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what's up guys today we're gonna talk about the best at home grooming tools what's up guys welcome back to Gen Con I'm George this is Alex we are at his barbershop service and supply here in the Arts District of Los Angeles and today we are talking about the best at home grooming tools so this conversation actually came up because I was in the barber shop in the barber chair and I saw that he used this Braun series 9 which is a consumer product and I was like is there a huge difference between professional and consumer goods and you know what is the best kit for your for your home use because obviously you're doing 10 15 haircuts a day at least and most people are trimming their beard once or twice a week maybe pretty much so yeah we I had Alex kind of tell me what products he uses and what we could find to use at home on a regular basis that's gonna last us more than you know a year and actually be able to be maintained I get this question often actually from customers that want it you know kind of a little bit of self maintenance at home whether it's on their beard or eyebrows other things um but a lot of times they tell me that they you know whatever like clip where they picked up at you know whatever big box you know whether CVS was yes Target exactly um they've had it for about a year and it's kind of died out on them they don't really know what to do and I know that sometimes it seems a little scary because I start recommending you know professional-grade clippers and the reason for is they're still just as easy to use except they're built a bit tougher they're built for the long haul and if I've had a clipper for literally I have Clippers I've had for 10 years now yeah that I still use daily um y'all have it for a lifetime right like something about the quality of it it's it's meant to last usually what ends up happening is guys will have some sort of trimmer that looks like this at home where it has the attachments or it goes up and down and this is a consumer-grade one that we're gonna demo for you guys um and they're just not built to do what you really need them to do so this is what you know we would call a trimmer it's not really a clipper so what this does is this is really great for getting the lines and your beard or you know that your neck maybe the back of your head but it's not great for actually knocking down link right so you shouldn't trim your whole beard with just a trimmer exactly like I know it's in the name however it's really just good for in the barber shop we would use what we call an outliner right and it's basically the same kind of looking clipper however the outliner is just that we outline with it right we outline the haircut we are laying the beard that's what these types of Clippers are best used for so at home look again like a lot of what you buy looks like this and it's got all the attachable things and you want to you want to clip down you want extreme looks like you can exactly they want to make you think you can as well exactly but the reality of it is it's just not powerful enough you're not going to get the job done so usually what I recommend a couple of my favorite Clippers that I think are great for home use is the wall magic clip which is cordless you can use it corded if you need to what's really cool about this is does come with all the extra bells and whistles all the cards all of these do um it actually has a lever so you can open or close that blade which will allow you to get a little bit more length out of a one or a two so you can actually play with it oh it's like a hack like a one-and-a-half or a two and a half that's definitely going to look at it which way is like open and close because which way is shorter I've always seen it and I can never I didn't know so this doesn't really change clothes usually we're gonna move the lever up so any note is together exactly the blade the cutting blade is closer to the the still stationary blade and then if you open it we're back to open something that's kind of a quick pro tip if this is too loose it might just closed up on you when you want to open so make sure you kind of maintain those screws and think you have some tension in there so the wall magic clip one of my favorites it's one that I use daily in the barber shop the fact that it's cordless really makes it more versatile I think this the this next one the fast fee yep is the pretty much the corded version of this exactly so the fast speeds is a classic Oster clipper been used in barber shops for decades um this is a strong little clipper yeah like you're gonna be able to get through um you know whatever it is you need to get through whether you have you know a really tough beard or the texture the density just want to get the job done the fact that it's corded actually does give it a bit more power um so these are great for at home the cordless is cool if you're traveling you're gone for a weekend you might need it you might not it's charged up you're good to go but they do hold up actually like I charge this thing daily but it don't do five or six haircuts for me without having to charge which is about three hours and then so that's what we're using to actually take down the beard right we want to remove some length remove some of that weight we're gonna use a clipper so these are more professional they are yeah they're not crazy expensive so all of these are under $100 I think the magic clip is 82 and the fast speed with the cord is like 63 so it's right alright it's not crazy I mean most of us are paying twenty to thirty dollars on a trimmer already yeah so it's not a crazy jump and it's something that's gonna last you forever and then I think this wall lithium ion is the consumer version oh the magic clip and the fast feed yeah so I think we found this and it had great reviews and it works really similar to you know our magic clip where we have the lever that opens and closes it's a little bit tighter or maybe just from lack of use it'll eventually loosen up it looks like there might be a button there or cap if you want to tighten that get some tension on there it's balanced nice it's got good weight these are also not very heavy so don't be afraid of these the one really cool thing about going to more of a commercial professional grade is that all of these parts are interchangeable right so yeah we spent 80 bucks on this clipper today say you drop it you break a tooth it's $15 to buy a new blade so that's honestly one of the better things about having these at home is that you can replace parts you can replace cords because they update the this one every six months and you can't even get parts for the exactly so that is a cool thing I do know that this consumer clipper in particular was like a combo right it goes came together so we got both the trimmer and the actual clipper or the outliner that we use for lines and the actual clipper I think the cost on this was like 60 bucks for the combo comes with all the bells and whistles that you need um so for a little bit more you know maybe we spend a hundred bucks and we get a professional-grade outliner this is the andis lithium Pro 2 comes with a really cool old dock that you charge that on and then if a thing looks great in your bathroom doesn't these range like I think like 35 to 45 dollars depending on the model that you get but you definitely do a combo of an outliner and a actual clipper to bring down the weight on that so really if you want to do some trimming and some like true at home maybe it's like if you're taking weight out you want a clipper and if you know just to get those fine lines and kind of make sure everything is edged correctly you want the edge or trimmer exactly the outliner edger and then actually guys the funniest thing about this is I think the most expensive product on our list is a consumer product it really is and this is the the one right here that I saw in Alex's barber shop that he uses every day on the clients and it's lasted him you how long have you had you I've had my fur I want to say a little over a year now and I do use it frequently I know barbers have been using these braun series shavers for like four or five years it's the same one although it is consumer like you do replace some of these parts these foils come new yeah this one's really nice it is one of the more expensive ones because it has a doc kind of cleaning station in a charging station it's completely wireless if you need it to be which is why the cost on this goes up but the quality of this is like next-level on what we usually use in a barber shop when it comes to a foil shaver is these wall kind of super close foil shavers these are the pro grade ones they work great not as good as a Series nine but but it's also 200 are different it really is yeah this is like somewhere between like 50 to 69 dollars and this is a lot closer to 280 300 um there is a difference there but honestly if you're talking for at home this is the way to go one of the cool things about this is it has a wet and dry feature so if you want a wet shave you can wait shave if you feel more comfortable with that it does have this kind of cool little like Menem black-ish outline trimmer here it'll get you out of a tough spot not as like on vacation it'll be okay but ya still need I would still recommend an actual outliner one more question so what are you actually in a barber shop I mean I know what you use a razor for in a daily basis but what do you use this for on a barber shop just like clean up fades so with the Braun Series 9 we actually use it for like a real like skin-tight razor fade it comes in shorter and it's easier to use than like a traditional kind of BIC razor right you know we use a straight razor for the face but that takes time and this just gets you like as smooth as can be so a lot of times also we have guys that may have like some skin irritation issues from the razor these are great because they don't cause ingrown hairs and it gets you as close as you possibly can get both wet or dry which is really cool and also just for quick kind of cleanups it's really what we use it for it's a workhorse man like really I was impressed when I got this in my well that's what made us do this video is that I saw it in the barber shop and I was like like I've seen people that have that in their bathroom at home like yeah is it that good to be able to use it everyday in a barber shop and then I got curious and wanted to know what the best products work yeah so that's why we were doing this video guys pro tip it doesn't matter whether or not your clipper is consumer grade or professional grade maintenance is always going to have you have a longer lasting life in your clipper we recommend cool care disinfect it there's a few brands out this so this actually cools the Clipper down when it gets too hot from active use not really an issue at home but it also kills bacteria and it helps to lubricate so pick up a can of this you know lubricant cool care whenever you get your clipper also oil a lot of times your clippers will come with a small oil tiny drop right on the blade is really all you need at home maybe every fourth time you use it and make sure you dust off those loose hairs they always come with a little brush that you can use to dust off those Harris the end of the day um but definitely maintaining it with some lubricant and some oil will help you get a like years out of any clipper whether it's a consumer-grade or pro model that pretty much wraps with the video I hope this is interesting I hope you learned something we're gonna have links to all these down below I think they're all available on Amazon so we will link to these down below you can check them out if you guys are in Los Angeles come say hi to Alex that service and supply I'll have a link to his barbershop down below and if you have been following us on Instagram at chance lounge yet give us a follow over there we'll see you all next one cheers guys

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  1. Thanks for the explanation. Which one would you recommend if you want to shave your own head and leave a few mm of hair? (yes I am going bald but dont want to shave it all off with a razor blade)

  2. Finally a video not trying to hawk you a cheap trimmer but giving actually useful information! Loving the new content!

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