The Best Way to Get Rid of Rats | Pro Pacific Pest Control

You’ve got rats. You’ve tried everything.
You’ve even hired professionals and things were better for a while but now
it’s a full-court press again. Is it possible to get rid of the rats? The
answer is simple. Remember when you were a kid and your parents made you pull the
weeds? Your dad probably always told you to make sure and get the roots. He knew
that if you didn’t get the root, the weeds would just grow back. Isn’t that true of
most of life’s problems? Rats are no exception. In order to
understand why, we have to understand why rats are in our homes in the first place. Imagine what it would be like to be a rat. Overcrowding, tremendous competition,
dangerous predators. What if you could find a place where no, or relatively few,
rats were living? A suburb of sorts. Would you move? Of course you would! Now you get it. If you don’t currently have rats in your home, you probably will soon. Rats
living in your attic travel in and out daily. As they travel they are constantly
marking their territory. This leaves trails that other rats can
follow. Once a rat has lived in your home they have marked the path and left a
clear message for others to follow. This is why trapping alone is unsuccessful, or
at best temporary. You may be able to get rid of rats today, but that won’t stop
new rats from coming tomorrow. The biggest mistakes in rat control are:
initially failing to get rid of all the rats. Failing to identify all points of
access on the house. Failing to monitor and control the
exterior population. The real key to successfully solving rodent problems is
experience. Pro Pacific Pest Control has spent decades perfecting this process
and solves thousands of rodent problems per year. We get it! Rats are scary; they
create anxiety, sleep loss, and are terribly frustrating to deal with. You’re
not a pro, that’s why we are! Hand your rodent problem over to us. It’s no longer
yours to deal with. We take ownership of your rodent problem and you take back
your sleep at night. We even have warranties that can be renewed
indefinitely so that you can rest assured you’ll never have to deal with this again. Call or click today! We’re anxious to get rid of your anxiety.

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