38 thoughts on “The Birds’ Great Escape – Superstore (Episode Highlight)

  1. BEST SANDRA & Mateo's Reactions!! It's Mateo's "Birds" Costume from the Halloween Costume Competition & Fears come to life!!!! ??????

  2. Poor Dina. ? We’re behind with the show in the UK, and I was wondering if it’s ever been revealed how Garrett came to be in a wheelchair?

  3. Employees are depicted as careless incompetents. In practice pet stores restrict access to pet bird cages to only those who know what opening a cage door is about. This degrades both pet store professionals, their staffs AND manages to downplay the responsible person's feelings. The nitwit who created this episode should be given a month off without pay. Stupid is not funny. Anyone who believes doing stupid things consistently is "funny and entertaining" just needs retraining to a less childish state of mind. Immediately someone will come back with "chill out." 5-4-3-2-1

  4. Honestly, I HATED this.. hope they find some way to have her get them back…though that seems kinda impossible.

  5. Weird how Garrett was in a Park and Rec episode “Emergency Response” where he played a character who is advised to kill the birds as the animal clinic.

  6. I liked how Diana eventually got revenge on Garrett when she burned all his shoes. All Garrett could do was watch and he knew he deserved it, like Jonah said, they sold those chips in the store and he didn't need to go through all trouble to buy them from the vending machine..

  7. They couldn't find a better way to set up this Dina revenge side story? Garrett opened the cage because he wanted a snack? Really? I mean, come on, that's just stupid beyond stupid. If you're gonna make Garrett open the cage by accident, at least give him a proper reason for doing so. He could even get the damn snack in the store. I'm sorry, I just can't get behind writing as stupid as that. This is fanfiction levels of stupid. This is something a 12 year old comes up with.

    I did enjoy the storyline it eventually led up to, but the set up is just…ugh. Dumb as hell. It's not even funny. There's just no good reason to go with something that stupid.

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