11 thoughts on “The Big Cat Name Survey 2019 | Cats Protection campaign

  1. My 18-year-old cat is called Squish. I've got an 8-year-old called Marshmallow and a 4-year-old named Kenya. I like giving my pets silly, non-human names, it's more fun to me 🙂

  2. My cat was named Vera. She was not named after anybody–famous or otherwise. You'll never guess in a million years how she got her name.

  3. None of our families cats names featured past or present. Boo, Willow, Scarab, Katniss, (Masie, Holly, Marmaduke, Pepper, Dusty, Muffin, Polo) that I can remember.

  4. We almost called our black and white cat oreo, but then decided on Bow because of the white bit on her chest. The tortie's called Callie becasue when she was a kitten, her foster mum said she was a calico cat. Love the name Broccoili. Might call my next cat 'G-Bread'.

  5. Aww – neither of mine, which I thought were common, are in there.
    ( The) Herbert – answers to Bert, Bertie, "mamma's little bear"
    Leo – answer to Leo-pud, pudding, "mamma's honey bear" Also responds to "TV Time" which is when I put the bird food out in the garden.

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