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Do you know why we’re here today? uhhh, for video? That’s true, but we’re here to talk about the birds and the bees. Have you ever heard about the birds and the bees? Okay, well, I don’t know if they say that anymore but when daddy was little, they called it the birds and the bees. And Mama, they don’t even tell her in China where babies came from; she had to find out all by herself. Awwwww, poor Mommy Mhmmmm They don’t talk about it, so she was pretty surprised when you came along. [Mom:] Yes [Dad:] Right? That means … Because I was like, when I was being born–I was like where am I, in some kind of tunnel or something? [Mom:] In some kind of tunnel some kind of tunnel? Oh, you can see, huh? [Maddox:] and then, and then when you move And I was like, “oooh, a walk-in-tunnel?” What?? It’s crazy. Well before you got into that tunnel, Okay You were made and do you know how babies are made? Well, well, sometimes I call it a tunnel because there’s some kind of hole here like a igloo. [Mom:] Ohhh! Okay. [Dad:] An igloo in Mama’s belly, huh? [Mom:] So how could you get in the tunnel? [Maddox:] Well, maybe the magician sent me…? [Dad:] A magician sent you in there, huh? [Maddox:] MmmHMM! [Dad:] Well daddy must be a magician. [Mom:] A very good one! [Dad:] A very good one, right? The one “Ha-ha-ha” funny [Dad:] But we’re gonna tell you about how babies are made, would you like to know how babies are made? [Maddox:] MADE OF WATER. Humans are made of water, I knew it. [Dad:] That’s true [Maddox:] I knew it, I really knew it. [Dad:] There’s a lot of water. [Maddox:] Oh my gosh, I am so smart! When Mommy and Daddy decided we were ready to have you, right? Mommy decided that she was ready to have something inside her igloo, so Mommy and Daddy got together and we took off all our clothes [Maddox:] oh! [Dad:] and we got into side the blanket So we were really warm, and then mommy and daddy did a special dance, and there you were–that’s how you were made. [Maddox:] Oh my gosh that is…really… Really, really no good if you took off all your clothes off… [Dad:] Well, we have to take our clothes off [Maddox:] OH! [Dad:] if you want to make a baby Ooooooh ooh [Dad:] Does that surprise you? [Maddox:] ooooh Oooh my gosh, it doesn’t, really doesn’t! That’s really disgusting you know or not Ohhh it’s like…ughh, it’s.. Well, I’m glad Mama didn’t say that when daddy took his clothes off. [Mom:] I’m so sorry *laughs* Come oooon [Maddox:] Ohh [Dad:] Do you have any questions for us? Nooo! And I hope we don’t start over again [Mom:] *laughs* [Dad:] No Okay, we’re not gonna do it again Daddy *laughs*

25 thoughts on “The Birds and the Bees (Maddox) | Parents Explain | Cut

  1. The dad” Mommy and daddy took of all our clothes, got inside the covers and did a special dance and there you were”

    Me” Wow my parents told me something different”


  2. "there is a hole like a igloo"

    I died I shut down 0_o

    "Mommy was ready to have u in her igloo"

    "We did a special dance"

    My eyes fell out my head

    I was like oml

    Out off all the words he said "igloo"

    Out off all the sentences his dad HAD to use "we did a special dance"

  3. I suddenly look up for the 60's song of the bird and the bees.. 'cause I thought the title of the video is connected to that and I still don't get it!.

  4. This is the quiet right description of mating of parents to their child … you know not totally disputing their innocence. Common they are just child.. stop distracting their young minds.

  5. I told my little sister our pop pooped us out because my mom already told her we were in her tummy and my mom laughed. She’s also so innocent, she asks people with big tummy’s if they have a baby inside of them and it’s cute and she’s 5 sjdheksk

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