The Best Homemade Dog Treats – Professional Dog Training Tips

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  1. Are there any recipes you LOVE making for your dog? We're always looking for cool treats to use in our training. Do you have a fun recipe you'd like to share? Hope you enjoy this one! Happy Training! ~Ken

  2. I'll try this too! Now, I feel so sorry for my dog. I've been working hard & haven't really cook anything for him for a long time 🙁

  3. Hello, what was the tuna being conserved in? I cant listen to the video right now and im really only here for the ingredients.

  4. We love this recipe! We’ve saved so much money on dog treats! These are high quality. We quadruple the recipe and freeze the dough. The secret to cutting down the tuna smell is to throw the dough into a ziplock bag and let it sit overnight in the fridge. Doesn’t smell as much when you baked it. We keep the treats in a jar in the fridge or freeze the extra treats we made. Our malinios will do anything for these treats!

  5. I think I'm going to try these, but I'm going to line my pan with parchment paper – the stuff comes out easier that way. I will also be using free range eggs, and an alternate flour (maybe rice?) – looks very very dog alluring though.

  6. my brother has 4 untrained rescued dogs, and they are a mess, they broke the doors, the sofas, all the cushions, they are too wild, i'll show him this recipe ,so maybe he can find a way to train them

  7. Just a quick question. My husband and I were both planning to try your recipe out but we don’t have an oven as of this time. Is it possible if we can fry it up instead of baking it?

  8. My dog is super picky and not motivated by treats or toys even really smelly treat the only thing that motivates her is my cats food which is AATU duck 85/15 what should I do

  9. On the last texts I was not quite sure what you meant by mishka does not understand the command I say it to her but she did it the 3rd time

  10. Great recipe! Here is my spin on it. I had some storebought leftover treats that my pup was not keen about. I crushed them into dust in a double plastic bag with rolling pin instead of using flour. 1 egg, 1 can of tuna in water and left over cheese. Baked for 20 minuts at 175*C, cut them up, bake for another 50 min at 135*C. Turned out super enticing for Akela the Husky.

  11. I’ve been using a very similar recipe for many years but did not know about the second baking – great tip – thanks very much

  12. Going to try this. I'm training my own service dog and he is on a great path at home but when it comes to PA training, I have tried everything to get his attention. We have used severallll types of store treats, chicken make in the crockpot, junk food like cheetohs and animal crackers, and because he seems to like his fruity flavor treats I just bought some dog safe fruit to make fruit salads. I'm at a loss.

  13. I made this last night…worked great, yorkie pups loved it…only one problem…I cant stop eating it too!…I love tuna..what can I say….great recipe!

  14. Consider fresh tuna, the smell isn’t pungent and the taste is mild. Once I had fresh tuna as a salad or seared, I never looked back. A nice deli or bakery that make all kinds of sandwiches will have real tuna not canned. You may like it ?. I love your channel.

  15. Im having soo much trouble trying to train my 3 year old German shepherd, he was an outside dog before i got him.

  16. Thank You for the recipe I have been looking for something like this for a long time. ( the prep and cooking to create small bits is terrific) You can teach any dog a new behavior with patience and a positive reward.

  17. Are these ok to freeze? If so, about how long are they good in the freezer? I currently use a homemade jerky for training, but these look interesting

  18. Thanks for this recipe. Finally one with no peanut butter! And I can sub cooked chicken or canned salmon, mackerel, herring, liver, etc. My suggestion is bake it on parchment paper–slides right off.

  19. Is this nutritionally better than simply cooked (and less time consuming) chicken or turkey, or even a dried liver treat?

  20. I'd make this recipe… but I would leave out most (or all) of the flour and add a little more cheese!
    PS You always make several batches and freeze them.

  21. Omg these little training biscuits are amazing! I made them with rice flour and ate some of them myself – delicious ? gotta make more now – a bit addictive – oh and my puppy likes them too ?

  22. but tuna is high in salt in Salt is not good for your dogs if you do your research on it you guys will see

  23. We are far away from a place to buy treats for our puppy or Special ingredient. But this simple recipe is amazing thanks a lot.
    Greetings from Mosambik.

  24. Thank you I have a young Cavalier who is not very food motivated, head strong and has been a challenge to train. Trying to find something she liked and small enough that it didn't take her a minute or two to eat has been difficult. She went crazy over these and I liked that I could make them small enough for her to quickly eat. This is a winning recipe.

  25. My brother is obsessed with black and white chiuauas only our dog is a Pomeranian mixed with a chiuaua it is a service dog we r giving it away

  26. If you use a bit of baking paper under the mixture in the pan the first time you cook the treats the mixture won't stick to the pan.

  27. Some dogs can be allergic to dairy…tuna has mercury in it along with sodium. I prefer using canned pumpkin, oats and cinnamon, all good for your dog.

  28. For anyone making this, use non-grain flours like coconut or almond flour. I don't recommend using all-purpose flour tho. Hope this helped anyone ?

  29. You should clarify the size of the tuna can and also that it's water-packed (or not). I was expecting to see the recipe written in the description but it wasn't there! Thanks.

  30. Thank you and I’m new to your channel. I’m so going to try this recipe I prefer to make it so I know what’s in it vs store treats

  31. My Border Collie is sensitive to chicken & red meats, so Tuna has been his staple along with hi quality kibble – I have found some cheap sardines, which may be safer so far as heavy metals go so will try that for him – likewise with these treats, I'll be making them for training treats for my rambunctious young Kelpie we've recently adopted and as a special treat for our old BC. Thanks for sharing & I like the tip about keeping the dough in the fridge overnight (in a baggy) to reduce the PONG!

  32. I have just made this recipe and had an attentive audience throughout the preparation and some very willing taste testers 🙂 My two boxer LOVE them. I used a can of sardines rather than tuna and rice flour because one of my dogs can't have ordinary flour. The rest was the same as yours though I didn't cook them twice as I wanted them to be soft. Thanks so much Ken for sharing your recipe, I will be making it again.

  33. I 2 rescued dogs from India … one is blind and has heart problem .. but she is very bright and super cute … She always want to play or go out but she has limit abilities to do so … is there any game or activity for blind dogs..??? Please let me know …
    she is mix of Dalmatian and grey hound …thanks

  34. Thank you Ken for the recipe, we used Salmon instead of Tuna! We used a big can and 2 cups of flour and 2 eggs and a little Parmesan cheese. Just wanted to say thank you!

  35. There condition of your oven gives you tons of cred with the amount you bake. Going to try this with an alternative flour. Thanks for the video!

  36. I used the biggest can I could find, 497g. This was too much, so I had to double the recipe. Seems the amount of tuna is roughly is about 240-245g of tuna. If anyone new watching is wondering. Dog loves it; he will ignore even the cat for them. He love nothing more than chasing the cat.

  37. Hi Ken….oo man yr expression with the Tuna smell are all the money really
    Thanks for sharing this treat.I follow yr recipe but instead of tuna i choose Mackerel,and olive oil cause 'Toby' is allergic to Tuna and yeah they taste great and he loved them.
    I choose Chick peas flour that is more friendly to dogs diggestion and more rich in protein than plain flour.
    I also made with the other half of the flour treats with 'Corn'-'Peas'-'Sweet potatoes'-'Peanut butter'-Olive oil' and really hes crazy about them
    Again thanks for the inspiration

  38. Until now I bought treats at the local pet-shop, but they are really expensive. So I love your recipe and will try to make it tomorrow. First I have to 'translate' your oven temperature from Fahrenheit to Celsius (yes Google :-)). Apart from that, I think I can make this. Jack-Jack my almost 3-month-old Golden puppy will love it.

  39. So today I made your recipe. Fantastic! Love your channel. Jack-Jack is crazy for mussels which was a leftover from our own meal. (yummy smelly food). Tomorrow I will try them on Jack-Jack (nearly 3 months, old Golden) outside were he is so distracted by leaves blown by the wind or just lies down chewing on branches or twigs, no attention for me. I wish I had found your channel earlier – made some real mistakes in training Jack-Jack obviously, but we are working on it.

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