The Best Way to Kill Mice – Mouse Traps vs. Poisons

Hi, I am Andy Woolworth with Victor.
Today I’m discussing the difference between traps and poisons.
Traps and poisons are both highly effective ways of eliminating rodent problems.
Understanding the advanges and uses of each will help you as you encounter issues with
pests. Mechanical traps remain the fastest and most
reliable solution to control rats and mice. Trapping mice has many advantages over other
methods including value, ease of removal, and safety.
Traps are time tested and are a top choice by professionals for fast, effective rodent
control. Traps are naturally alluring to a curious
rodent. If enough traps are put out the first night,
it is very likely that you may eliminate your rodent problem within 24 hours.
Traps are non-toxic, making them safe around children and pets and come in a variety of
options from simple wood snap traps to advanced electronic traps.
Rodent baits, also known as rodenticides, offer an economical and efficient approach
for eliminating large rodent populations. The most commonly used formulation of rodenticides
are pellets and blocks. Typically, blocks are used in bait stations
or secured in one location to prevent rodents from carrying them away.
Pellets encourage the rodent to transfer them. For this reason, this type of mouse bait is
not suggested for use in homes with children or pets.
Rodenticides enable effective control or large rodent populations where trapping would be
impractical. Rodenticides are appealing to rodents because
they contain a majority of the rodent’s natural food source.
Baits are mainly composed of grains and seeds; these foods are proven to very appealing and
well accepted by most rodents. Additionally, most rodenticide actives are
odorless and tasteless, increasing the appeal in palatability of this control method.
Rodenticide active ingredients are formulated in several ways to provide a wide range of
options for controlling rodents in any environment. Rodent and mouse bait can be used inside or
outside and has been proven to appeal to those pesky creatures.
So that’s the basics of rodent traps and poisons.

46 thoughts on “The Best Way to Kill Mice – Mouse Traps vs. Poisons

  1. as an electrician whos in attics all the time i see thousands of dead mice and raqts from poison and the odor of death……..take a few minutes out to set traps and remove the rat/mose from a trap and rebait ….dont let the mice eat poison and be rotting corpses in and around your home throw the body away

  2. use poison.. mouse/ rat runs off poisoned.. dies somewhere and you have yourself a really bad smell inside your house

  3. I HATE MICE!! I'm with you on this count: I would HATE to see a cat or kitten get harmed by a glue trap.

  4. Just trapped a preggo mouse that gave birth whilst in captivity lol. Now instead of a single mouse problem, I have a problem that involves 5 still-alive mice lol…

  5. I would say you use poison for the bait; that way if he gets away with the bait, he still dies; so if the rat attempts to get the bait, it's a catch 22 for it. And also, your kids or animals can't get to it without you knowing, because if they touch the trap… they'll regret it.

  6. Well let's think about this as if mice were living creatures that actually feel pain for a moment. Would you rather use a snap trap that risks breaking bones instead of instantly killing the mouseby breaking it's neck or would you rather use a poison that causes internal bleeding and makes the mouse die slowly. Think first! Why not try a live-catch trap and release them back into the wild? Of course I own pet mice but all the same I support HUMANE treatment not animal cruelty.

  7. Not to worry.. Once seen a cat get his tail stuck on a glue trap and it was one of the funniest things i ever seen.The cat walked across the room like it was drunk and was completely off balance cause it uses it's tail to walk straight. Funny as hell I'm sure the cat didn't think so. So right away we soaked cats tail in warm, soapy water and came off very easy. It was only stuck on tail for a min. or two.

  8. Well, I wish I knew the answer. I have the super mouse in my kitchen. So far he's staying in the kitchen. He moves from the stove to the wall and back. We have traps and glue trays all around the kitchen and this mouse won't take the bait. I think he's blind. We put peanut butter on the traps and it's been like 2 weeks. I don't know where he's getting his food source, but it's not with the food on the traps.
    Anybody have any ideas how to catch/kill this mouse?
    peanut butter a good source?

  9. I think these creatures have really evolved,one nite my son went in the kitchen turned on the lite and startled the mouse and he said the mouse ran and jumped over the trap, he thought that was so funny, He laughed so loud he woke up the house. I had 4 traps in place for about a month haven't caught anything. put down the decon still nothing.

  10. . . . I got a family in my house . . . Put 2 glue traps with porkrinds in the middle . . . The little screech woke me up i look and i got 2 haha goin for the whole family im gonna buy like 5 glue traps tomorrow and we'll see how it goes and i just picked up the trap and they still alive i put it in the trash out side

  11. These mouse traps are NOT safe around pets and kids. Kids can get curious. Pets can also too. And you know what happens when they get curious around a mouse trap? They get hurt.

  12. Are freaking stupid!? My sister's baby (who is going to turn 6 this year) accidently put her fingers near the mouse trap. And guess what happen. Her finger broke. Peppermint oil is best if you want the rats to go away.

  13. Glue pads are the best option inside house. But it should be closed inside rodent boxes and suitable food bait should be kept inside to attract rats

  14. The problem with using poison is the mice/rat can die somewhere inside then you have to find the corpse or it will stink up your house.

  15. Check this article about humanely getting rid of mice.

    It's a comprehensive article exploring the many ways people try to rid their house of rodents.  There are two videos -be sure and watch both. Part two shows the easiest, most humane, most effective and least grotesque method I've ever seen.

  16. Hello Andy I've supported your product for years .
    . I need something else the mice seem to avoid them 
    what's your thoughts .I have the packs of poison,sticky traps and the snap type.and I use peanut butter  I still hear the sound of company some where in the walls late at night . A cat ,snake ,ferret . ????? please reply

  17. yeah i really hate the little mice . i have killed so many already , just need to know where is the best place to find these pellets for the mice….

  18. I have this problem several time these years and now the mice came back again. This time they are very little. I thought they are only staying in the kitchen but I realized they also go around the house like they pay rent, you know… once came in the wc while i was there and he went into the garbage and had no way out. Yesterday one was standing in the kitchen in a pan, like he was the mouse from Ratatouille LOL. I have to get rid of them quick. My girlfriend won't come to me anymore if I don't kill them quickly.

  19. Also, I am not sure how a cat or a dog is safe around a trap or some of these poison. They may eat it or just stept into the trap, you know… little kids also, you can't always watch them

  20. but would if the mice are smart , my sister tried every trap they know how to avoid them…they are so art they can take the food without if snapping them on the trap…then they eat the poison….Idk what else to do

  21. Well, I tried to be a nice guy, using all the live trap methods, with no results on mice we had in the house a few years ago. Went with the Victor "quonset hut" style electronic zapper and Wa-La!, instant success! Last year over the winter, larger rodents set up a nest in the outdoor gas grill/bar island. Broke out the 3 Victor zappers, made sure the C-cells were fresh, and, although it took a week or so, the entire family was eradicated. IMHO this is the most humane and effective method while still safe for humans and pets….

  22. I will say this much..I ended up with a big mouse problem in my trailer that I live in…I got this problem because of a few cleaning on mom's house after it caught on the cold weather snap that we got and then me getting flooded right after Christmas 2015…so with this huge problem..I set out the traps and baited with peanut butter…had a few mice still… had some that was very smart and was able to get the peanut butter without tripping it..then heard about using a small piece of tootsie roll and really mashing it down into the flapper to where they have to bite it to get it off..then it was good bye mice…I don't like the setting out poison idea as I have a cat and dog in my house and also I don't like animals to suffer..yes that even includes mice..I like the trap idea as it is instant death..I will not do a catch and release either..catch to kill is what I do…

  23. I've just tried using rat & mouse bait,(which looks like harmless sawdust,) with peanuts to kill squirrels after one of my cage traps was somehow sprung with the peanuts gone. With the bait, all the peanuts have been taken and some of the bait eaten. Will it kill squirrels? So far I can't hear them in or around my house but time will tell.

  24. I've now found that my problem was rats, not squirrels nesting in my attic. I've killed two of them in two days with my Victor Rat Trap. On the third day, the peanuts weren't taken, which may or may not mean that I've eliminated the problem. I've also placed some old poison on a dish in the attic. Time will tell on that one but I prefer fast results and that means a good rat trap.

  25. I've had sticky straps with peanut butter on them and it seems to not work :/ I think these mice are smart because they saw their trapped friend trapped in the sticky trap once. So that's why their not going into the trap

  26. ohhh was the first time which i found a little rat in my house…awwwe disgusting ..I live in country side but they are everywhere…I bought poison tray to kill it.

  27. I disagree with your video. I have one or more persistent and smart mice. Ive caught some but I have at least two stubborn mice who will not touch a snap trap or rodenicides.
    None of your Victor products work against the Smart Mouse. The only success that I have had is some of my home made traps. Which even the smart mouse has learned to avoid.

  28. i got one of those multi mouse kill units with the batteries and it broke in a week. I did manage to kill about 6 mice before it failed.

  29. Make your own traps with materials you already have! lure with peanut butter to roll or slide into a big bucket and release in woods or let them drown in salty water Simples!

  30. traps are bull shit. god damn mouse got the peanut butter and cheese off that bitch like 10 times without setting it off.

  31. Wrong on this part. Mice can smell if you have touched a trap. I wear gloves when placing them so they don't smell me on them.

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