The BEST OF Softpops 2015 for 2018! Dr Pimple Popper

hi guys it's that time of year it's time for the best of doctor pimple popper so I'm going to be giving you the best of my cyst the best of my life moma's the best of our blackheads before the end of the year however first I want to show you what we've had in previous years so here is the best of 2015 you've seen me treat acne now put the power in your own hands check out my full acne system at wws lmd skin care calm cuz this has been here for a while I think it's stuck on you it is you right up okay yeah it's not easy area free to look at and it's also not easy area for you to take it's just like kind of like a kind of I guess just like your skin grows it's tucked in words and you get it you have this little sack actually I'm gonna I'm showing everybody the little sack right now that flakes and into that I try to express this dye they did pour here I'm gonna go write that little pour here just as you can get it off okay so here we go I'm gonna squeeze and see right I'm gonna squeeze in a pro low pressure on you but not hurting you right okay good it's like a these dilated pores of Winer are really just large black heads that are superficial and more dried up so kinda have to squeeze on a little try to get all that out it's behaving though and the reason they're so dark is because they're oxidized they've hit oxygen and so they're more they're just a darker color there's nothing to do like the ones that are kind of trapped under there and don't get air exposed to them those are the ones that we call whiteheads maybe a little pressure but not too bad right and they always are bigger than they look they just hide under that actually you thought yours was pretty hard it's it's moderately hard this ice I felt harder once yours is not too and that actually is nice because it makes it easier for me to remove sometimes people ask me to why can't I just take a tweezer and pull the whole thing out or Kelly forceps or something like that it's not that easy these are friable they're don't really want to pull out so easily you have to kind of the the sack is very you can see it tear is really easy I have to nudge it a little bit kind of coax it out Marty you might be a little pickaninny okay if I am just let me know I'm gonna make a little nick in here you shouldn't feel this if you found a thing sharp you'd let me know that looks like you got a little dilated pour of wine or did you even know it was here no you because you can't feel this out here huh oh I see I'm just gonna push against you okay all right okay you it's like a little not like a little disc in there you know it's like flat like a dish look it's gonna slide out it is it's like a little it's like you've stored a little maybe there's some clues in here to a buried treasure well we'll be by this there's some clues [Laughter] sliding out look it's sliding out looks like it has a little piece on it it almost looks like a little you guys like this kind of yeah oh gosh well here's part of it here we go oh my gosh but you're still part of it hanging out so you here is called rhinophyma where you get thickening of the skin on your nose like very dilated follicles see how that just kind of all this stuff is just right under the surface ready to come out mmm you should have seen it all squeeze right out of that one little hundred on her forehead so we had to do some fancy things to close it up because it was pretty big this looks better already good how much nice what that looks well you're gonna like this now you're gonna come back just to see me I glad I do that I was younger but you're married so are you for longer than I you're such a little chaser see he cuz he's allowed to say all these things cuz his wife's in the room you know with him you see I put a little numbing on some of these bigger areas and I knew we're gonna have to squeeze a little bit more you're okay Hoss all right I'm good cuz we're still enjoying ourselves if you're okay good one there yeah like silly string you but you guys are pretty much on your own huh you take care of your wife pretty much on your own Wow yeah I see that I mean I see that you're fully functioning on your own you're taking care of her and you've got keeping all your appointments and does she have a lot of other appointments does she see a lot of other doctors regularly is it yep mm-hmm right across the cell yeah and we're going to Connecticut we're going to we're going in a couple weeks to kinetic muses I'm gonna push this one here yeah I got a thing called look at that one he's all healing I'm gonna see you in two weeks I'll take a pet after picture of how good it looks afterwards you would come okay it's kind of a complex maybe even I would called it what we call dilated pour wine or not hurting you right you know what Sybil they're no they're being cartilage there so it's actually kind of hard for me to here we go to kind of pull it out without using a a tweezer or four set oh I think I can get it with this so letting in there okay not to my shoes look at that one I had to show this to you you were storing something in here you could smuggle diamonds or something across supporter there's most of it there's a little bit of skin right here let me just see if I can pull that thing was stored in there like a little black bean Oh her core was not removed that's why no I didn't I didn't wanna we're interrupting you I'm sorry we're all like ignoring you faucet old school plugs like those black yeah yeah oh look at that women why do you wanna see it yeah I knew what they were about I couldn't get him out you couldn't get him out and you were trying huh so you were a firefighter and I do think that being out there and all the soot and the smoke and being out there in the Sun all the time definitely can take 40% of my lung capacity Wow these and these these were wanting to come out see you just need one of these special instruments here there it's come they're coming out you're okay yeah what did you tell me – you said the cutest thing so I kinda asked you whether you wouldn't remind me doing this today for you you just see were very you were all ready to go he said just do it I'll stand on my head you said I need to okay yeah you know if you had a dollar for each of these would be doing all right that's for sure so you came out here and you did you just fall no with the weather no what happened the word you just went to work in a society this is where I'm gonna be you're one of those kind of people just a hard worker huh when did you retire my knee what do you been doing with yourself since then oh so you stay busy no matter what do you miss being a fireman no no that was quick why I can't reggae it's heartbreaking now in like in Indiana do as a fireman how much of it is actually fighting a fire oh really so I put some in there so we could take some of these out how you doing what can you see this one pushed this way I'm gonna push against you okay that's cuz it's hard to get into this but you're not you're not one to complain so you tell me uncle I'm gonna go at it she could see this one here a couple up here and then just long enough time and we'll have plenty more to work on next time but I'm gonna lose a couple pounds here I think today oh I didn't even have to Nick these they come out easily so when you went into the hospital for your surgery there a stent you said you didn't even have any symptoms I mean how did you end up there in the first place then well they just took an ultrasound I see and that's where it came from right here all right we got a lot of the bumps on your face I'm gonna be hot property over there mm a lot more paperwork we gotta fill out if you stop breathing all right we don't like to follow up that paperwork Jones right here there's a couple more air oK you've had enough of me we're done so much better let's take a look at you overall you look cute thank you ready to go I'm coming out not really right no you just feel me pushing on you oh good let's go with you brush it polishes of teeth it's just that levity oh my gosh you startled me too but the nose is very sensitive to as you can tell the nose is probably the second most sensitive just for my experience of numbing people up and having to do things on them the nose and the lips I know I have these little blood vessels around my nose like the nostril area and I like I try to I don't do them I don't treat them as often as I probably should because I don't like to pee in myself but I I can't it's hard to believe when you do the bows I don't feel anything you know after it's over after the nose it doesn't feel partly right no I mean I do and I do surgery it's do I know that's good that's what's so amazing about numbing I guess right thank goodness for it I remember the big ones you had your nostril they're gone you have a little delicate nose actually under here just really thick from all this stuff sorry even though it looks like I'm gonna abuse you more here actually think it's gonna do more more good this time because I'm really kind of being a little bit more aggressive trying to get some of these he proceeded once under there so that's actually a good thing oh we got some good ones there Wow nice and easy you have to kind of pull them off so I'm just answering sometimes some people's questions should be a machine with yours are stuck and that's why you have been able to take them out easily because come on now these are like impossible to take that without nicking the surface of your skin you have to make your surfaces scanners no I have some hopefully some good use for you you know that we've been posting your be posted some of your videos of your blackheads extractions right people all over the world have donated to and they've actually they wanted to send you letters so I actually have a lot a packet of letters to be permanent for you and I have some money for you that they gave you I have about at over six thousand dollars oh my god yeah six thousand dollars that's for you to help you with all your situation that you're going on right now and this is from people around the world this isn't that so sweet of them you're true teas about a little bit in the beginning right there my eye on that one that dark one right there's no one low and dark one sitting here not coming out without a fight these other ones around that are coming out we really addressed the top heroes here okay I've explained to you what all this is from right you have a little rhinophyma you know a little thickening of the skin here an overproduction of oil glands just from you having rosacea you know it's nothing life-threatening or anything is just that it thickens night where were the long ones that we used to have thought so long at the corner of your nose right here I think there's still a lot on this side of your nose and when I trim it down we're gonna see some of this oil really kind of coming out of there that's gonna have to just process easier here yeah I just took one good squeeze awesome they're great once it's like everything ah there we go no it's right next to it doing there not on that No all right all right one time one sad but I'm done it's really weird that I've perfected some kind of art keeps going my goodness see that's when you know you never know it's surprising you

47 thoughts on “The BEST OF Softpops 2015 for 2018! Dr Pimple Popper

  1. I tried to use one of those blackhead extractors, and it seriously hurt!!! Plus it left marks on my face. I won’t be using that thing again anytime soon. Let’s just say NEVER ??

  2. I went onto a new site earlier just to check it out as it was all blackheads. After watching it I read the comments and I’d say at least 7/10 were complaining about dr Sandra Lee I’m fairly new to this so don’t know how to get a message to her so she realises what’s going on. The comments range from using that tool on young skin and old skin nicking even tiniest blackheads bruising ppl cause she uses the commodore all the time that she’s conceited and rushes so much now she is not as thorough as she was doesn’t clean stuff off instrument properly leaves stuff in pressing on lips and being greedy and only concerned with money as she was made famous by everyone who followed her on you tube but since she’s had her t v show she doesn’t care and has enough money without bringing out her own range of skin care products. A few of them have unsubscribed to her channel and won’t watch her again. Before you all jump at me and call me names remember I said ppl dr Sandra lees followers are writing these comments in you don’t believe me go on the site and read them for yourself Someone has to tell her what is being said

  3. It's so strange but I'd love to offer my friends to pop their blackheads on their noses… It always grosses me out seeing a nose with all those black spots, knowing they'd come out so nicely

  4. Does anyone else think this video is just not right. Why would these patients at the age that they are suddenly become interested in their skin. Homeless maybe? If this is the case then these poor old souls are being exploited to make these videos. I really hope that I am wrong.

  5. I think what makes her so good at this is the fact that she can just strike up a conversation and make them feel right at home.keep up the good work!

  6. Ich habe die Sendung von Frau Dr. Lee heute im deutschen TV gesehen. Schrecklich was manche Menschen für schreckliche Sachen bekommen. Einfach traurig sowas. SChön das es Leute wie Frau Dr. Lee gibt die ihnen helfen.

  7. I’m sitting here with my hand over my mouth. My teeth are clenched. The amount of saliva I’m producing can only be the product of witchcraft. I feel physically Ill. I wish the video was longer.

  8. Idk if it’s only me but I get annoyed when she’s talking to the patient and they barely say a word I just find it rude ?

  9. Mr. Wilson was my favorite. You were so sweet to him. Something he probably didn't have for many years. You are an amazing Dr. and human being. Hugs from NC

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