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All right Chase. We are here to talk about babies. Is that funny? yeah. yup. *chuckles* So? So. Do you know where babies come from? Bellies. Duh From where? Bellies! Duh. Whose bellies? My mom’s. *chuckles nervously* And how do the baby get in there? uhhh I’m not sure. Sperm. Egg. Collide. Blah Blah Blah. What do you mean: sperm, egg, collide? Where did you learn that from? Nick. Duh. :3 Who’s Nick? My brother! What did he tell you? Bad stuff. Like what? *chuckles nervously* You do not want to know :3 so… Who provides the egg and who provides the… what did you say? The sperm. :3 *wheezes* Umm… The mom provides the egg and the dad provides the sperm. And how does the dad provide the sperm? ummm What do you mean? Does he go to the store and buy it? *chuckles* No. It’s already in him! What do you mean it’s in him!? *chuckles nervously again* Its in him!! Where? *chuckles* *wheezing* Where? Uhh. In his body! Where? In his body!! You mean like it’s in his… ear?! Noo!! In his nose? Nope Where? Uhh… I’m actually not sure. Okay. And then how does daddy give the sperm to mommy? Uhh. They have sex. *shocked* WHAT!? *chuckles and wheezing* I told you Nick told me a lot of stuff. What is sex? Oh. Uh. *chuckles and more wheezing* Uhh… Nick… Nick didn’t give details *wheezing* I’m glad he didn’t give you any details. And so there’s nothing about sex that… you want to know from me or babies. nothing. No. :3 Nothing at all? No! So you have no idea how… how people have sex? I do not want to know!!

100 thoughts on “The Birds and the Bees (Chase) | Parents Explain | Cut

    (or NICK IS HIM!)
    dad:whos nick?
    him:MY BROTHER!
    wooow hes the best dad im the whole world!
    him:NICK TOLD ME!

  2. Father I assume:Where did you learn that?
    Chase:Nick told me
    Father:tell the people who is nick
    Chase:he is my brother
    Father:And what did he tell you?
    Chase:BAD STUFF
    this cracked me up Xd
    I bet when they got home nick got thrown of a cliff xD jk jk jk

  3. Guys he said “and who’s nick?” As in he wants his child to explain to the viewers and the workers there who nick is. That’s why he just continues.

  4. Dad:what do you mean its in him ? 1:8
    Dad's mind: i wanna know how much details Nick gave to kid.
    Kid: makes a gesture with his hand as if he means balls.

  5. 2:12 more like I do not want to talk about it, Nicks gonna kill me for ratting him out. after dad kills him of course..

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