The BEST hamster cages available!

hey guys I know there are a ton of
videos on what cages are not suitable for hamsters but there isn’t a ton on
which cages are suitable so I went on a little search to find as many great
hamster cages as I could all of the cages shown in this video are above the
bare minimum of 450 square inches of floor space I’ve also tried to include
as many links to the cages as possible keep in mind some cages are only
available in certain countries so the first cage I have to show you guys is
the Maximus modular habitat which has around 527 square inches of floor space
the only downside I can see to this cage is that the doors are a little small so
it might be a bit hard if you want to spot clean or take your hamster out the
next cage is the meadow small animal modular cage and it has around 900
square inches of floor space this cage is super similar to the previous one so
it also has those doors that are quite small so that can be a downside then we
have the Mamble rat/hamster cage and this cage has 819 square inches of
floor space and looks exactly the same as the previous two cages I promise the
next cage will be different then we have the Prevue 528 this cage has around 608
square inches of floor space this wire cage has a much larger door than the
previous three so spot cleaning and accessing your hamster can be a little
bit easier next is the Savic hamster heaven metro
cage which has around 620 square inches of floor space this is a very colorful
cage that also has tubes which can be good if that’s something your hamster
enjoys one thing to note is that if you do purchase this for a Syrian the wheel
will need to be switched out since the one it comes with is not large enough
then there is the Barney pet cage this cage has around 819 square inches of
floor space like the previous cage the wheel included is too small for a Syrian
hamster so it will need to be switched out as
then we have the Alexander small pet cage which has around 720 square inches
of floor space this is another great cage and I really like the wooden levels
and hides it comes with next is the Alaska hamster cage this cage has around
594 square inches of floor space this wire cage has two nice large doors which
can make spot cleaning easier then we have the living world eco green habitat
and this cage comes in three sizes small which is 660 square inches of floor
space medium which is 836 square inches of floor space and large which is 1380
square inches of floor space this cage is very similar to an aquarium but it
does have wheels and it is a lot lighter next is the skyline small pet terrarium
Marrakesh which has around 666 square inches of floor space this is also
similar to an aquarium but it does look a bit more appealing then we have the
mid-west deluxe critter nation with around 900 square inches of floor space
more commonly used for chinchillas and rats this also can be a great cage for
hamsters just keep in mind you will need to make some sort of base so it’s able
to hold a proper amount of bedding coroplast can make a great base for this
then we have the Savic Ruffy 2 with around 589 square inches of floor space
and then there is the Savic mickey 2 which has around 620 square inches of
floor space do keep in mind that this cage does have a second level made from
mesh so it will need to be covered with something like cardboard to prevent
bumblefoot then we have the Ferplast hamster cage criceti 100 with around 814
square inches of floor space this is a very beautiful cage but do keep in mind
if purchased for a syrian the wheel will need to be switched out since the
one it comes with is too small next we have the Kaytee CritterTrail super habitat
with 540 square inches of floor space which is the one of the only suitable
critter trails out there that is sold Next is the paw hut fir wood hamster cage
which has around 1035 square inches of floor space this cage is great because
of how much room it has the only exception is that it does have this
little tray that pulls out for removing the bedding and this tray isn’t very
tall so not a ton of bedding can fit then we have the three tier wooden
hamster cage with around 943 square inches of floor space this is another
beautiful hamster cage which has a couple of different levels and wooden
hides and then there is the New Age eco flex Avenue rabbit hutch with 817 square
inches of floor space this very obviously should never be used for a
rabbit but this is perfect for a hamster it also does have a pull out tray so you
may not be able to put as much bedding as you want next we have bin cages of
course if you’re unsure how to make a bin cage I have a tutorial on how to
easily make one some suitable bins would be the 50 gallon from Target with 819
square inches the twenty seven point five gallon bin from Target with 612
square inches of floor space the sterilite Clearview 104L bin
with 665 square inches of floor space as well as the IKEA samla bin
with 660 square inches of floor space and the iris holiday storage bin with
1040 square inches of floor space be sure to look for this bin around
Christmas time since this is when its most available then we have 40 gallon or
larger aquariums the floor space will depend on what size you purchase please
make sure nothing smaller than 40 gallons is used though and lastly we
have the IKEA Detolf cabinet which can be turned onto its back and converted into
a hamster cage with around 950 square inches of floor space do keep in mind
you will need to make your own custom lid if you choose to purchase a detolf
and those are all of the suitable cages I could possibly find I hope this video
can help any hamster owners who are looking for a large suitable cage for
their hamster thank you guys for watching

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    •Maximus Modular habitat-

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    •Prevue 528 –

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    •Iris holiday storage bin –

    •40+ gallon tank –
    Can be found at your local pet store!

    •IKEA Detolf –

  2. I am so guilty of buying tiny tales! I am on vacation but when u get back I will get one of the ones you listed ASAP! Thank you

  3. Im planning on getting a IKEA samla but i am afraid my hamster wont have enough enrichment so im going to stack two of them, and turn the bottom one into a burrowing area with around 14 inches of bedding, and the top one will have around 4-5" of bedding, where i will put all his stuff

  4. If you get on google and look up cheap hamster cages it is so sad they are way to small for a hamster :(((

  5. I have a ferplast hamster cage criceti 100, and I absolutely love it! My dwarf hamster really love it to❤️? I wish I just had more hamsters❤️ just that my parents think that I have a very little room.. And I like to have big cages, well I have my baby and I love him so much ❤️?

    But just for now ?

  6. Right now i have the prevue 528 for my dwarf hamster, i have tons of things for her to do and i switch stuff around every time she seems to be getting bored. But just recently she started bar-biting ?? I really want the iris holiday storage bin. Hopefully my mom will let me buy it and customize it. I wish she cared more about the pets, she kinda just sees them as items so she gets really mad at me when i get stuff for them ?

  7. I love your hamster!! He’s ( or she. Idk I’m new) almost identical to my hamster nugget!! ? also thank you so much for this video I’ve been thinking of upgrading my hamsters cages!

  8. I went to petsmart today and a worker there told me that cages with bars aren't recommended because hámsters tend to bite through is this true ? I am getting a hamster soon & want to know.

  9. Is two cages okay? The two level critter trail habitat and the one level critter trail habitat with tubes connecting the two cages?

  10. I’m wondering what kind of cage do you use for your hamster and if u could leave a comment with what did u decorated it with because I am loving the way you decorated and you hamster seems so comfortable ?

  11. do you think that the living world XL cage can work I really need to know because Idk if I should buy it or not

  12. Hi Would the Favola Hamster cage on Amazon be good. My parents are buying a hamster and we are looking at cages would this one be good?

  13. I’m getting a hamster for my birthday, and I’m a bit nervous so I’m just watching your videos to help me!?????

  14. I thought I was doing a really great thing on buying a hamster cage and spent a fortune . Then I saw your review on cages and it was on it and you said it was a little too small! I thought this was a massive space for my Syrian hamster ? She really lives it though and is always out as well though ! So I don’t know what to do ?

  15. Thank you so much for this video. I have a really small hamster cage for my two robo hamsters. I was looking for a suitable hamster cage and I have not found one after weeks of research until this video.

  16. Hi Victoria! I wanted to ask your opinion on this cage for a Syrian: I'd very much appreciate it!

  17. I think another down side for all of these cages is that you can't fill even probably 5" of bedding. And you need at least 10".

  18. At Walmart I found a plastic bin, that is I bit over 600 square inches, if I made a new lid for it would it be big enough? I’m not sure what type of hamster I want to adopt yet, but I can always got bigger. It is only $10 so it would be perfect if you think it is a good size! Ps. It is 13 inches tall!

  19. My hamster keeps chewing the glue holding her aquarium together. I don't think it's that good for her and I'm worried about her Heath. Does anyone have any ideas?

  20. Thank you so much for this video u help me so much with hamster stuff now nugget (my hamster) is gonna be so happy ?

  21. does anyone know where to buy the living world green eco habitat in the USA? it's on amazon for like $250 with shipping but I'm trying to see if I can find it from a retailer in the US… thanks!

  22. Why do fish tanks need to be 40 gallons, but storage bins can be like 25? Because you have a 25 gallon one listed?

  23. Do you have any good cages under 550 square inches cause my desk is only 551 inches and I wouldn’t want to put a cage on the floor

  24. I’m worried a dwarf hamster will get out of a wire cage. My daughter wants a winter white dwarf and we are doing lots of research. Which cage would be best for this type of hamster at a reasonable price point?

  25. What do you mean on making your own lids for the Ikea detolf??
    Like remove the ones on the side and super glue cardboard (an example) I'm just asking cause I'm buying one soon but I'm buying the cage and everything I need for it first before I buy the hamster itself

  26. I have the mamble cage for my rat and a slightly smaller one for my hamster that I can't remember the brand of. However my rat is old and her sister died so she does not have long left and my Hamster can have an even bigger cage!

  27. I would recommend aquarium and custom the inside..
    It’s easy to clean and you can let your imagination run wild
    Just… don’t make anything that can kill your hamster.

  28. Hi, new subscriber here! Do you have any videos about where you get all of your hamster supplies? I.e in the beginning of your video you had what looked like a cute water dish and some colorful chew toys. I also watched a recent video about hamster mistakes in which your hamster cage had a lot of log type looking things for your hamster to climb on. Where did you get all of this stuff? I plan on buying a bigger cage here soon and want to have good things for my hamster!

  29. Victoria is it ok to keep my hamster in crittertrail for a few days before we order the super habitat

  30. I have the Savic Mickey 2 (3:49) and I would definitely recommend this to anyone, I am getting a Syrian hamster in 2 weeks !! The only thing would be the mesh level, I covered this with a plastic tray. It was fairly cheap for a good hamster cage and I love it❤️

  31. This video is so helpful I have my hamster Susie in a 120 Quart bin and would really like to upgrade it

  32. omg thank you really much this video helped me a lot, i just got a hamster and i need him a big cage and now i know wich one is perfect and big

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