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hey we are crypto girls e-marketing between a and B we gotta forgot though I don't bring anything bill back so it gets you again put it in remark I'm Cody Reece and I'm your new york city host four five buck lunch my love of food has taken me to more than 35 countries I've worked as a cook farmer and cheese maker now I'm in NYC in search of the tastiest and cheapest food my Duckett's can buy join me as I take you to the dankest lunch spots for five bucks or less we what's up everybody my name is Cody Harrison Reese I'm a helicopter pilot and I'm also a helicopter parent so many frickin dogs in the world there's big dogs small dogs some dogs too fat heck even my mom has dogs but there's something that no one can argue against one of those dogs is the hot dog now you can find these little mystery poppers all over New York I even got one with me right now but we're not looking for any dog all right we're in the East Village and I'm gonna gobble down a particularly nice wiener first up I'm hitting the streets for sausage talk I only got five bucks and I can't sleep at night because I'm afraid of my dreams [Applause] how old do you think the sausage is I think the sausage is more than 200 years old more than 200 years old maybe the 1920s 1920s so you're thinking wow thank God World War one is over now it's hot dog time how old do you think the hot dog is the sausage in general oh they keep it I mean it didn't expiration no no would you believe me when I said they've been around since ancient Roman times surely someone was cooking a whole animal and they left the intestines in there and it cooked and they realized that the the intestines inflated and kept the shape of what was on the inside it's like oh we could just stuff a bunch of meat in there so it's like a big mistake it's like a big mistake kind of like I was when's the best time to eat a hotdog at night would be the best time to eat a hotdog yeah a night who's waking I've been like man I would love to down a wiener right now well hard to say mustard and ketchup which side are you on mustard I always say that ketchup is like a disgrace to my people because it's like tomato sauce but with sugar in it I don't know how and or like role playing you are but well let's just pretend like how about you'll be mustard and I'll be ketchup and we'll just kind of go from there okay yeah how's it going hey I'm from a seed I got a bunch of stuff in me including high fructose corn syrup I think yeah I'm like pretty much just mash up ground up seeds yeah well listen up dude there's only room for one of us on a hotdog and you need to get the hell out of here we can't both be in a hotdog we can't both well I guess you could maybe we should be friends no I don't know yeah okay Wow one of the best improv scenes that I think either of us have ever done anything you want to say to the people at home about hot dogs make your own choices about what kind of hot dogs you put in your body everybody deserves the choice what's up here we are CRIF dogs or as I like to call it crip dogs today I'm gonna introduce these little snappy bangers right to my mouth let's go how's it going thank you I have but I have like about a million people that have not let me be the first to welcome the million people here just so they know our most popular dogs in the menu our spicy redneck tsunami chihuahua and John John there we go or you can build your own using any one of these three hot dog okay and any one of these 20 toppings damn dude they got Taylor ham I'll take a kripp dog please would you like any of the free topping something yes I would like them all please ketchup mustard sauerkraut relish Tehran users at all yeah total will be 451 nice I'm excited to eat this dog they are has a gun hey wait I love you how's it going guys without further ado the CRIF dog this ain't no Boyle dog like they say basically nowhere this is a deep-fried dog crunch crunch crisp dogs is chill enough to have a customisable menu of toppings here and a lot of it's for free we got sauerkraut we got fresh onion we got relish we got mustard we got ketchup this guy is begging to be stuck right where the Sun does shine in my mouth I was dying to saw crunchings and so you got freshness sweetness acidity crunch a whole bunch of different textures and flavors going on here if you're a dirty dog and you like dirty dogs and you're looking to go dirty dog dancing cut on down to CRIF dogs alright that's about it for me I'm taking the Express train straight to dog heaven see you guys let's say you're walking in to CRIF dogs and you have more than five bucks somehow I looked out today and thank God for 650 did you grab this guy here the spicy redneck got coleslaw bacon-wrapped hot dog it's got chili and jalapenos I told you mom I can't talk right now gosh hey guys make sure you subscribe like comment share and if you liked this episode you seen a little bit of cash go watch our other episodes all right but for now just make sure you tell the people that you love that you love them cuz they won't be there forever I can't talk long

36 thoughts on “The Best Hot Dog in NYC || 5 Buck Lunch

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  2. ''i have a million people watching'' he says…video has 25k views.
    yeah punk get a haircut,your millenial bs makes me regret living.

  3. Would be nice for something like this somewhere else other than NYC. Best Carolina style dog! If the weenie isn't bright red it's no go!

  4. This fuckin hipster has the most punchable face on the entire planet. This man looks like he wakes up everyday offended by something lmaooooo

  5. Was really wondering what hotdogs he will show us. too bad i can't watch the video becase I want to murder this fucking hipster with a shovel.

  6. um since when did you have to pay extra for ketchup mustard sourkraut relish onions? and $1 for the other toppings, yeah big pass for a classic 1.50 from cosco!

  7. something tells me after that phone call to mom he went to wash down those dogs with a delicious brewski or something 😉

  8. That tip sign tho. $6.50 for a hot dog and they want a tip for take out or else we're an asshole? What an asshole move by the owners. Go f$#@ yourselves. NYC street dog all day.

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