The BEST Doodle Brush

hi this is Betty to do dog groomer chicken in this video I'm gonna talk about the best brush for duals many clients come to me with the question what can I do my talking Wiggles from brushing my doggie hates it fights under the bed and I have a big bag of brushes which just do not work the way I want them to so I'm gonna cover this from the best perspective another format which I do not like we're gonna talk about the one I use on my clients and on my own dog so here this one I'm gonna send all the details the brand and everything I'm gonna include it in the description below so we're not gonna talk about that we're gonna talk about this curve here which is one of the benefits because the pins will touch from the doggy skin in one line it's not gonna be like a ginormous surfers grabbing a big pile of hair at the same time this is an amazing feature to keep the doggy comfortable another one is the long pins these can take care of summer coat and winter coat as well because they are just long and they gonna penetrate right to the skin and the little angle here that's another miracle thingy yeah I have a gay guy down here who is trying to grab the cord for the mic and I just was making sure that he's not gonna bite on it so the pins are angled in a way we need to tweak it a little bit you know when it comes out from the factory it's not angled away it's best for doubles but we can do it with a little tweak it's gonna be a five-minute procedure on the brush so the angle here is about 150 degrees which will help the brush the glide through run through the coat tangles and mats the reason for this angle is because whenever we have a brush with a smaller angle like 90 degrees or something like that or a hundred or hundred and twenty it's not that well because it's not gonna be able to glide through the air even if it moves a little it's gonna grab the tangles in the mat and it's gonna cause sensation uncomfortable sensation all the doggies skin so Dada Google hated they gonna run away or bite and grooming ends so whenever the pins are straight it's similar thingy they just pull or and doesn't do anything at all it's not gonna be effective no one is gonna like it with this 150 degree your doggie will change like day and night so we talked about the angle one even trickier thing it's even most important but I want to keep the big time for the end it has a little cushion in there so if you felt like I'm super afraid it has some key here if you felt like I'm super afraid to use these kind of hedgehogs on my doodle you don't have to worry about it because it has a little cushion in there and whenever you are using a little bit more pressure than you want to then this little cushion will take care of it big time and if I'm using this even see it working so it's gonna be very comfortable for your dog and it's gonna be amazingly effective so and literally your the loo will come to you to get rubbed with this I'm just showing this one because poor thing broke after two years and a few months of huge Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. so you can make sure that the even though it's a little pricey it totally does worth the investment because it's just such a long-lasting and super comfortable thing that it's a mass for little owners I think even you have them even if you have a puppy or a little dog you gonna have tremendous health if you get one of these another thing I did with my brush is it came with the original handle like this surface and it was really thing for me I have a large hand so and they sweat so I put a tennis grip on it to make sure that it's gonna be nice and comfortable for me and I'm gonna have amazing and infinite and patience credit so it's not I'm not gonna go nuts whenever it's just sliding out of my hand so you're gonna get great grip you can just use a few fingers to hold it in place and you're gonna bet get the idea what's going on on the dog is skin and hair whenever you are using it that was one of the this is the number one essential thing for noodle owners to have at home I'm gonna include a link down below oh and another thing why it's awesome it has less pins than an average brush would have the distance if you take a look the distance between two pins is about four millimeters and that's amazing because we do no hair they have so much hair then less is actually more so whenever you are using less pins on the doggy then you're gonna grab less hair at a time so it's gonna be much less pulling on the doggies coat so now let's take a look how it looks on Shorthair doggy because someone just came to get robbed I hope you can see what I'm doing I hope the camera one fell out but you can see how he loves it he just comes up and he has short hair he just comes up to get rubbed and he just enjoys it so much can you see his face oh nice and as you can see he's not in pain at all in he has short hair he's not a doodle by the way he's a budging Shepherd he helps me to keep my reaction time neat and tidy because he has so much energy level so much energy and he's have very high energy level one so he helps me to be able to doodles like that I know you want more so that was it in case you love this idea of having a brush check out the link below if you like this video please leave a thumbs up and if you want to see more subscribe because I'm gonna be preparing more and more and if you want to take a look at the key tag then you're gonna see mr. chips in action and you'll love this brush as well don't you sweetie all right no awesome so thank you so much again for watching and see you in the next video bye bye batter up Co door

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