been training disobedient dogs for over 10 years but does she have what it takes to cure this sex-obsessed mutt male dogs have to be taught to control their urges something humans is just not on and ultimately the answer may be castration to begin with Victoria will just observe Huxley's behavior training tomorrow Pugsley you rather magnificent on you I think I'm gonna fall in love with you that much in love a few minutes later Pugsley find some more victims but it's not just Travis and Tyrone's friends that get harassed by Pugsley he's developed a serious crush on neighbor craig so do you come around a lot here till he started humping me every time I come around just makes me suddenly Pugsley is tempted by some fresh meat the sound requests pumping is not just sexual behavior it's also a way dogs exert their dominance that is one persistent dog he's something for England isn't he yep even worse thirteen year old Tyrone is being relentlessly bullied and bitten Oh Bosley do you get this on a regular basis then he bites me but it's like it seems like it's just a big game it's just poison for no reason okay you know this is absolute play but it's rough play he doesn't know how much it because yeah of course what can it be travel he doesn't do that to you there no he doesn't does it he's never touched Travis afraid of it so many times he's bit me when he does bite him I do feel that he does it quite hard without warning Pugsley the rough play gets out of hand then you just do that now yeah what what were you doing just on the point a bit my nose naughty boy Pugsley 'he's really in the doghouse now never done that before and I'm just in what's a point on biting for no reason I don't know why he's doing that I can't believe what I've just seen it's absolutely outrageous no wonder Tyrone is scared of Pugsley we must change the way that Pugsley sees Tyrone and the way that Tyrone plays of pansy Victoria needs to assess Pugsley is exercise regime not the lack of one what we normally do is we don't mention the word okay and then it's showing the lead time come on bugs this is a bit a game of cat and mouse or another so then what I have to do actually get him on the lead dance and then from this point it's a drag pokes this way come on come on pugs buxley come on bugs here we go come on it really doesn't want to go dizzy come on Tom hugs you got to go for a walk come on nobody go for a walk Tim that's the routine the routine mm-hmm what should be such a pleasurable thing it seems to him it's just really unpleasant a bigger problem for the family is Pugliese offensive toileting routine I've see some pee there that is where he pees I mean all he poops here as well you know and I get so so upset about it no it makes us argue as if that's not bad enough Pugsley also pees on the kids beds leaving his scent as a sign of his dominance while their backs were turned ugly has reoffended in the kitchen Pugsley what's that what is it hey dog bad dog but it's not just Pugsley who's misbehaving dad's really not helping the situation to drag a dog to where it's messed before but its nose near it is really really bad to do and the reason is dogs have very very short associations between a behavior and a reward and the behavior in a correction all right yeah he's looking guilty because if you came up to me and when you are bad girl I would go that's why he is looking guilty and doting dad's also for the high jump for allowing Pugsley to eat whenever he wants I have never seen as much food as this in a bowl before I mean is there if he wants to eat it you know so if you didn't have regular set meal times and you just ate throughout the day would you be able to know when you were going to toilet this is when he decides to go to toilet isn't it oh really it's not Nick also lavishes him with fatty treats I like to give punky some scrambled eggs as a bit of a varied diet on many eggs you putting in there all of them twelve you're giving him 12 eggs 12 actually seems to enjoy but it's not just eggs its lashings of butter noodles of milk and a mountain of cheese this heart attack City this is you are very naughty health-wise there's a lot of fat and it doesn't stop there there's still dessert I like to give him a nice pop she's triangle right banana yogurt oh you spoil him oh my goodness me later that day victorious its Pugsley Zoners down to read them the riot act you've got to stop spoiling him spoiled dogs are not nice to be around sport children I'm not nice to be around and this dog is spoilt getting away with murder so you're the soft one and you're the hard one this is not a lot of our arguments without and it is because we can't we can't be on the same level with him well then this is not helping him is it because you can't praise him one time and then tell him off another time that's very confusing can't do it so we've got to be on the same level with the Optima got to be if not you might as well give you two yeah yeah because it will never get better until you're on the same level pugsy worries me of his behavior with Tyrone because her own is scared of him and you know he's reason to be you as the dog's owners need to really police it whenever you whenever Tyrone is with him yeah we're good it's got to have clear-cut what he's allowed to do and what he's not allowed to do and that's it but there's still one more thing to address do really you really grabs home yeah see that really makes me yeah bit hurt because his claws are hurting my leg right now I mean that's really severe will we have to castrate I don't know if you talked about chopping my dogs balls off you're talking about jumping my balls off because that's the way I feel about it and I'm not going to let you chop my balls off it is not your balls that are being chopped off does your dog's if you think about what it's like having all of this testosterone going through your body and not being able to do what you're really programmed to do but I'm just losing your Ted's about it it's not something to think that is it what is worse a risk of an operation or a risk of your dog being put down anyway because it harms a child through maintained through mounting one day is gonna knock a child over and that's when it gets serious yeah we could say no he's not an aggressive dog but they're not gonna think that victorious is how fast we know you just got it with a castration no no no no but I'm gonna go down every single day you're getting heated about the castration part and you might not even have to come to that I know but I know about but I'm just adamant about the castrated yeah but we just got a see how it goes aren't we the next day it's time for a complete life change for Pugsley and for Nik the spoiling has to stop and from now on Pugsley will be on a time controlled feeding regime you are no longer going to free feed him this timer is going to signal to you when you have to pick the food out if he doesn't eat the food after 30 minutes you pick the food up and you throw it away and he doesn't get fed until the evening there you go Pugsley this means we're going to schedule when he eats so that we'll be able to have more of an idea of when he's going to need to eliminate from now on he'll be regularly taken outside to toilet and his access to water will also be controlled so he has water with his food but after six o'clock he can have some ice cubes through the night we don't want to feel the need to pee and so if you give him five or six ice cubes throughout the evening that's enough water so that he gets liquid but slowly with Nik so opposed to castration the pressures on for Victoria to find a technique to curb his humping and who better to test the training on than Craig Pugsley he's number one crush one of the best Corrections you can give to your dog is a vocal correction and the vocal correction that I always use this an app because it's short and sharp and it distracts the dog from what it's doing if he does go up to hump somebody then it's your responsibility to take action to get him off that person when you do that and he gets off you must always praise him for the getting off action so remember you're really going to clearly delineate what he's doing bad and what he's doing good I want it as soon as he gets up her back you're in there so we're going to make this whole thing unpleasant for him time to send in the bait that's it now good boy I want your body to leap out of the chair I want you to take real action tell and praise Him good boy remember the timing you've got one second to correct you've got one second to praise lovely dancing after 10 minutes of training it looks like Pugsley is getting the message not jumping up so that's good so Craig you go lovely as great weenus sleep easy progress stray away with him you can see the starting point Pugliese passion has been quelled for now but how long before it resurfaces maybe a cold shower will be the answer Nik and Chantal are desperate to stop their Randy Bulldog Pugsley from mounting all their friends but Nick's not prepared to get him castrated if you talk about chopping my dogs balls off here took a big shot in my Porsche so Victoria has got to get Pugsley under control without giving him the snip wait but he's still pumped full of testosterone and he takes out his aggression on 13-year old Tyrone with nips slaps and bites it's time to put a stop to it it really is interesting that he doesn't nip anybody else except you know we have to devise a way of giving you more confidence and you being able to play with him without him going totally nuts so I just want you when you're with him to be calmer because he can read your body like you would not believe you mustn't show you fear anymore because there is nothing to fear from him I have said to him that pugs he could sense that you're scared of him instead of you going like that trying to get him down or going like this what I want you to do is that I want you to cross your arms turn your back on him and let your mum and Nick do the work you can never run away from him so if we go downstairs and see how it goes okay yep things don't start well yeah that's exactly and that's exactly what you mustn't do if you just walk very calmly he is less likely to get fired up and to jump up and try and nip you ah Nick steps in to exert some parental control now remember turn your back that's it by crossing your arms you're protected in that way you're not going to be enticing him to play by you all the time you've got to be calm and relaxed around this stuff you can't fuss him too much you can't play with him too much you've got to take a step back yeah once Tyrone stays calm around Pugsley the change in his behavior is drama he's totally I'm concerned he completely ignores me now when I'm like this if I'm walking quicker than I affect this attention and he goes from me didn't he so yeah it does help it's a good result but Victoria thinks part of the reason Pugsley is playing rough is down to his lack of exercise she's determined to get him going for walks I think one of the reasons why he doesn't want to walk is that previously this has been used these choke chains can really really hurt and makes what should be pleasurable very unpleasant so I think we should literally just throw this away put a regular collar on him and would take him out and see what happens but getting him out of the door isn't so easy we're just going to wait with a combination of encouragement praise and patience he should come out in the door and we should get him out of the green he's over the first hurdle but he's not going any further so Victoria asks Nick to carry him onto the green he's still really nervous yeah so I just want us to just hang out Victoria introduces games to help Pugsley associate being outdoors with having fun but 20 minutes later Pugsley –zz nerves have calmed enough to get him walking on the lead and he's walking away from home but later that day despite the earlier success Pugsley 'he's humping resurfaces and victoria's initial technique seems to be falling on deaf ears it's got his fixation on sound abortion should be short shot and quick and have a quick effect don't keep doing it if it's not working go onto something else can you get those two saucepan lids from up there please when he does that on me bang them very hard with such an horrendous noise ringing in his ears Pugsley soon distracted from his humping don't look at him it's important not to look your dog in the eye when using such dramatic sound aversion because you don't want your dog to associate fear of the noise with fear of his owner if he doesn't help me then you tell him good boy that night with Pugsley on his new schedule there's not a cocked leg in sight but Victoria's still worried he isn't getting enough exercise the more you exercise him the less he's going to hump so she's come up with an inventive solution and importantly for Nick this is the right way to spoil your dog she's taking Pugsley and the family for a farm doggy workout at the local hydrotherapy pool the reason why a hydrotherapy pool is so good for Pugsley is because it a way of him getting exercise and it's fun is equipped with a series of chance which makes the dog swim far against the fuzz hydrotherapy please allow your dog to exercise in a controlled environmental sense but at 12 pounds of session alternatively you could try taking your dog to the local dog friendly now Pugsley 'he's had his exercise will it help to control his desire to mount Tyrone and Travis's friends the training seems to be working although he still jumps up Pugsley does respond positively to the sound version good boy the exercise she's given him seems to have cooled his passion that was very good because he went up to the kids and instead of humping them and jumping up on them he turned away what a difference there relief for now it looks like Pugsley will get to keep his plums and two weeks later things have improved Pugsley is now happy to go for regular walks Tyrone's relationship with Pugsley has completely transformed me once so yeah I'm not scaring anyone and Pugsley 'he's new routine means he's stopped using the house as his personal looms going good and that is brilliant he started seeing things straight away didn't like yeah instant when Victoria returns to check up on them there's just one little thing Pugsley is humping may not be a danger levels but it hasn't entirely disappeared you're still having a problem yeah what would be the ideal scenario for you now well I would honestly get incarcerated I don't mind if it's still afterward you know really be persuaded maybe castration would lessen that humping behavior I think we'd love to seriously consider out I've seen a vast improvement in Pugsley he's a much better behaved dog he's humping less but it is still a problem I can't force Nick into anything but if Pugsley were my dog I would opt for castration so now the balls in your court Nick

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  1. Thanks to everyone for taking part in the neutering poll on the episode. The results are interesting (as of the 29th of April):
    Neutering is good = 83%
    Neutering is bad = 17%
    All others:
    Neutering is good = 94%
    Neutering is bad = 6%

    So while men do agree by a large margin that neutering is a good thing, they DO like it less. Thanks everyone for participating. You can view the results by clicking the little 'i' on the top left corner of the video.

  2. Neutering is expensive, yes, but it's worth it. I have 16 pets in total, and there are 6 people (including me) and we still payed the $150 to get my dog neutered.

  3. Opening scene
    That's when your dogs collide as one team ? in making your peaceful day a chaos

    I have also 2 bulldogs (puppies) and a 1 unidentified breed dog
    If this 3 grow up and decide to make a mess sigh lemme ready myself ?

  4. Neutering should never be the first choice if a dog shows behavioral disorder.
    But in this case they tried everything and it seems that neutering would relieve the dogo's hypersexuality.
    Really cool episode and good to think well about surgeries.

  5. Cmon ur husband needs to train that dog he doesent care about hes 13 years old son that hes bitten by ur dog

  6. Narrater: meet pugsly, a 3 year old bulldog

    Me:that does not look like a three year ol it looks like a fricken 10 year old gaurd dog!

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