The Biggest pitbull puppy on earth ddk9 "THE HULK" of DDKLINE PART 2

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39 thoughts on “The Biggest pitbull puppy on earth ddk9 "THE HULK" of DDKLINE PART 2

  1. Help find me 2 solid black pitbull puppies. I need them..I'm disabled and I really need a new family. I will be with them 24/7 talking totally spoiled but go everywhere….help…I will not accept any other breed…Thanks.

  2. Gotta be extra careful with the dog in the water on those rocks. If his footing slips & he springs his back leg thats very bad news. My pit did that & it took months for it to heal & that tendon never healed back the way it was supposed too. When I would take him for his distemper shots. Over time the vet told me his leg was like 90 to 95 percent. If they twist that tendon they will come close to 100% but not fully.

  3. These trailer trash losers understand pit bulls less than Bernie Sanders understand what it means to do hard physical laboring for a living. Neither has any idea.

  4. i have a pitbull… the sire is a dogue bordeaux and the dam is a french mastiff/dogo mix. i over feed it so it waddles when it walks, then sleeps when the camera is off. i crop the ears to make it more believable, even though i lie to no ends. i'm a dogman that doesn't know what i breed, but pit sounds good.

  5. I would like to have a dog like hulk when I had a dog we had to give the dog away that was five years ago now I can't get a dog but I think I might in the future

  6. o and you're the ignorant one why u say some dogs or animals shouldn't even exist maybe you should not exist who gives you the right to say shit you piece of shit

  7. IDK what anyone else here says I think HULK is gorgeous. I'd love to have a dog like him, but his pups are out of my price range. And if I were the owner of HULK, I'd never sell a member of my family, and that dog is truly a member of his family. It shows.

  8. As a guardian of an old family red nose American pit bull terrier, I can tell you this gorgeous canine is of bully breed. The only pit about him is his colour. Beautiful dogs.

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